Chapter 150 : Weikel


Nicola entered the bathtub as she saw me enjoying the bath while looking at the night sky.

She’s not hiding her chest but I’ll say it one more timeーー I’m. Not. Interested.

『Hey, why are you not using your “It Will Disappear On Blu-ray”?』(Mark)

『I’m out of mana after making a hole and using “Red Nose” for a while. For now, I’m gonna charge you one silver every time you look at my chest.』(Nicola)

『I won’t! Is “Red Nose” the name of the spell you just used? It looks like it requires a lot of mana.』(Mark)

『Yeah. If I had a crazy amount of mana like you, I could have peeked a bit longer…』(Nicola)

『Then, why don’t you start practicing magic every day like me? You have talent but you don’t have much mana. Doesn’t that kinda suck?』(Mark)

『Do you really think I will do something as troublesome as practicing magic?』(Nicola)

『Ahh… I forgot you were a lazy-ass.』(Mark)

After that, we stopped talking with each other and enjoyed the open-air bath for a while.

By the way, I’ve been using sensing magic since I entered the bath, and now I can feel the presence of a monster approaching us.


「I know~ Leave it to me.」(Celine)

I shouted to tell Celine who was bathing on the other side but it seemed like I didn’t have to.

I saw Celine’s Fire Arrow fly straight upward, leaving a bright red after image, and disappeared into the night sky.

A few seconds later, I could no longer feel the presence of the monster that was approaching us. It seemed like Celine’s Fire Arrow hit it and killed it right away.

「How was it~?」(Celine)

「Celine, you’re awesome!」(Mark)

「Fufu~ Thank you.」(Celine)

I could hear Celine’s laughing voice from the other side.

Celine is really good at long-range offensive spells. She doesn’t even need to see the enemies to kill them. I’m very impressed.

I may have a lot of mana, but in terms of the technique of using magic, I don’t think I’m as good as Celine and Nicola. These two really impressed me tonight.

I was like an athlete who only trains his muscles and rarely hones his skills… I want to improve my technique too, but… How should I do it…?

While thinking about that, I’m soaking my body up to my chin in the hot water.




After enjoying the open-air bath for a while, we were chilling, sitting on the chairs I made with earth magic for about twenty minutes, and then we returned to the inn.

When we arrived at the inn, the bar on the first floor was packed with people. It seemed like people were gathering to see the long-awaited adventurers.

By the way, Luck and his party members were staying in this inn too. I just found out about that when I ran into Luck this evening on the second floor.

Well, the one who recommended us to stay in this inn was Liza-san, so it was only natural that she recommended this inn to them as well.

When we walked through the bar, heading to the stairs, a young man in leather armor, who seemed to be an adventurer, called out to Celine.

「Oh? Celine, is that you?」(adventurer)

「Ara, I remember seeing your face several times in the Adventurer Guild in Fatia. What’s your name again?」(Celine)

「Oi, oi~ You’re cold as always. Did you forget about me, Weikel, the leader of the Blue Panther Team who is said to be the adventurer who will be promoted to C-rank soon?」(Weikel)

「Umm… Doesn’t ring a bell.」(Celine)

「Your joke is painful as usual…」(Weikel)

When the man who called himself Weikel replied to Celine as he shrugged his shoulders, his party members who were sitting at the same table burst into laughter.

「So, are you the guys who will get rid of the monsters in the mine tomorrow?」(Celine)

「Yeah. Actually, we wanted to do it with just the five of us at first but Liza-san said we need more people and didn’t let us go. I saw Luck standing nearby at that time, so I invited him, and then he asked me to let his little brother go along as well. After we got enough people, Liza-san finally gave us permission. Hahh… I know that my party didn’t work that often lately but I want her to trust us more…」(Weikel)

「Well, she’s the most strict receptionist in the guild after all. By the way, where are Luck and his brother?」(Celine)

「They went to bed after taking care of our equipment.」(Weikel)

「I see. Well then, good luck tomorrow.」(Celine)

Saying that, Celine turned around and continued walking toward the stairs, but then Weikel hurriedly stopped her.

「Wait, where are you going? Come join us!」(Weikel)

「Yeah, drink with us! Uweeii~」
「Just leave those children alone and join us~!」
「It won’t be complete without a beautiful girl like you, right guys?」
「You’re right! Uweeeii~~」(adventurers)

Without waiting for Celine’s answer, Weikel’s party members prepared a chair for Celine while making noises.

They look annoying somehow…

「No, thanks. I’m gonna sleep now. Have fun~」(Celine)

Celine waved at them and quickly walked away. Delica, Nicola and I followed her from behind.

Weikel and his party members looked disappointed for a moment but then they continued drinking and making noises again.

We were planning to have dinner here though… and I’m sure Celine was looking forward to drinking alcohol too.

I wonder if Celine doesn’t like those guys.

If so, it can’t be helped then…

I stopped walking without Celine and the others noticing and approached Nei who was walking nearby with a tray full of empty mugs.


「What’s wrong?」(Nei)

「Can you bring me a bottle of alcohol? Celine will drink in our room tonight.」(Mark)

I took out some money from my Item Box and placed it on the tray that Nei was holding.

「Alright, wait here. I’ll be back in a second.」(Nei)





I went up to the second floor and headed to our room with a bottle of alcohol from Nei in my hands.

This bottle was quite big but I didn’t put it in my Item Box. I’m holding it with my hands just because I feel like training my arms for a bit.

「Celine, I got alcohol for you.」(Mark)

Celine’s face shone when I opened the door and showed the bottle of alcohol in my hands.

「Ara~! I thought you went to the toilet, but you bought that for me? Mark, you’re such a considerate boy! I love you!」(Celine)

Celine hugged me and lifted me up along with the bottle.

Her skin felt so warm and so soft because she had just taken a bath in hot water mixed with a potion. If I were an adult man, I might never want to move away, but I pushed her gently and tried to get down.

「Here. Enjoy your alcohol.」(Mark)

「Thank you, Mark~」(Celine)

I handed the alcohol to her, and she thanked me while pushing her cheek against the bottle.

I’m glad that she’s happy with that.

「By the way, who were those people?」(Mark)

「As you can tell, they are adventurers from our town. Well, they were originally not from our town though. Do you remember a group of bandits you defeated a while ago? They came to Fatia for their bounties. They didn’t get the bounties since you were the one who defeated those bandits, but they seemed to like Fatia Town and decided to stay. They’re not bad people but honestly, I don’t like their behavior. I don’t know how strong they are either, so I’m not sure if they can do their job well tomorrow.」(Celine)

While explaining, Celine put the alcohol on the table, sat on the chair, and sighed.

「I think Luck is better than them, but they treat him and his brother like gofers.」(Celine)

「I see…」(Mark)

Now I’m worried…

I hope Luck and Jack won’t get hurt tomorrow…

While hoping so, I exhaled and started preparing dinner for everyone.



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