Chapter 139 : Healing Magic


I went down the stairs and saw pieces of broken glass were scattered on the floor, and the customer who collided with Nei was watching over Nei with an apologetic face.

Nobody else noticed what was going on because it happened in a corner of the bar. Moreover, most of the customers were drunk.

「I think we better remove these glass shards first. Sir, can you please borrow a dustpan and a broom?」(Mark)

「O, Okay.」(customer)

The customer replied to me and rushed to the counter in a hurry while Nei was kneeling on the floor and staring at the wound on her palm.

It seemed like she accidentally pressed the glass shards against the floor with her hand when she fell.

She was facing the other direction, so I couldn’t see her face but I could see blood flowing from her hand.

「Nei-san, are you okay?」(Mark)

I approached her carefully, trying not to step on the glass shards.

Well, from the way she talks, she seems like the type of person who will likely say, “This is nothing but a scratch!” but I’m still worried.

Noticing my voice, Nei turned her face and looked at me.

I was expecting her victorious expression like when she scolded those drunk customers but she was looking at me with an uneasy face and teary eyes, and the next moment, she burst into tears.

「Hiks… HuUuuUuuUu… It huwtss… It huwts so bawd…!」(Nei)

She was crying while wiping her tears with the back of her uninjured hand.

Apparently, no matter how harsh and manly she talks, she is still just a normal 10-year-old girl after all.

However, she did a good job holding down her voice so that the surrounding customers didn’t notice.

「Can I see your wound?」(Mark)

I gently grabbed Nei’s wounded hand and observed the wound closely.

The wound was quite deep but I was relieved that there was no glass shard stuck in it.

「Don’t worry. I can fix it in no time.」(Mark)

「Hiks… Re, Really…?」(Nei)

She clung to me and asked me like a child.

It seems like the wound was so painful that she doesn’t even realize what she looks like right now.

「Yes. I’m going to touch your wound, so please bear with the pain for a moment.」(Mark)

While holding Nei’s injured hand, I gently touched her wound with my other hand. After all, healing magic works faster if you touch the wound directly.


Nei flinched a bit when I touched her wound but she didn’t resist.

Immediately, I activated my healing magic and began to pour light attribute mana into the wound.

Nei was surprised when her wound started glowing all of a sudden.

I often use potions that I made to cure people’s wounds, but I want to test my healing magic after a while.

What is needed to make potions is mana with a light attribute, and because I’ve made a lot of potions, I feel like the power of my light attribute mana has improved. I think light is currently the second attribute I’m good at after earth.

I’ve never healed a deep wound like this before, but I believe my healing magic will heal it completely without leaving any scar.

After using healing magic for about two minutes, I confirmed that Nei’s wound had completely healed.

I deactivated my healing magic, let go of my hand and spoke to Nei with a gentle voice so as not to startle her.

「Look… It doesn’t hurt anymore, right?」(Mark)

「Ehh…? Y, Yes… It doesn’t hurt anymore… Whoaa…」(Nei)

Nei stopped crying and was just staring at her healed hand with a confused look.

The wound was healed but the remaining blood didn’t disappear. After confirming that the surrounding people were not looking this way, I took out a towel from my Item Box and wiped the blood from Nei’s hand.

Now that I’ve cleaned her hand, I can clearly see her palm, and as expected, the wound has completely gone.

I was relieved knowing that my healing magic worked perfectly.

After that, I wiped my hands and the floor from the blood with the towel as well.

「Alright, it’s all good now.」(Mark)

While saying that, I tapped Nei’s back like when she did to me a while ago.

Right after, Nei quickly changed her expression and wiped the remaining tears on her face with the sleeve of her clothes. She then talked to me like usual.

「Th, Thank you! Boy, you’re awesome! I can’t believe a kid like you can use healing magic! Well then, it’s time for me to clean up this mess.」(Nei)

「Ah, actuallyー」(Mark)

When I tried to stop her, the customer from earlier returned.

「ーBoy, I got the dustpan and the broomー Eh…? Nei, I’m pretty sure your hand was bleeding, but… did I see it wrong…? Hmm… I guess I drank too much alcohol…」(customer)

「Yeah, you drank too much. I’m fine.」(Nei)

Saying that, Nei took the dustpan and the broom from the customer’s hands and started cleaning up the glass shards.

“Gasha gasha”. The sound of glass shards hitting each other was heard as Nei swept the floor, and because of that, the surrounding customers finally noticed us.

「What happened? Nei, did you break a mug again? Although you can buy them cheaply in this town, you should be more careful with them or you will get hurt.」(customer)

「I know! Just be quiet and keep drinking your damn alcohol!」(Nei)

「Gaahaha! You’re harsh as usual!」(customer)

The surrounding customers started laughing.

Apparently, Nei often breaks mugs. Well, I think it’s only natural that it happens sometimes since she handles this many customers by herself.

After she finished cleaning up, Nei approached me slowly with a somewhat red face for some reason.

「U, Umm… Thank you for healing my wound… Umm… P-Please don’t tell anyone that I was crying…」(Nei)

「Don’t worry, I won’t. It’s normal for a 10-year-old girl to cry like that when you get hurt, so I don’t think it’s a thing to be ashamed of.」(Mark)

「Y-You idiot! For me, it’s super embarrassing, you know! It’s a secret! Do you understand?」(Nei)


「I, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have called my benefactor “idiot”… Anyway… Thank you…」(Nei)

After thanking me once again with a blushing face, Nei ran to the counter with the dustpan and the broon in her hands.

Hmm… That blushing face of hers reminds me of Delica for some reason…

「Hohoo~ Mark, you’re such a ladykiller~」(Celine)


Celine, who had been secretly watching over from a distance, suddenly approached me and said that with a suspicious smile.

「The customers of this dining hall are mostly adult men, so I think that was the first time she’s been treated kindly by an attractive boy like you~」(Celine)

Celine stroked my head while saying that. Apparently, she had been watching from the beginning.

I don’t understand why she always teases me like this. Does she want to see my blushing face?

「Is that so? Anyway, I’m going to clean my body at the well.」(Mark)


Looks like Celine wants to drink more… I left her alone and went outside through the back door of the inn.



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