Chapter 141 : Knock Knock!


When I returned to the inn, the dining hall was still full of customers, but I couldn’t find Celine there. She probably has returned to our room.

Nei didn’t notice me when I passed through the dining hall to the stairs. She was busy running from table to table, serving customers and cleaning up the tables.

I hope she won’t collide with customers and hurt herself again…

While hoping so, I climbed up the stairs to the second floor.

When I arrived at the front of the door to our room, I recalled what Nicola said to me: “Onii-chan, if you come back a little early, you may be able to worship our naked bodies~”

Hmm… I think I need to be careful here…

Before entering the room, I knocked twice to make sure Delica and Nicola finished cleaning their bodies.

*Knock knock*

「Come inー」(Delica)

I heard Delica’s voice. She told me to come in but… I think Nicola is able to imitate Delica’s voice…

I decided to knock on the door once again.

*Knock knock*

「Hm? Come inー」(Delica)

Is that really Delica…?

No, no. One more time.

*Knock knock*

「I said come in!!」(Delica)

The door opened, and I saw Delica’s angry face.

Apparently, it was really Delica’s voice…

「A, Ahaha… I’m sorry, but I need to be careful because I don’t know what kind of trap Nicola set for me.」(Mark)

「Trap? I don’t know what you are talking about but you can come in.」(Delica)


When I entered the room, I saw Celine sitting on a chair while waving at me.

「Welcome back, Mark~ *hic*」(Celine)

Looks like she is still a bit drunk.

『Aa-aah… Too bad you’re too late. You just missed the chance to see Delica’s cute naked body. That’s soooo unfortunate…』(Nicola)

『Oi, don’t make it sounds like I want to see it so badly!』(Mark)

『What took you so long? Did you see a ghost~? Phu phu!』(Nicola)

While lying on her bed, Nicola grinned at me.

I knew it. She saw me…

I decided to ignore her and sat on a chair, and then I noticed that Delica was staring at me. Seems like she wants to say something.

「What’s wrong, Delica? Are you still mad because I kept knocking on the door?」(Mark)

「No, not that… Celine-san told me that you and Nei-san were getting along with each other… Is that true…?」(Delica)

「Well, we did have a talk for a moment in the dining hall.」(Mark)

Nei told me not to tell anyone about what happened, so I think it’s better not to tell her.

「I see…」(Delica)

Delica turned her face away.

I don’t know why but I feel like her attitude toward me just now was a bit cold for some reason.

「Umm… What’s wrong with that?」(Mark)

「No, nothing. I just find it strange that you always make friends with girls.」(Delica)

「Eh? I make friends with boys too, okay? I’m friends with Lang and your brother, Yuuri. You know that, don’t you?」(Mark)

「You made friends with them because they are Wolf Team members, right? Do you even have other male friends?」(Delica)


Jack is… No, no. He’s totally not a friend…

Gill ojii-san said that I was his friend, but… I don’t know… I think an 8-year-old child having a friend of an old man is a bit strange…

Ricky-kun is… Nah, he likes me but I don’t think he sees me as a friend. Besides, he always calls me “Mark onii-chan”.
*/TL : Ricky is the little boy Mark healed in chapter 43. He usually meets Mark at Sunday School.

Now that she mentioned it, I don’t have many male friends who are the same age as me.

But… Even though I made friends with other boys in town, I don’t think I could enjoy playing swordsmanship or playing adventurers with them since I have the mentality of an adult.

「Yeah, you’re right. I don’t have many male friends.」(Mark)

「It’s because you always make friends with cute girls. First with Pamella, and now with Nei-san.」(Delica)

「But I didn’t befriend them because they are cute, okay?」(Mark)


Why is she so skeptical?

Well, it’s not that I don’t understand her feelings. I think if I saw Delica getting along with another boy I didn’t know, I might as well feel a little lonely.

Hmm… Perhaps I should use this “trick” to solve this problem.

「Yeah, trust me. Even though I have several female friends of the same age as me, the closest one to me is you, Delica. You said Pamella and Nei-san are cute, but you are cute too. I even think that you are the cutest.」(Mark)

After I said that, Delica’s face turned red. Her eyes were shifty, and her mouth alternately opened and closed rapidly.

「W, W-Wha…!? A-Are you stupid!? A-Alright, this talk is over!」(Delica)

After yelling at me like that, Delica turned around and went to her bed.

Phew… I’m glad it worked…

『Hyuu~ hyuu~ That’s my brother!』(Nicola)

『O, Ou…』(Mark)

『Tsundere Delica is so cute when she’s flustered! Right, Onii-chan?』(Nicola)

『Yeah, you’re right…』(Mark)

While Nicola and I, also Celine, who had been quietly watching over us, were all looking at Delica with warm gazes, the sound of someone knocking on the door was heard.

It’s probably Nei. Looks like she has finally finished her work for today.



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