Chapter 160 : The Mothers


My stone bullets passed Luck and Jack and hit the Stone Lizards behind them.

The sound of the stone bullets after they went through the Stone Lizards’ bodies and hit the wall behind echoed loudly in the tunnel and made my ears hurt a bit.

I didn’t know how many Stone Lizards I hit but after I sent my light ball toward the smoke of dirt caused by the impact of my stone bullets, I saw ten corpses of Stone Lizards.

It seemed that I managed to hit all of them.

After confirming that all the Stone Lizards that were chasing them were dead, Luck and Jack sighed in relief and approached us.

「Phew… You saved our ass, Mark! Thank you! Also, thank you for the potions you gave this morning. Without them, we would have been dead now.」(Luck)

「Don’t worry about it. I’m just glad that you two are safe.」(Mark)

「Luck, Jack… Thank god, both of you are fine… I’m sorry for leaving you behind!」(Weikel)

Saying that, Weikel bowed to Luck and Jack. Luck then waved his hands at him.

「No, it’s okay. When we tried to flee, we were unlucky to encounter another group of Stone Lizards, so we had no choice but to run a different way. But I’m glad that you came back with Mark and the others. By the way, Mark, you really have become stronger than when we explored the Kobold Forest back then!」(Luck)

「You think so?」(Mark)

「Of course!」(Luck)

While looking at the corpses of the Stone Lizards behind, Luck smiled and complimented me.

「This boy and his sister surprised me as well. I’d like to talk about how we got here with their help but first, let’s get out of heー」(Weikel)

「ーHold on… Looks like our guests won’t let us go yet.」(Celine)

Celine pushed back her hair from her shoulder and said that while looking at the tunnel ahead.

I turned my gaze toward where she was looking and saw three exceptionally large Stone Lizards walk toward us side by side. They are probably the Mothers.


They swelled their throats and made a threatening sound, trying to scare us, and then they rushed over here.

Thinking that normal stone bullets won’t hurt them, I decided to use my most powerful attack which was the combination of earth magic and wind magic.

I stretched my arms, made a stone spear about one and a half meters long, covered it with the swirling wind, and shot it at one of the Mothers.

「Lance Bulletー!」(Mark)

My lance bullet hit the one in the middle but probably because its skin was several times tougher than a normal Stone Lizard’s skin, my lance bullet didn’t go through its body right away, but instead, my lance bullet pushed it and sent it flying until it hit the wall behind and nailed it in place.

The Mother that was stuck on the wall moved violently for a brief moment and then stopped. It looked like my lance bullet pierced its vital point and killed it.

「Good job, Mark! Alright guys, there are still two more we need to take care of!」(Luck)


「U, Un!」(Jack)

Weikel, Luck, and Jack pulled their weapons and took a stance. Weikel and Luck were using one-handed swords while Jack was using a dagger.

The two other Mothers, whose companion was killed by me, stopped and glared at me for a moment. They then continued rushing toward me.

This is bad! I need to stop them!

「Stone Wall!」(Mark)

I made a wall to stop them from rushing. However…

…There’s something wrong with my wall.

Usually, I can make a solid stone wall in a second but for some reason, the wall I made this time looks fragile.

Eh? What’s going on!?

While I was in confusion, the Mothers broke through my wall easily and immediately tried to bite my head.


However, someone swiftly grabbed my collar from behind and quickly pulled me to the side.

The Mothers, who failed to attack me, couldn’t stop their feet. They passed right next to me and kept rushing to the side like raging bulls.

When I looked behind, I saw Celine who was grabbing my collar.

「Mark, stay focused!」(Celine)

Celine raised a sharp voice at me.

I feel like this is the first time she scolds me, but I was saved thanks to her.

「O-Okay. I’m sorry. And thanks…」(Mark)

After I apologized, she smiled and stroked my head.

「You forgot that there were many magic stones buried in the ground around here, didn’t you? Be careful, Okay~?」(Celine)

「Ahh… So that’s why…」(Mark)

I usually use the soil from the ground to make a wall but because there are many magic stones in the ground, the amount of soil I used wasn’t enough to make a solid wall. That’s why the wall I made was fragile.

The two Mothers that passed us kept rushing and crashed into the wall.


The entire tunnel shook greatly as they crashed.

Uwaa… I wonder if this nest is sturdy enough. It would be bad if the ceiling collapsed and buried us all…

The Mothers, who looked fine even after crashing so hard into the wall, turned around and tried to rush at me again. However…

「Over here, you dumb lizard!」(Weikel)

Before I realized it, Weikel, Luck, and Jack had moved a little away from us. Perhaps they thought that we would be at a disadvantage if we gathered in one place.

「Eat this!」(Luck)

Trying to lure one of the Mothers at them, Luck threw a white ball at it.

If I remember correctly, that ball is a white powder. Luck once showed me those when we fought Kobolds in the Kobold Forest.


The ball hit a Mother in the face.

The Mother, whose face was covered in white powder, then rushed toward Weikel and the others while making a menacing sound.

「Sorry, can you guys take care of the remaining one!? We’ll take care of this one!」(Weikel)

「Don’t worry. Mark will take care of it. Right, Mark~?」(Celine)

「Good luck, Onii-chan~!」(Nicola)

These guys…

Well, I’m a bit scared but I was planning to fight it anyway.

I’m sure Celine will save me again when I’m in danger.

Alright, let’s do this!



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