Chapter 161 : Stopping The Mother’s Movements


The remaining Mother rushed toward me like a raging bull.

I quickly shot several stone bullets at it. However…


My stone bullets bounced off upon hitting its body.

As I thought, the Mother’s skin is several times harder than normal Stone Lizard skin.

Still, even though none of my stone bullets hurt the Mother, one of them hit its leg. Because of that, the Mother ran slightly sideways and passed us with a gap of a few meters away from us.

The cloak I got from Grandpa shook violently by the wind pressure as the Mother passed.

If it hit me directly, my small body would have been blown away easily for sure.

Luckily, I have Celine with me and I have the Silver Eagle Amulet I got from the feudal lord, so I don’t think that will happen.

「Looks like this lizard thinks that we will have a hard time attacking it if it keeps moving around like that.」(Celine)

I see. Celine is probably right.

It looks like this monster is wary of my Lance Bullet that killed its friend earlier. Therefore, it keeps moving around quickly like that.

I thought it had almost no intelligence because it’s a lizard-type monster, but it seems like I was wrong.

I happened to avoid its rush attack this time because my stone bullet hit its leg but I don’t know if I’ll be able to avoid it again.

My aim is not that great. I can’t hit a very fast-moving target with my Lance Bullet.

I think the only way I can beat it is to stop its movement first. However, I can’t make a stone wall because there are many magic stones in the ground here.

I need to find another way to stop it…

Should I use light magic to make a flashbang and blind its eyes like I did to the mountain bandits?

No… Luck and the others are fighting over there. They will be blinded by the light as well. Besides, these monsters used to live in a dark place without any lighting at all, so they may have strong eyes that can’t be blinded easily.

Let’s see what else I can do…

While I was thinking, I recalled when Celine used wind magic to make us fall slowly when we plunged into the hole earlier.

That’s right! If I use a lot of wind attributed mana I may be able to make this lizard float in the air.

I stretched out my arms and started concentrating. I imagine a swirl of wind that is strong enough to lift up a giant lizard monster while charging up my wind attributed mana.

I kept charging my mana while paying attention to the Mother, and when it turned around and started rushing toward me again, I shot the charged mana at the ground right in front of it.

「Eat this!」(Mark)

As soon as the Mother stepped onto the ground, a strong swirling wind appeared and lifted its body up.


While floating in the air about three meters away from the ground, the Mother started to spin violently at high speed like a certain blue hedgehog.

Actually, I wanted to make it statically float in the air so that I could aim its vital point but it was hard to control the wind.

Well, I managed to stop it from moving around, so there’s no problem.

I made a stone lance, covered it with swirling wind, and shot it at the wildly spinning lizard.

「Lance Bullet!」(Mark)


I didn’t know exactly where my Lance Bullet hit because the Mother was spinning at high speed but my Lance Bullet penetrated its body and hit the ceiling.

Sand and dirt fell as my Lance Bullet hit the ceiling.

I did it! Let’s name this spell “Wind Bind”!

When I deactivated the spell, the three-meter giant lizard’s body fell vertically on the ground and caused the ground to rumble.

The ground shook so much that I almost lost balance.

This mine has been shaking a lot. I wonder if it will collapse at any moment.

The Mother lying on the ground seemed to be dead already but I shot a stone bullet at its soft throat just in case. After I confirmed that it was really dead, I put it in my Item Box.

[Mother of Stone Lizard’s corpse with magic stone]

As I thought, it contains a magic stone. Well, I don’t know if the magic stone was originally inside its body from the beginning or if it was accidentally eaten by it. But anyway, I’m happy that I was able to defeat it!

When I took a breather, Celine approached me and stroked my head.

「Good job, Mark! By the way, normally your mana will gradually become weaker the further away the target is from you but how could you manage to make such a strong wind from that distance?」(Celine)

「Well… I just charged as much mana as I could before that lizard started rushing toward me.」(Mark)

「Is that so…? Your talent surprises me as always. Well, you have a lot of mana after all~」(Celine)

When Celine put her hands on her waist and smiled at me, Nicola, who was hugging Celine from behind, showed her face and grinned.

『Good job for fighting without shaky legs!』(Nicola)

『Is that a compliment? Hahh…』(Mark)

As I sighed by Nicola’s half-assed compliment, Weikel called out to us.

「Ooiiー We just killed our targetー Have you killed yoursー?」(Weikel)

They are quite far away from us. Looks like they were moving a lot during the fight.

Thanks to Jack who was holding the lantern, I could see the corpse of a Mother lying on the ground near Weikel’s feet.

「Yeahー I’ve killed itー」(Mark)

「Good jobー! I knew you could do it, Boyー!」(Weikel)

Now that all the three Mothers have been killed, our mission is completed!

However, the moment I thought that we could finally go home, the ground started shaking all of a sudden. Soon after, I felt like I lost my footing somehow.




Before we realized it, the ground beneath us collapsed, and then Celine, Nicola, and I fell into the abyss without having time to do anything.



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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    I like how the author demonstrates that Mark is still a greenhorn, the way that his concentration lapses and his aim needs practice.

  2. “Since they live in a dark, they might have strong eyes that will not be blinded so easily”?
    That’s not how it works, Mark, that’s not how any of it works!
    At most he might auggest that they are completely blind instead, and using other form of senses. But that’s also out, since he is already aware that they have proper vision.

  3. Thanks for the chapter.

    “Besides, these monsters used to live in a dark place without any lighting at all, so they may have strong eyes that can’t be blided easily.” <- Mark, you moron. Those are the easiest to blind (as long as they still have eyes, which they seem to have).

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