Chapter 15 : What’s Yours is Mine


It’s been a month since I joined the Moonlight Wolf Team.
But, even though I’m a member, all I did was just practice earth magic in the vacant lot, so it wasn’t so different than before.
So far I’ve made a lot of things while practicing.

I made chairs enough for all members, and three round tables for four to five people.
This time, I made the table separated from the ground so that it could be carried.
Also, I made a long bench for several people to sit.
It was big enough to sit comfortably, so if you sit on the bench on a sunny day, you might doze off easily.

I had a lot of magic sand, so I made a sandbox with it.
In my previous world, it was often said that sandboxes were full of germs, but I used magic sand to make it, so I thought it would be germ-free.

For practicing my imagination, I made a horse and a dog statue.
I made the back a little flat so people could sit on them.
I also want to challenge myself to make a pegasus next time.

And for fun, I made a slide.
It was very popular among children in the neighborhood.

………..But… Umm… Maybe I made too many.
Thanks to me, this vacant lot had become a place of relaxation in the neighborhood and some kind of children’s playground.

The neighborhood young wives are also often came with their children who are smaller than me.

There was a young wife I’ve never seen before.
She was talking to a senior young wife with an uneasy face.
Apparently she was accepted by the other young wives. I’m happy for her.
I didn’t know if watching a stranger young wife’s park debut could make me nervous.

When I was celebrating the birth of a new community in my head, Delica stood next to me before I knew it.
After staring at the young wives, who were smiling and chatting to each other, Delica turned back to me and put pressure on me.

「Oi, Markー This is our hideout though!?」

「A, Ahaha…… B, But, we are a vigilante group, right? The local vigilante group that is popular among the people in the neighbourhood. Don’t you think it’s cool?」


While trembling, Delica let out a groan.
It seems she still didn’t agree with this.
But she didn’t drive people away from here.
Delica is a little rascal, but she’s a good girl.

However, I felt bad because of my fault, the hideout had become a place where we can’t even call it a hideout anymore.
I want to put her back in a good mood, but is there any good idea?

「Boss. I’ve finished my magic practice for today. So, how about I go with you patrolling the town?」

Anyway, I have to make her happy somehow, but I don’t know what to do, so I decided to go on a patrol with her while trying to find out what will make her happy.

「Oh! This will be Mark’s first patrol, right? Alright then, let’s go!」

She was already in a good mood.
I feel like I’ve achieved my goal already.
But, well, I’m not very familiar with this town, so I’ll go along with her on a patrol while sightseeing.

By the way, Nicola was at home, relaxing.
It seemed that she grasped which day Gill would come.
On the day Gill (snack) didn’t come, she would be chilling at home.



And then the ‘patrols’ started.

Today’s patrol members are me, Delica, Delica’s little brother Yuuri, and a male member of the team who was a year younger than Delica, Lang.

Recently, the patrol route started from the gate near my inn. From there, we walk past the ‘dangerous beast’ and a suspicious alchemist shop to the fountain in the south square, and then return to our hideout through another route.

By the way, the ‘dangerous beast’ was a loud-barking dog kept by a rich family, and the suspicious alchemist shop was just a shop selling potions.

After a while of a walk called ‘a patrol’, we arrived at the turning point, which is the fountain in the south square.
Fatia town is a post town leading to the regional capital, so it’s quite prosperous, but not very big. Still, for children’s feet, it was hard to reach this point.
I thought I also have to train my physical strength instead of only practicing magic.

「Wait here!」

After saying that, Delica took out a tomato from her shoulder bag. She brought it from our field.
And then she ran toward a skewer stall nearby.
After exchanging the tomato for four skewers, she returned while waving to the stall owner woman.

「It’s my treat!」

Delica handed the skewers to me, Yuuri, and Lang, one for each of us.

I don’t think it’s okay to say “it’s my treat” if you pay with the tomatoes I grew though.
So it was like “what’s yours is mine, what’s mine is mine” kinda thing, huh.
In the first place, the field and the tomato seeds are Gill’s, but Gill didn’t say anything, so it’s okay I think.

I stopped thinking deeply and stared at the meat skewer.
I didn’t know what kind of meat it was, but the fragrant scent of the sauce stimulated my appetite.

「Umm~! It’s delicious!」

After I was complaining in my head, I could only say that in the end.
If I was one of a comedian duo, my partner would have thrown a punch line at me.

「Fufu, right!? My aunt’s skewer is the best, you know!」

The woman who owned the stall seemed to be Delica’s aunt.

Later, I heard that Delica told her aunt about the magical tomatoes.
Delica seemed to be suggesting her aunt to barter a lot of things with the tomatoes.
If we talk about the price, I feel that four skewers are more expensive than a tomato, but it seems that magical tomatoes are not sold in this town, and above all, I thought that her aunt just wanted to treat her niece with the skewers.


After eating the skewers, we were returning to our hideout via a different path.

On our way back, I saw a large building with a big and unique two-handed door.
That building… could it be…

「That’s a church. I live there」

Said Lang after he noticed that the building caught my eyes.

Lang is an orphan. He lives in an orphanage managed by the church.
Living in this world is really hard compared to my previous world, so it seems that orphans are not so rare in this world.
Other than Lang, there are about ten orphans living there.

「You know Mark, you can go to the Sunday School here when you are six」

Unlike Japan, in this world there’s no compulsory education.
But it doesn’t mean there’s no school. The minimum education is given at Sunday School once a week.

Because my dad and mom are kinda easygoing, I’m sure I’m free to go, so I decided to go for the sake of learning common sense of this world when I turn six.
By the way, I’m sure Nicola wouldn’t wanna go, but I can picture mom saying “your brother is going, so you should be going to” and she would reluctantly go.

「Hmm. I’m interested. If I’m going in the future, I’ll be in your care, Lang」


Lang answered with a smile.

His short brown hair looked good on him. He looked a little rascal, but maybe he is a caring person.
When I was thinking like that, a woman who looked like a sister came out of the church, and then Lang’s expression changed completely.

「Lang! Where have you been!? Today is your turn to take care of the younger brothers, you know!?」

「Aww, maaan… she found me… Oh well, see you guys later then!」

While waving at us, Lang ran toward the sister.

Apparently, Lang was skipping his duty to look after his younger brothers.
W, Well… I understand that he just wanted to play.

「Geez! I already told him not to come on the day he was on duty!」

Delica made a moody face while putting her hand on her waist.

After that, we walked away from the church, leaving Lang who was being scolded by the sister.




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  1. M’kay, Delica’s grown on me a bit. She’s a sweet kid going through a phase she’ll regret, but she’s got heart.

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