Chapter 149 : A Must-Have Event


I’m curious about what Nicola is up to this time, but anyway, I will make another bathtub and see what happens.

I turned around, stretched out my arms, and made another open-air bath with earth magic.

I feel like the one I made this time looks a bit nicer than the other one. Seems like I’m getting used to making this kind of bath.

After I made a space for undressing in each bath, I made stone walls surrounding the baths so that no one could see us from the outside, and then I also made a stone wall between the two baths.

The fake Japanese public open-air bath is now complete!

Honestly, I wanted to put blue and red clothes with “男(man)” and “女(woman)” signs to make it more like a Japanese public bath, but I don’t have clothes and ink to make them.

「Well then, I’m gonna use this bath. You girls can use that one. See you later.」(Mark)

When I said that and tried to walk toward the men’s bath, Nicola stopped me.

「Onii-chan, wait! I’m going with you!」(Nicola)


Eh? Ehh….!? This girl really confuses me today.

What the hell is she planning exactly?

「Ara, Nicola-chan, you want to take a bath with your onii-chan today? Fufu, you’re so cute~ Well then, Delica-chan, it’s only the two of us now. Let’s get along with each other and enjoy our bath together~」(Celine)

Saying that, Celine grabbed Delica’s hand.

「Eh? Y-Yeah… P-Please be gentle with me…」(Delica)

They both then went to the women’s bath.

『Oi, what are you planning this time? Tell me!』(Mark)

『Fufufu~ You’ll see~』(Nicola)

After smirking at me, Nicola went to the men’s bath changing room, took off her clothes, and walked toward the bath.

Looks like it’s pointless to think what she’s up to…

I also took off my clothes, approached the bath, and started filling the bathtub with hot water.

While I’m doing that, Nicola is wandering around the wall that separates the men’s bath and women’s bath, looking for something, and a moment later, she stood up by the edge of the wall and used magic for some reason.

『Tsk. Onii-chan, you made this wall too thick. It’s hard to make a hole in it! …….Oh, finally!』(Nicola)

I don’t know why but she complained that the wall was too thick. Looks like she was making a small hole in the wall.

After blowing the hole to remove the remaining sand particles, Nicola brought her face closer to it and peeked into the other side.

『Uhyuuu~! This is so exciting! I can see Celine’s beautiful breasts and Delica’s cute butt!』(Nicola)

『Wh, What the hell are you doing…? If you just want to see their naked bodies, why didn’t you join them?』(Mark)

When I said that, Nicola sighed and shook her head.

『Hahh… Onii-chan, you really don’t understand the excitement of peeping into the women’s bath, do you? In anime, especially with the genre of ‘school-life comedy’, this is a must-have event when the students are on the school trip, you know?』(Nicola)


This girl… I bet she watched too much anime when she was still in heaven…

After enjoying the scenery of the women’s bath for a while, Nicola turned around and looked at me.

She was so excited that she didn’t even realize that she wasn’t hiding her chest with her “It Will Disappear On Blu-ray” spell.

Well, I’m not interested in her naked body, so it’s all good.

『You know, joining them in the bath is great but you can taste a different kind of enjoyment by peeping like this. Come. As a reward for making this bath, I’ll give you a chance to peep for a minute.』(Nicola)

『No thanks…』(Mark)

『Hahh… I had a feeling you would say that…』(Nicola)

She shrugged and continued peeping.

My head hurts thinking that she is the most popular girl in Fatia Town… I feel bad for the guys in the Sunday School who said they wanted to marry her in the future…

But… Wait a minute…

Celine can always know if someone is peeping at her while she is bathing at our inn, but why doesn’t she notice that Nicola is peeping at her now?

Is it because it’s Nicola so she doesn’t mind? Well, I can understand but… She can at least call out to Nicola if she notices her, right?

When I was wondering, I realized that I could feel Nicola’s presence right beside me even though the person herself was currently standing by the wall.

Eh? But, how…?

I used detection magic to find out, but it told me that Nicola was sitting next to me, not standing by the wall. I couldn’t feel any presence from the person herself.

Don’t tell me, she can manipulate her presence? But how does she do that?

She rarely uses magic but once she does, she really surprises me just like when she used detection magic at the Kobold Forest. I didn’t know that she had such an ability at that time.

This is an amazing ability, but I want her to use it for something more useful, not to peep at girls like this…

「Markー This bath is great! I really like it. How are you guys doing over there~?」(Celine)

When Celine’s voice was heard from the other side, Nicola turned her face to meー No, to be exact, to the air where I could feel her presence next to me.

「We’re having a great time too~!」(Nicola)


Suddenly, I could hear Nicola’s voice from the air next to me.

That scared me.

「Mark? Are you okay? What’s going on over there?」(Celine)

「Don’t worry, Onii-chan slipped but he’s okay~」(Nicola)

The one who replied to Celine was Nicola but just like before, her voice came out from the air beside me as if she was really sitting next to me.

「Y, Yeah, I’m fineー…」(Mark)

「Is that so? Alright then.」(Celine)

I’m not sure if I should be amazed or disgusted. She is using this amazing magic to peep after all…

However, I’ve never seen this kind of magic and I don’t think I can do it.

Now that I think about it, she really loves to use strange spells. Her “It Will Disappear On Blu-ray” is strange enough but I think this one is even more difficult than that.

I don’t know how she does that, I don’t know if she will use this magic for something useful in the future, and I don’t know if she is really talented at using magic, but…

Oh, well… I can ask her later…

Anyway, now that I finished filling the bathtub with hot water, it’s time to enjoy the bath.

Ahh~…… If I remember correctly, the last time I enjoyed an open-air bath like this was when I was on a business trip in Japan… It’s been a while…



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  1. Nicola is the most OP character, but she only applies her talents in the weirdest ways.
    She can’t be motivated to use that talent for normal things.

  2. I believe that whatever she can do, so can he when it comes to magic. Only he doesn’t even try and he doesn’t ask her to teach either. like this trick of hers now, I bet he won’t ask her much less learn it himself.

  3. after this lifetime, this angel should be washed in washing machine for at least five times to remove her sins. imagine being dirty from the time she was born. tsk tsk. 🤣

    thanks for the chapter.

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