Chapter 185 : I Don’t Want To Work!


When we got home, Eclain and Nicola seemed to be still asleep, so we went to each room to wake them up. I went to Celine’s room to wake Nicola up, and Celine went to Eclain’s room to wake her mom up.

「Ooi~ Nicola, wake upー」(Mark)

Nicola was still sleeping like a log.

The morning sunlight came through the window and hit her face but it didn’t seem to bother her. Looks like no one can beat her in terms of sleeping soundly.

「It’s almost noon. Wake up already!」(Mark)

When I said that with a louder voice while shaking her shoulder, she finally woke up.

She rubbed her eyes and looked at me.

「Mmm… I was hoping to see Celine’s face when I wake up but I see yours instead… How disappointing…」(Nicola)


What a rude little sister.

「It’s about time for breakfast. Get up and change your clothes. Don’t even think to go back to sleep.」(Mark)

「Alright, alright. I’m getting up…」(Nicola)

She gets up and immediately changes from the pink pajamas she got from Granpa into her usual clothes.

She doesn’t hide her chest with her light magic when she changes clothes. Doesn’t she realize that I’m waiting for her here?

「Alright. Let’s go, Onii-chan. Waking up early makes me hungry~」(Nicola)

After we got out of the room, Eclain and Celine were already sitting at the dining table.

Eclain looked a bit sad for some reason. I wonder why.

After exchanging morning greetings, we joined them at the table. Eclain then began to whine with teary eyes.

「Mark-chan, Nicola-chan… Celine is so terrible…! She exchanged all the wine in the storage! 」(Eclain)

All of them? I thought she left a few barrels…

「Geez, I’m sorry, but I gave you some of my magic stones in return, right? So cheer up already.」(Celine)

「You can’t drink magic stones! Besides, they’re too expensive to exchange for food with the other villagers… Aa-ahh… I was planning to spend my time today without working, but it seems like I need to work today as well… 」(Eclain)

While resting her chin on her hand, Eclain sighed.

Apparently, she was planning to take a day off today.

Celine exchanged all of Eclain’s wine because she thought that we would need a lot of food during our trip back to Fatia. In other words, I’m partly at fault here.

「Umm, Eclain-san. I can help you make wine if you want.」(Mark)

「Really!? With your help, we can make a lot of wine in no time~!」(Eclain)

Eclain raised her face, smiled, and looked at me with shining eyes, but then Celine denied this idea.

「Mom, I don’t think it’s a good idea. You know how good the Gupul wine Mark made, right? People may think that your wine gets better if Mark helps you now, but it’s only temporary. After that, when he can no longer help you, people will definitely think that your wine is getting worse.」(Celine)

「Eeehh… Is my wine that inferior to Mark-chan’s…?」(Eclain)

Eclain’s long ears withered. I feel bad for her…

「Don’t worry, I’ll do my best to adjust my mana to make wine of the same quality as yours. Adjusting mana is a good magic practice for me. Besides, Celine exchanged all your wine for food for our trip, so it’s also my responsibility.」(Mark)

After I said that, Celine leaned her back against her chair and sighed.

「Mark, you shouldn’t spoil her.」(Celine)

「It’s alright, Celine. I want to help her.」(Mark)

「Mark-chan~ You really are a good child~ Unlike a certain daughter of mine.」(Eclain)

Saying that, Eclain glanced at Celine and pouted.

「Hahh… Alright, alright. But, Mom, you have to work harder after Mark helps you.」(Celine)

「Uuu… Why do you want to make me work that much? I just want to live leisurely…」(Eclain)

『I understand her feelings.』(Nicola)

Nicola suddenly said that with telepathy and nodded deeply.

Well, she too wants to live leisurely after all…



After having breakfast, Celine and Eclain went out to pick some Gupul fruits. In the meantime, I decided to call Delica.

I took out the Resonance Stone from my Item Box and put it on the table.

Nicola was watching while resting her chin on both hands.

「Nicola, you want to talk with Delica too?」(Mark)

「Of course. I have to get along with my future sister-in-law after all~」(Nicola)


I ignored her joke and started injecting my mana into the Resonance Stone.

「Delicaー Delica, can you hear meー?」(Mark)

「Mark! Good morning!」(Delica)

As soon as Delica greeted me, I heard people’s “Hyuu~ hyuu~” voices in the background.

「Good morning.」(Mark)

『Hyuu~ hyuu~』(Nicola)

Aw, come on. Cut it out already!



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