Chapter 162 : Harem Lizard


As soon as she realized that we were falling, Celine grabbed my and Nicola’s hands and used wind magic to slow down our falling speed.

Thanks to her, we managed to land safely on the ground.

I looked up and saw a gap between the ground and the wall of the hole. Apparently, we fell into a room that was built beneath the tunnel where we fought the Mothers.

It looks like this Stone Lizard nest extends not only horizontally but also vertically.

When my light ball, which came a little late, illuminated the surroundings, I was surprised.


It seems that this is a small room but that’s not what surprised me.

There are hundreds of eggs about the size of basketballs stuck to the walls.

It looks like this is the Stone Lizard eggs storage room or something.

In the center of the room, there is a dark blue Stone Lizard. It has the same size as normal Stone Lizards but is completely different in color. It’s glaring at us.

It’s probably the male Stone Lizard which is the mating partner of the Mothers. Because it had three wives, let’s call it “Harem Lizard”.

While glaring at us, the Harem Lizard stomped its feet on the ground and opened its mouth wide, showing its anger.


The Harem Lizard screamed with a loud voice that echoed throughout the nest.


Right after it screamed, the entire nest started shaking. I felt a great tremor with my whole body. A tremor that was more violent than when the ground collapsed.

Uhh… I have a bad feeling about this…

「What is happening…?」(Mark)

「It seems that it’s angry that its wives have been killed. Perhaps it screamed to give orders to the other Stone Lizards to commit the last resort…」(Celine)

「The last resort?」(Mark)

「…Destroying this nest to bury all of us here.」(Celine)


We are in grave danger but Celine replied to me calmly with a nod.

It looks like the entire nest is shaking because the other Stone Lizards are hitting the walls and the ground, following the Harem Lizard’s order to destroy their own nest.

By the way, even in this dangerous situation, Nicola kept clinging to Celine’s waist while burying her face in Celine’s butt.

As I said many times, this girl really doesn’t want to miss the chance to sexually harass Celine…

Am I the only one who is scared by this situation right now? This nest is about to collapse, so it’s natural if I’m a bit scared, right? Right?

While cleaning her hair from the sand falling from the ceiling, Celine turned her gaze to me.

「Mark, anyway, can you kill that lizard before it attacks us?」(Celine)

The Harem Lizard is different from the Mothers, so I can probably kill it easily like a normal Stone Lizard.

「Alright… Stone Bullet!」(Mark)

I shot a stone bullet at the Harem Lizard who was stomping its feet on the ground.

After my stone bullet hit its neck and blew it away a few meters, the Harem Lizard stopped moving.

As I thought, it was as weak as normal Stone Lizards.

However, as soon as I killed it, I felt like I got stronger somehow. It looks like the Harem Lizard had a good amount of Ether.

*/TL : Ether is the power of soul you will get after defeating a monster (chap 125)

I remember I experienced this feeling when I killed the Lord of the Lake in Secard Village.

I see. So the true leader of the Stone LIzards is not the Mothers but the Harem Lizard, huh?

It looks like the amount of Ether is not determined only by the strength of the individual monster. The Mothers are way stronger than the Harem Lizard but the amount of their Ether is far less than the Harem Lizard’s.

Anyway, I put the corpse of Harem Lizard in my Item Box.

[Corpse of Harem Lizard with Magic Stone]

My Item Box labeled it as Harem Lizard just because I call it so but I think it will change when I find out its true name.

I still don’t know how the appraisal function of my Item Box works…

Anyway, let’s put that aside for now. The nest is still shaking even though I killed the Harem Lizard.

「Oooiiー! Are you guys okayー? What is going on hereー?」(Weikel)

I looked up and saw Weikel, Luck, and Jack waving at us with worried faces.

「We’re fineー This nest will collapse soon, so you better hurry and get the hell out of hereー!」(Celine)

「But how about youー?」(Weikel)

「Don’t worry about usー We’ll do somethingー Just go! Hurryー!」(Celine)

「A, Alrightー Let’s go, Luck, Jack!」(Weikel)

After confirming that the three of them has left, Celine crossed her arms and looked at me and Nicola.

「Since the Stone Lizards eat rocks from the walls and the ceilings as well, I don’t think this nest will last for long… Mark, can you use wind magic to send us up there?」(Celine)

「Alright, I’ll trー」(Mark)

Brrrrー Brrrrrー Brrrrrrー!

I was about to use wind magic but the ceiling started to collapse

「Oh, no… Celine, it’d be bad if the debris from the ceiling hit us. I’m sorry, I don’t have the confidence to control my magic to avoid it…」(Mark)

「It’s okay. Honestly, I don’t want to use this, but… I actually have a magic device that can get us out of here in an instant. However…」(Celine)


「We won’t teleport to the entrance of the mine but to the place far away from this town. Are you okay with that?」(Celine)

「I don’t really understand but we don’t have any other choice, right? Let’s go!」(Mark)

「Let’s go, let’s go!」(Nicola)

I don’t know what she is gonna do but if we can get out of here safely, I won’t complain. Besides, I totally trust Celine, so let’s leave it to her.

「Fufu. Alright then! …Come to think of it, it’s been quite a while since the last time I returned home…」(Celine)

While murmuring to herself, Celine pulled out a crystal from her Item Boxー I mean her cleavage…

What did she just say? Return home…? Don’t tell me…

「Mark, Nicola-chan, hold on to me tightly.」(Celine)


Nicola hugged Celine’s waist tighter and pressed her face against Celine’s butt harder.

On the other hand, I clung to Celine’s waist from the side so as not to touch her butt.

『Onii-chan, do you want me to share this butt~?』(Nicola)

『No thanks…』(Mark)

『Come one~ You don’t need to be shy~』(Nicola)

This girl… Even in this kind of situation…

After we clung to Celine, the crystal in Celine’s hand began to shine. Seems like Celine is pouring her mana into the crystal.

It shone brighter and brighter, and about ten seconds later, my vision was filled with white light.

「Return Portal, activate!」(Celine)



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