Chapter 206 : Doing Laundry


After taking care of my field and playing with Ester for a while, I parted with her and went back to my house.

When I was inside, I saw Nicola wrapped in the carpet. She was sleeping soundly.

It seemed that she wrapped herself in the carpet and slept.

「Hmm…? Onii-chan…?」(Nicola)

She noticed me when I took my shoes off.

「Why are you sleeping like that…?」(Mark)

「It’s because you said I can’t use it for my bed cover. I want to sleep while enjoying Celine’s odor, but…」(Nicola)

After saying that, Nicola got out of the carpet and looked down at her drenched clothes.

「Ughh… My sweat has totally overridden Celine’s scent on this carpet… I’m such a fool…」(Nicola)

After regretting what she had done, she took off her clothes.

I took out a basket from my Item Box and threw it near her feet. She then put her drenched clothes in it.

She is still wearing her underwear, so she’s not completely naked.

「Hahh… Now I can no longer smell Celine’s scent from this carpet…」(Nicola)

She looked at her drenched white dress in the basket with a regretful expression and sighed.

Well, it’s her own fault.

By the way, Celine gave Nicola that white dress as her birthday present last year. Nicola said she wanted a white dress similar to the one that Celine usually uses as nightwear.

「On top of that, my favorite dress is all wrinkled and looks so messy…」(Nicola)

She kept grumbling while still looking at the dress.

「Yeah, and my new carpet is now soaked with your sweat.」(Mark)

「Hey, you should be grateful for that.」(Nicola)


I wanna cry…

Oh well, it’s time to do the laundry, I guess.

By the way, we brought a lot of underwear from home but we only brought a couple of clothes because we usually wear the same clothes for a few days, so it’s better to wash them as soon as possible when they get dirty.

I think I’ll use this opportunity to wash my clothes as well.

I took off my clothes and put them in the basket as well.

After that, I took out Nicola’s and my underwear from my Item Box. I handed Nicola’s to her and then we turned round, changed our underwear, and put the dirty one in the basket.

I’m wearing trunk pants while Nicola is wearing pumpkin pants.

「Do you feel other people’s presence in this area?」(Mark)

「Nope. I think we are good to go.」(Nicola)


We will be washing our clothes while only wearing our underwear so we have to confirm that no one else is around.

After that, I grabbed the basket, and then we went outside.

I used earth magic to create a rounded water tank about the size of a sake barrel.

After that, I took out the washing machine magic tool from my Item Box. I got it from Tori-san the other day in exchange for some magic stones.

I call it a “washing machine magic tool” but it’s totally different from the box-shaped washing machines in my previous life. It’s a rounded wooden tool about thirty centimeters in diameter with a grid in the middle.

I got it from Tori-san but it’s not his original magic tool like the weird glass and tube that were born from his idea.

It’s a magic tool that is commonly used by people, and it’s actually called a “washing board”. It will spin at high speed when you supply it with mana.

It’s not as convenient as washing machines in my previous life but it’s quite useful.

I put it at the bottom of the water tank and threw all the contents of the basket into the tank, and then I used water magic to fill the tank with water while adding a little bit of wood ash I brought from home.

After about eighty percent of the water tank was filled with water, I began to pour my mana into the magic tool to make it spin and stir the water.


When I stared at the tank, I noticed something different.

The washing board at home only spins in a clockwise motion but this one automatically switches between clockwise and counterclockwise motions every few seconds.

I thought it was no different from normal washing boards but Tori-san has improved it, I see.

I can’t wait to go home and replace the washing board at home with this one. I bet Mom would be happy since it’s more effective than the normal ones.



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