Chapter 186 : The Second Day Of Injecting Mana


According to Delica, they were traveling smoothly without encountering any monsters or bandits. If everything goes well, they will arrive at Secard Village around this evening.

After spending a night in Secard Village, they will leave early in the morning and continue heading to Fatia, so they will probably arrive in the town of Fatia around noon tomorrow.

Delica said that I didn’t have to call her tomorrow morning, telling me to save my mana to call my parents when she arrives in Fatia.

Honestly, I don’t mind calling her again. I’m used to injecting my mana into the Resonance Stone, so exchanging greetings and talking for a few minutes won’t make me tired anymore, but if I call her again tomorrow morning, everyone will definitely tease us again…

After having a conversation for a while, the four of us decided to end the call.

「Delica onee-chan, Nei-chan, bye bye!」(Nicola)

「Un. Nicola, Mark, I’ll talk to you again tomorrow.」(Delica)

「I’m looking forward to seeing your town!」(Nei)

「Ou. Have a safe journey.」(Mark)

When I stopped injecting my mana to the Resonance Stone and ended the call, Nicola grinned at me for some reason.

「Onii-chan, I know Delica actually wants you to call her again tomorrow morning, but she told you to save your mana to call our parents instead. What a good girl. Don’t you think she will become a good wife~?」(Nicola)


「If you marry Delica and she becomes my sister-in-law, I’m sure she will forgive me even if I become a parasite in your marriage life who sleeps and eats all day without working. If you marry Nei instead, she will likely kick me out of the house and tell me to find a job. That’s really scary… Therefore, I recommend you to marry Delica!」(Nicola)


I was listening but I ignored her.

Does she really think that Delica will forgive a parasitic, jobless sister-in-law?

Not long after Nicola talked absolute nonsense, Celine and Eclain returned with a lot of Gupul fruits in the big baskets they were carrying on their backs.

「We’re home~」(Celine)

「Welcome back. Celine, Delica said she will arrive in Fatia around noon tomorrow.」(Mark)

「I see. Then, we will leave this village the day after tomorrow. I’m sorry to make you stay here for a few days.」(Celine)

She plans to send us home the day after tomorrow, huh?

Alright, when Delica arrives in Fatia tomorrow, I will call my parents and convince them to allow Nicola and me to stay in this village until Celine completes her Portal Stone.

「No problem. By the way, are we going to go to the Portal Crystal after lunch?」(Mark)

When I asked that, Celine, who just put the basket on the floor, flinched for some reason.

「Y, Yeah…」(Celine)

Hm? I wonder if she doesn’t want to inject her mana into the Portal Crystal like yesterday.

Well, my method is ten times faster but also more tiring after all.

However, we need to complete her Portal Stone as soon as possible.

Therefore, we left the house after eating lunch and headed to the Portal Crystal, leaving behind Eclain who unwillingly started brewing wine in the corner of the room.




Today we didn’t come across Deel when we arrived at the Portal Crystal. Seems like he doesn’t patrol around here every day.

We approached the Portal Crystal and stopped in front of the branch that Celine injected her mana into yesterday.

For some reason, Celine was acting somewhat suspicious. She put her hand on her chest and took a deep breath.

「Hold on… Let me prepare myself… Suuu haaa… Suuu haaa… *breathing deeply*.」(Celine)

A while after, she put her hand on the branch and reached out her other hand to me.

「Alright. I’m ready.」(Celine)

I then held Celine’s hand and started pouring my fire-attributed mana into her body.




-Thirty minutes later-

「Hahhh… Hahhhh… *breathing heavily* I’m sorry, Mark… Seems like I’ve reached my limit…」(Celine)

「Are you okay?」(Mark)

「I’m fine… Hahhh… Just need to rest for a bit…」(Celine)

Saying that, Celine sat on the ground. She’s sweating like crazy.

Yesterday, we did this for about thirty minutes too. I thought Celine would be able to do it a bit longer today, but it seems that she needs time to get used to this harsh task.

『Celine may be strong, but she is actually still in the progress of reaching her maturity as a magician. Unlike you who can get stronger real fast, she won’t get used to this task in just a day or two.』(Nicola)

『I see…』(Mark)

While we were talking to each other through telepathy, Celine passed out.


I rushed over to Celine and hurriedly held her back before she collapsed.

Her body is hot and she is sweating a lot, but it seems that she is fine. I think she is just too tired.

『Whoaa…! An unconscious sweaty beautiful woman! So erotic!』(Nicola)

『Oi. Stop joking at a time like this.』(Mark)

Well, I think Celine will be fine. I should let her sleep for a while.




After sleeping for a while, Celine woke up.

「Hmm…? Was I sleeping…?」(Celine)

「Celine, you okay?」(Mark)

「Yeah… Looks like I pushed myself too hard. Mark, can you prepare a potion bath for me?」(Celine)


「Celine onee-chan, can I join?」(Nicola)

「Fufu. Of course~」(Celine)

After that, we then left the Portal Crystal and went to the woods where I built a bathhouse yesterday.

After I finished preparing the bath, I went home to call Eclain.

Eclain then immediately went to join Celine and Nicola in the bathhouse.

While the three were enjoying the bath, I continued Eclain’s work of making Gupul wine until they returned.




At night, Celine, Nicola, and I were sleeping in Celine’s room just like yesterday.

I opened my eyes when I felt someone’s breath on my face.

「Mmm…? Celine…?」(Mark)

「Uwa!? A…ahaha… I, I can’t sleep, so I’m spending my time watching your cute sleeping face~ I’m sorry if I woke you up. I… need to go to the bathroom.」(Celine)

Celine flusteredly got up and left the room for some reason.

Hmm… Suspicious…

Don’t tell me… She tried to ‘attack’ me while I was sleeping…?

It’s possible…

『Puu! Why is it always Onii-chan? I wish she would ‘attack’ me too!』(Nicola)

『Don’t blame me!』(Mark)

Seems like Nicola had been watching us.

Can’t you guys go to sleep already? Hahh…



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  1. So is Nicola the side character she feels like a third wheel or what I know she is his guild and all but why not give her someone and get some development I get she wants to be a bum and live off her brother, but it’s getting old how he’s getting all the attention while she’s giving him info why can’t he just learn himself about the world I know someone’s going to say that’s her role in the story and all that, but it would make the story better I think, but I still like reading it tho

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