Chapter 16 : After Patrolling


In the end, even though I was participating in the patrol, I couldn’t come up with an idea to get Delica back in a good mood. But she seemed to be happily eating her aunt’s skewer which she traded with magical tomatoes earlier, so I thought I didn’t have to cheer her up anymore.

When we got back to the hideout / my practice spot / neighborhood children’s park, Nicola was sitting in a soil chair, waiting for us.
Why did she come in the end?
Well, there’s no games or manga in this world, so maybe she got bored at home.

In a world that lacks entertainment like this, if we didn’t play like normal children, all we could do was just either help our parents at home or just sleep all day like Nicola did.
In my case, I chose to prepare my future by practicing magic.

「Ah! Onii-chan, Boss, Yuuri-kun, welcome back!」

Nicola welcomed us with her usual angelic smile.
It seems like Nicola’s smile got Yuuri good. His face turned bright red.
Oi, oi. Don’t be fooled! The real her is a good-for-nothing girl who’s just eating and sleeping all day!

「Ou. Today’s my first day participating in patrol. And then Boss treated us delicious skewers」

While keeping her angelic smile, Nicola suddenly stiffened her body.

『Onii-chan! What do you mean by delicious skewers!?』

She used telepathy.

『Delica traded magical tomatoes for some skewers at her aunt’s stall. It’s really delicious! It seems they always eat it during the patrol』

『I’ll join the patrol every day from tomorrow!』

As expected…
Well, it’s better than being at home all the time.



After spending some time in the vacant lot, Gill came.
He looked around and saw me making a new stone statue, then he approached me with his mouth wide open and saidー

「Haaaa………. It’s completely become a neighborhood relaxation place… This….. If I want to use this vacant lot to build a new store, wouldn’t I became the bad guy here?」

「Aha,ha…… When you plan to build something here, I’ll destroy things I made here little by little so that people would disappear naturally」

「Well, I still don’t have a plan to build it yet but if the time comes, I’m counting on you. But… to be honest, I didn’t think a five-year-old boy like you can do this much. You’re amazing, Boy!」

「That’s right old man! Mark is the number one magician in Moonlight Wolf Team, you know!」

Declared Delica all of a sudden.

Number one in the team, huh…
The one who could use magic was just me….. and Nicola, maybe?
By the way, Delica knew that Nicola could use magic. Well, Nicola said “just a little”, but Delica didn’t question her any further.
Even I didn’t know how much Nicola could use magic in the first place.

「I see, I see. Ha ha ha! Well, Good luck! The peace of this town is in your hands」

After he handed us sweets and took some magical tomatoes from the field, Gill went home.
Today’s sweets were cookies. It looked like it was made from dough that mixed with honey; it smelled good and really sweet.

「By the way, what store does Gill oji-san have?」

While eating the cookies, Delica asked.

「I remember he said general store and bookstore. I think there are more. He always brings us sweets, so I think he also has a store selling various food and snacks」

「Heeー So he has various stores, huh. Maybe one of the stores we saw on the patrol was Gill oji-san’s」

「You know? We passed a bookstore that the signboard said “Gill’s Bookstore” on today’s patrol」

「He uses his own name, huh? But, Mark… you can read already!? That’s amazing!」

I can read letters thanks to ‘different world language translation’ skill, but it looks like it’s strange for a 5-year-old child to be able to read.
I have to deceive her.

「A, Umm, yeah… I just happened to know what letters on that signboard. But I’m still not good at writing, you know. So, I plan to go to Sunday School to study more when I’m six」

Well, it’s kinda true that I’m not good at writing.
The skill didn’t help me to write. It’s similar to the feeling when you can read a kanji character but can’t write it on paper.

*/TL note : It’s true. I also can’t write complicated kanji characters manually on paper even though I can read them.

「Sunday School, huhー For me, training my body to protect this town is more important than studying! I wanna be a guard or adventurer in the future to protect this town!」

「I, I… like studying…」

Said Yuuri with a small voice all of a sudden. It was rare for him to assert himself.
Delica once said that every Sunday School, Yuuri always spends his time in church learning letters and studying math.

But, Delica wants to be a guard or an adventurer huh.

「Boss, a question!」

「Yes, Mark!」

「 How do we become a guard or adventurer?」

「To become a guard, you have to apply to the mayor when the mayor opens the recruitment. And to become an adventurer, you just have to register to the Adventurer Guild. But, unless there are special exceptions, you can’t register until you’re ten years old」

So there’s an Adventurer Guild after all. As expected from a different world.

「What kind of special exceptions?」

「Such as children from poor families who can’t eat unless they work, or an orphanage like Lang. He once told me if the donation for the orphanage is not enough, he’ll get a job from the guild. Last time, he bragged that he went out of town with a sister to collect herbs! I’m jealous!」

Said Delica… angrily at the end.
She seemed to be longing to go outside.

「Even though we’re still a child, we can go outside if we already registered in the guild?」

「Yup. But outside is dangerous, so we must go with an adult」

For the guild, adventurers must take responsibility for their own actions even if they were still children. The church also always gave the children warning not to be careless.
Unless something very unusual happened, there would be no accident.

…….There wouldn’t be any accidents, right?…….




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