Chapter 168 : Gupul Fruit


「You can make alcohol with dark element magic?」(Mark)

「Of course~ I’ll show you how I make it.」(Eclain)

Without waiting for my reply, Eclain put Nicola down and walked toward the front door.

Nicola reached her hand toward the door and looked at Eclain’s back with lonely eyes.

『No…! My boobs…!』(Nicola)

『They’re not yours.』(Mark)

She lowered her hand and grinned at me.

『Well, Onii-chan, I have to thank you for the potion. Thanks to your potion, the smell of alcohol from her body is gone and I can enjoy her mature body. Compared to Camilla mama, Eclain mama is a bit slender probably because of her unhealthy life but she feels as comfortable as Camilla mama.』(Nicola)

『I, I see… You’re welcome, I guess…』(Mark)

Shortly after Nicola finished talking, Eclain returned with a dark-red purple fruit about the size of a rugby ball in her hands.

She then took a wooden cup from the shelf and came back to the table where we were sitting. She put the mysterious fruit and the cup on the table and sat down on her chair.

「Mark-chan, do you know what fruit is this?」(Eclain)

「I don’t know. This is the first time I’ve seen it.」(Mark)

「This is a Gupul fruit. Now I’m going to ferment this with dark element magic.」(Eclain)

Eclain held the fruit called “Gupul” vertically on the table with both hands and began to inject dark-attributed mana into it.

Soon after, the area around her hands was covered with black fog.

Hoo… So this is dark-attributed mana, huh? I’ve never seen it before.

「I’m going to continue injecting my dark-attributed mana into this fruit for a while until it starts bubbling.」(Eclain)

After the black fog covered her hands and the fruit for a while, I could hear a bubbling sound from inside the fruit.

「It’s almost done~」(Eclain)

About a minute later, the black fog started to disappear as Eclain stopped injecting her dark-attributed mana.

After that, she used wind magic to cut off the tip of the fruit and poured the juice inside into the cup.

Immediately, the strong smell of red wine drifted around us.

「It’s done~ Just like that, you turn the fruit into wine by fermenting it with dark element magic. Celine, you can drink it if you want~」(Eclain)

「Thank you. It’s been a while since I drank your freshly made wine~」(Celine)

Celine took the cup and put it on her mouth while enjoying the smell of the juice of Gupul fruit.

I thought dark element magic could only be used to darken the surroundings or cause an abnormal state but it could also be used to ferment fruits, huh?

Basically, fermentation and putrefaction are the same things in alchemy, but they can be different things depending on whether it is beneficial to people or not.

I see. It wasn’t as hard as I thought. Making potions is ten times harder, I guess.

However, I can’t use dark element magic.

『Say, Nicola, darkness and angels are two opposite things but do you think I’m able to use dark element magic?』(Mark)

While continuing to prepare food and tableware, I asked Nicola via telepathy.

『What are you talking about? It doesn’t matter. My attribute is earth after all. Besides, it doesn’t mean that we, angels, are opposite to darkness. There are seven attributes in this universe: fire, water, wind, earth, light, and dark, so there are angels with dark attribute too. You can use dark element magic even though you’re not a… † Fawllen Aingel † ~』(Nicola)

The way she said “Fallen Angel” is a bit annoying but, I see now.

*/TL : I think Nicola tried to imitate Dante from Sket Dance.

Thinking that dark element magic was quite useful, I decided to learn it from Eclain while we were staying here.

Cheese and yogurt exist in this world, so I don’t have any food I want to make with dark element magic for now, but I think it will be useful someday.

While thinking that, I finished preparing the food.

Dad’s dishes were lined up neatly on the table.

「Now that we have our food and drinks ready, let’s start the party then~!」(Celine)

「Ahh~ It’s been a while since I ate anything other than this village specialty food!」(Eclain)

Saying that, Eclain took a plate of Tentacle okonomiyaki and started eating it.

「Mmmー! This is so good! Mark-chan, did you make it?」(Eclain)

「No, I just stored it.」(Mark)

「The one who made it was Papa!」(Nicola)

「Fufu. I see, I see. Your papa is really good at cooking. Mmm~ This goes really well with ale!」(Eclain)

After eating a couple bites of Tentacle okonomiyaki, Eclain drank the ale she had poured into her wooden cup all at once.

「*Gulp gulp* Pwaahhhー! …Nee, nee~ How about Nicola-chan’s mama? Is she good at cooking too?」(Eclain)

「No. Mama’s food tastes horrible.」(Nicola)

「Is that so?」(Eclain)

Well, actually, Mom is not bad at cooking. Her food tastes bad because she puts weird ingredients.

However, since she started sending food to Granpa, she tried to break that bad habit.

「By the way, my husband was also good at cooking~ His food was superb~」(Eclain)

It’s been bugging me for a while now, but I wonder where her husband is…

Are they divorced? Or… Did he pass away…?

Eclain made a lonely but happy expression as if she was reminiscing about the good old memories, and judging from that, I think her husband has passed away.

I’m curious but we are enjoying our meal now, so I don’t think asking about that is a good idea.

While enjoying the party, Celine told her mom about her life in the town of Fatia and her job as an adventurer. She also told her in detail how we ended up teleporting to this village.

Before I realized it, it was already dark when I looked out the window.

「Hafuuu~ I can’t eat anymore~!」(Eclain)

Eclain leaned against the chair and exhaled. She seemed satisfied with the food.

「So, what are we gonna do now? This village has nothing so all we can do is sleep, but before that, I want to take a bath~ Ah, Mark, because you used too much mana today, how about we take a bath in the river? You don’t have to make a bathhouse tonight.」(Celine)

「Taking a bath in the river?」(Mark)

「Yup. No one has a bath in this village. People in this village usually wash their bodies in the river or use water magic at home. Because most of the villagers can use water magic, there are only a few who usually take a bath in the river.」(Celine)

「I want to take a bath in the river!」(Nicola)

「That’s my girl~ How about you, Mark?」(Celine)

While patting Nicola’s head, Celine asked me.

Actually, after eating, I have enough mana to build a bathhouse, but…

I think I want to try taking a bath in the river tonight.

「Alright, I’m going too.」(Mark)



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