Chapter 151 : Meeting At The Well


The next morning, I woke up early, changed my clothes, and went out of the room by myself.

Luckily our room was quite big, so I didn’t wake anyone.

I went down the stairs to the first floor and went out to the backyard from back door.

When I stretched my body while inhaling the fresh morning air, I saw Luck and Jack wiping their bodies near the well.

They both were shirtless, and there were a couple of swords leaning against the well. It looked like they had just finished their morning practice.

「Luck onii-chan, Jack, good morning.」(Mark)

「Yo, Mark. Good morning.」(Luck)

「Good morning.」(Jack)

They waved at me as they saw me.

There are only two of them here. I wonder where the other party members are.

「Where are your party members? Do they not usually practice in the morning?」(Mark)

「Ahh, they drank until late last night, so they’re still sleeping now. But I think they’ll get up soon… Honestly, I’m worried now. I didn’t think they were such careless people…」(Luck)

「I didn’t think they would drink until late either… Will we be okay, Aniki…?」(Jack)

Oh? Jack used to call Luck “Onii-chan”, but now he calls him “Aniki”, huh?

Well, “Aniki” sounds cooler than “Onii-chan” after all.

*/TL : Aniki is another way to call your older brother but can also be used to call a higher-ranking member in a gang.

「Don’t worry. I told you I once teamed up with them, right? I do think they have capabilities as adventurers, so as long as they do their job properly, I think we’ll be fine.」(Luck)

While scratching his head, Luck said that to reassure Jack, but I felt like he also said that to reassure himself.

「Hee~ So you say you will be able to complete your mission without any problem?」(Celine)

Suddenly, I heard Celine’s voice from the direction of the inn.

I turned around and saw Celine, Delica, and Nicola approaching us.

Nicola is not a morning person, so she is walking while clinging on to Celine’s waist with a sleepy face.

「Well, Mark is my future party member, so I have to show him how I complete my mission, right?」(Luck)

「I see~ But too bad for you. Mark promised to join me when he becomes an adventurer~」(Celine)

「Eh!? Mark, is that true!?」(Luck)

「Nah, I don’t remember making such a promise with her.」(Mark)

I just thought that becoming an adventurer might not be a bad idea, but I never promised anyone that I would definitely become one.

I would only limit my future plans if I made such a promise.

「Ara~ You’re so stubborn as always. Well, you still have time to think about it. But, Mark, I’ll always wait for you~」(Celine)

While saying that, Celine hugged me from behind.

Looks like she is in a good mood because I bought her alcohol last night.

Seeing Celine hugging me like this, Luck made a lewd look as if he was jealous of me, while Jack distorted his face, looking disgusted.

It seems like Jack really has become a woman-hater.

I kinda feel bad for him…

「So, when are you guys going to the mine?」(Mark)

While still being hugged by Celine, I asked Luck to distract him.

「A, Ah.. Maybe around noon. We are going to enter the Stone Lizard nest from the passage, where you can get magic stones, and kill the “Mother” of Stone Lizards in the deepest part of the nest.」(Luck)


「Yeah. According to the miners, no matter how many Stone Lizards they killed, those monsters kept appearing in the mine, so there’s no doubt that there is the Mother of Stone Lizards who keeps giving birth in that nest. Normally, female Stone Lizards can’t give birth in large numbers, but sometimes, there are special variants that can give birth to more than a hundred children.」(Luck)

Special variants, huh…?

I wonder if the Lord of the Lake in Lake Secard was also a special variant.

If so, that means the Mother of Stone Lizards is way stronger than normal Stone Lizards then…

I’m worried…

「Luck onii-chan, Jack, I have something for you.」(Mark)

I took out six bottles of D-grade potions from my Item Box and handed them to Luck and Jack. Each of them got three bottles.

「I wish both of you good luck.」(Mark)

「Hm? What are these…?」(Luck)

As he received the potions, Luck curiously observed the bottles that I made with earth magic.

「They are D-grade potions that I made myself. You can easily heal your injuries with them.」(Mark)

「D… D-grade!? And you made them yourself, you say!? Seriously…?」(Luck)

「Do you remember when we came to the Kobold Forest to look for Jack? We found Segilia Grasses near a pond in that forest, right? I’m now growing them in my backyard and making potions from them. They’re like free items to me because they cost me nothing, so please don’t hesitate to use them.」(Mark)

When I said that, Jack put his hand on his knee as if he was recalling when he got hurt in the Kobold Forest. Meanwhile, Luck shrugged his shoulders and looked at me with an amazed face.

「Free items, huh…? Do you even know that one bottle of these cost ten gold coins? …But, thank you, Mark. We have some potions but they are all E-grade. D-grade potions are too expensive for us, so I’m really grateful. Thanks.」(Luck)

「You’re welcome.」(Mark)

Luck smiled as he thanked me, and put the potions in his pants pocket.

Meanwhile, Jack nodded at me once and put the potions in his pocket as well.

「Alright, as a token of gratitude, let me at least buy you guys food for breakfast.」(Luck)

After that, we returned to the dining hall and ate breakfast together.



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