Chapter 17 : Flag for Being a Lost Child


Today, as usual, I practiced magic in the vacant lot.

I thought it was time to make a table and bench with a roof on it. But then I realized if I made the roof out of soil, it might collapse. It would be dangerous, so I thought about making only the frame with earth magic, make it as sturdy as possible and put a piece of board as the roof.

While I was thinking about that, Delica came while shaking her red hair ponytail. She looked angry for some reason.

「Aaーーーー!!!How annoying! He pissed me off! That Lang! At Sunday School yesterday, he bragged that he saw a goblin when he was going outside to get herbs with the sister!」

I heard about goblins before, but they really exist huh.
Well, Lang is also a boy who longed for an adventure, so it can’t be helped that he wants to brag about it.
But… seeing Delica pissed like this, made me think she would go outside on her own.

「Boss… Don’t tell me you want to sneak out of town…」

I have to prevent her from going outside.
We should get rid of the seeds of trouble early after all.

「Huh!? What are you talking about? No way I can do that! Mark, listen, a member of Moonlight Wolf Team has to be disciplined and always obey the law!」

Ahh, Delica really is a good girl.
It seems that I don’t have to worry about it.

「I see. Well that’s good. You just have to wait until you’re ten. Besides, I don’t think by just going outside will make you great」

「I know! But! As a boss, I just don’t want my underling to get ahead of me! Mark, any idea to pay him back?」

As if I have such an idea.
I looked at Nicola. She shook her head.
But if we didn’t do something, she might not be able to hold her urge to go outside anymore, end up missing and making all the people in the neighborhood looking for her, such a cliché event. It’s okay if she only got scolded, but if she got seriously injured, it won’t be a joke anymore.

「Boss, what if you ask your parents to accompany you to go outside? It’s okay if we go outside with an adult, right?」

「Both Dad and Mom are busy with work. I shouldn’t bother them with such a childish request!」

So, she was aware that it was a childish request huh.

Delica’s parents ran a construction shop.
Actually, I was invited to have snacks at her house the other day.

「Well, what if you ask Gill oji-san then? He has free time sometimes」

「Oh, that’s right! Mark, you’re brilliant!」

Delica made a fist and nodded strongly.

I couldn’t think of any other good idea for her to go outside safely.
Let’s throw this problem at Gill for now.



「I see… But, forget about going outside. There’s nothing good outside. More importantly, you should thank your parents for being able to live comfortably inside this town」

When Gill came here to the vacant lot, Delica told him what happened and asked him to accompany her to go outside, but he refused.
Well, he has a point. Delica couldn’t even argue with him.

「But, Delica jou-chan, if you want to show your dignity as a boss, there’s a quicker way, you know?」

*/Jou-chan / ojou-chan is used to address a little missy

「Eh? Really!?」

Then, Gill replied while showing his arm muscle.

「It’s simple. You just have to train your body. If you’re stronger than Lang, you can show him you’re the boss. It doesn’t matter anymore if he saw a goblin or even orcs, right?」

Power is Justice, huh.
Well, Gill might be right. I didn’t realize it at all because I lived a peaceful life until now.
Come to think of it, the Wolf Team was always strolling (patrolling) around the town, but haven’t done any sword training or something that children might like.
It was really a peaceful children organization.

「Gill oji-san, you’re a genius! So, what kind of training can I do to get stronger?」

「If there’s a wood stick or something, I can teach you the basics of swordsmanship. I might be old now, but when I was young, I used to peddle from town to town without hiring adventurers to escort me, you know?」

Gill laughed as he said that.



After that, all of the Moonlight Wolf Team members looked to Gill as their sword trainer.
He taught simple movements to swing a sword.

In the end, Lang also participated in the sword training. Delica and Lang’s sword skill was pretty much the same; they ended up at a similar level.
Therefore, there was no case of power harassment in which Delica unilaterally beat Lang and showed him she was the boss.

And because they were busy competing their skill, it seemed that they completely forgot about going outside the town.
They really were good children.

Perhaps Gill had predicted it so he taught them sword, but I didn’t bother to ask him.

By the way, I also tried to learn how to swing a sword, but I felt like it didn’t go as smooth as learning magic.
Well, I’m good as long as I can protect myself with magic though.

And by the way, Nicola just watched us while eating snacks. She didn’t even touch the stick.



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  1. I wonder if the Old Man is still watching angel Nicola who is supposed to assist the MC in his new life.

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