Chapter 140 : Ghost??


I went out of the inn and looked for the well.

Because this building is pretty solid, I could no longer hear the hustle and bustle from the dining hall as soon as I closed the door.

By the way, in this world, there are quite a lot of inns that have a well in their backyards where you can wash yourself before going to bed. There are some in the town of Fatia too. Some inns even have shower rooms that utilize magic tools to produce water.

On the other hand, there are not many inns that have bathhouses like ours.

「Alright, now where’s the well…?」(Mark)

The outside was dark but I could see the surroundings thanks to the light leaking from the windows of the inn.

After wandering around for a while, I found the well in a place slightly away from the inn.

The area around the well was darker since it was a little far from the inn, but strangely, I could clearly see the well because the moonlight illuminated it like a spotlight.

It looked so spooky. It reminded me of a horror movie I had watched in my previous life. If I’m not mistaken, there was a ghost of a woman coming out from the well or something.

I heard there were ghosts too in this world, so I would be lying if I said I’m not scared. However, I can’t just run back to the inn. Nicola will definitely make fun of me…

I can use light magic to make a source of light but I don’t want to stand out because I’ll be naked when I’m washing my body.

Anyway, I decided to approach the well.

I don’t need to use the well in the first place since I can use water magic, but I’m washing my body here because I can’t just take off my clothes near the inn. I can’t create walls to hide my body either because I don’t want to stand out when there are so many customers in the inn right now, so I think it’s better to wash my body here although this place is a little spooky.

I turned my back, trying not to look at the well, and took off my clothes. Then I used water magic to create a water ball that was floating above my head and let the water come like a shower.

After my body was completely wet, I took out a shampoo and a soap from my Item Box and started cleaning my body.

Oh, yeah… It feels good. I feel a bit lucky because I can’t do this in the room.

I kept showering while humming. I completely forgot that this was a spooky place.

After a while of showering, I took out a towel from my item box to dry my hair, but…

…The towel was stained with blood…


I spontaneously threw the towel away and quickly stepped back a few steps.

「B, Blood…? What the hell…? No, maybe it was just my imagination…」(Mark)

My heart was racing.

I swallowed my saliva and slowly approached the towel to take a closer look.

I thought it was my imagination, but the towel was really stained with blood.

Oh no… Is this a ghost’s doing…?

Nicola only told me that ghosts exist in this world but she didn’t tell me how to deal with them.

Dammit… I should have asked her about that…

Anyway, maybe I should use light magic to see it more clearly.

I decided to create a light source with light magic. I’m naked now, but I don’t care anymore.

The area around the well became bright like daytime as soon as I activated my light magic, and I could clearly see the towel.

Wait a minute…

That’s the towel I used to wipe Nei’s blood!

As soon as I realized that, I deactivated my light magic and crouched down on the ground.

I feel so stupid…

I took the towel. It was dirty with mud because I threw it on the wet ground.

There were small shards of glass stuck in it. It seemed like they were stuck when I cleaned up the floor from Nei’s blood.

I don’t think I want to use this towel anymore.

I decided to throw it away later, but I stored it in my Item Box for now.

After I put it in my Item Box, I could see the item name of the towel. It was “Bloody Towel (Nei’s blood)”.

What a name…

So I took out this towel without confirming its name first, huh…? How could I be so careless…?

Anyway, I should dry my body and return to the inn…

I took out another towel and started wiping my wet hair.

While I was doing that, I heard Nicola’s voice in my head.

『Phu phu phu~!』(Nicola)

She’s laughing at me…

Is she watching me from our room’s window…?

Oh, whatever… I don’t care.

I kept wiping my body while trying not to look at the inn.



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