Chapter 159 : Pafu Pafu


As we proceeded while defeating Stone Lizards we encountered on the way, we found another branch.

「Nicola-chan, where should we go this time?」(Celine)

「This way!」(Nicola)

We continued walking in the direction Nicola pointed to.

After a while, we finally reached a dead end. However, there was a big hole in the ground.

「This is the innermost part of the magic stone mine. It seems that the miners dug this hole and ended up accidentally connecting this mine with the Stone Lizard nest below.」(Weikel)

While listening to Weikel, I sent a light ball into the pitch-black hole. I could see an open space at the end.

Unlike the tunnels, this hole wasn’t supported with wood but there were rocks embedded in the wall of the hole that could be used as stairs.

「If this girl is right, then Luck and his brother are most likely still around the nest… I’ll go down first.」(Weikel)

Weikel took a breath and jumped into the hole without hesitation.

He used the rocks in the wall as footholds. He quickly climbed down and managed to reach the bottom safely in just a few seconds.

He may look dumb but he’s a professional adventurer after all. He has good physical abilities.

Weikel looked around with a light ball floating above his head as the light source, and after confirming that it was safe to go down, he gave us a signal by beckoning to us.

I have to go down as well, huh…?

This will be a little difficult for me since I have a small body. I might fall if my foot can’t reach the next rock when I climb down…

「Mark, Nicola-chan, this may be difficult for you, so I will carry you both down.」(Celine)

「Are you sure you can do it?」(Mark)

「Fufu. Don’t worry. Nicola-chan, come.」(Celine)

Celine spread her arms toward Nicola. Nicola then immediately hugged Celine and pressed her face against Celine’s breasts.

『Mmm~ Pafu pafu feels good~』(Nicola)

*/TL : In Japan, pafu pafu (ぱふぱふ) means a sexual service in which a woman sandwiches your face with her boobs.

Nicola said something with telepathy but I ignored it.

「Mark, you can get onto my back.」(Celine)

While saying that, Celine turned around and crouched down a little.

Honestly, I’m a little worried but I trust her.

After I wrapped my hands around her neck and pressed my chest against her back, she stood up and lifted me up.

「Alright, here we go~」(Celine)

I thought Celine would climb down normally but after confirming that Nicola and I were holding onto her tightly, she jumped into the hole. Soon after, I felt like we were going down really slowly as if we were floating in the air, and we reached the bottom before I even realized it.

I wonder what’s going on…

「Celine, what did you just do?」(Mark)

Celine crouched down again to let Nicola and I get off her, and then she looked at me.

Seeing my confused face, she grinned and started explaining while pointing her index finger up.

「Fufu. Simple. I used wind magic to decrease the speed of falling so that we could land softly on the ground~」(Celine)

「Hee… So you can use wind magic like that…」(Mark)

All I can do with wind magic is cut things and blow off things…

In order to get better at magic, it looks like I need to be more creative at using spells. For exampleーー

When I was thinking, Nicola suddenly talked about lewd things with telepathy.

『Aaahh~ Celine’s pafu pafu is the best no matter how many times you enjoy it. Moreover, this time she’s a little sweaty because this place is kinda hot. The moisture on her skin, her gentle scent, her soft breasts, and her body temperature as if she had just taken a bath made the pafu pafu feel even better! …Onii-chan, what’s wrong? Your face looks weird. If you wanna hear more about Celine’s pafu pafu, I will make a report of about ten pages for you later if you want.』(Nicola)

『I’m not a pervert like you, okay? I was thinking about how to get more creative with magic.』(Mark)

『Is that so? Hahh… You’re boring as always. Let’s go. We can’t waste any more time. Our princesses are close.』(Nicola)

『You’re the one who’s wasting time talking about lewd things…』(Mark)

「Celine onee-chan, Jack and Luck onii-chan are right there!」(Nicola)

Ignoring my insinuation, Nicola talked to Celine and pointed her finger to the tunnel up ahead.

The place where we are now is totally different from the magic stone mine. It’s an open space where the walls and the floor are made of stone.

There were several tunnels in front of us but we obediently walked toward the one Nicola pointed to.

I tried to activate my detection magic again but I felt sick as soon as I did that.

Apparently, there are many magic stones buried in the ground around this place as well…




After walking for a few minutes, following the tunnel, we saw something like a lantern’s light shaking violently up ahead. As the light approached us, we heard multiple footsteps as if someone was running toward us.

「I think it’s Luck and his brother. Looks like they’re being chased.」(Celine)

If they are running, then most likely they are being chased by Stone Lizards.

I couldn’t clearly see the Stone Lizards who were chasing after them because they were still quite far away, but I stretched my arms forward anyway and created several stone bullets of about five centimeters in diameter.

While I was preparing my stone bullets, Luck and Jack had reached the point where I could clearly see their faces.

After confirming that it was really them, I shouted at them.

「Both of you, dodge to the side!」(Mark)

「ーー!!!」(Luck & Jack)

Responding to my voice, Luck and Jack immediately split and jumped to the side. Luck jumped to the right, and Jack jumped to the left.

Right after, I shot my stone bullets toward the flock of Stone Lizards that I could barely see behind them.

「Stone Bulletー!」(Mark)



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