Chapter 124 : Dark Skinned Women Are Appealing


I was exhausted after talking too much today, especially when Sanmina kept asking me questions, so I decided to return to the village mayor’s house. Sanmina, Celine and Nicola went with me.

When we got to the village mayor’s house, Delica was already sleeping.

Sanmina was planning to take Melmina and go home at first, but she changed her mind after seeing the bath I made. She wanted to enjoy the bath, so she decided to stay at the village mayor’s house.

By the way, on our last visit, Sanmina missed a chance to take a potion bath, and her mom kept telling her that it was a fantastic experience, so it seemed like she wanted to try it tonight no matter what.

The bath I made this time was too small for two adults to enter at the same time because I originally made it for me and Nicola. Because of that, Celine and Sanmina took turns to enter.

First, Celine and Nicola entered the bath together, and after Celine was done, Sanmina entered the bath. Of course, Nicola remained in the bath. She wanted to enjoy the bath with both Celine and Sanmina.

The village mayor had prepared a fairly large bed for Nicola and me, so I decided to lay down on the bed while the girls were taking a bath.

After a while, Nicola, who just finished taking a bath, crawled up to our bed and smirked at me with a thumbs up.

「Onii-chan, dark skinned women are sexy, aren’t they!?」(Nicola)


She must be talking about Sanmina.

I ignored her and closed my eyes.

And so the first day of our trip was finally over.

I felt like it was a long, long day….




The next morning, as soon as we woke up, we packed our luggage and boarded our carriage.

The village mayor and Sanmina’s dad came home while we were sleeping last night. Currently, they are still sleeping due to drinking too much alcohol at the banquet. By the way, Melmina is still sleeping too.

「Don’t bother to wake those drunkards up just to say goodbye. I will tell them later that you’re leaving.」(Sanmina’s mom)

「Okay. See you, Oba-san.」(Mark)

After we parted with Sanmina’s mom, we left the village mayor’s house and headed for the Tentacles hut with Sanmina before leaving the village.

「I wonder if that Ojii-san has finished preparing my order.」(Mark)

「I think he has. After he processed the lord’s corpse last night, he immediately processed the other Tentacles.」(Sanmina)

Sanmina, who was sitting in the carriage while stretching her legs, replied to me.

「By the way, Mark-kun, thank you for the potion bath last night. Ahh~ The bath felt so good~ Thanks to that, my skin feels really smooth now. Actually, we still had a bit of space in the bathtub last night, so you could have joined me and Nicola. Well, Kai might be jealous though~」(Sanmina)

No, I don’t think Kai would be jealous… In the first place, I never said I wanted to join them.

「Too bad that you missed a chance to take a bath with me, but in exchange, I will allow you to marry Melmina when you grow up! She will surely be a beautiful woman like me! And once you marry her, you can take a bath with her as much as you want!」(Sanmina)

「Huh!? Why are you talking as if I was a pervert who wanted to take a bath with girls!?」(Mark)

『Onii-chan, when you want to take a bath with adult Melmina, please let me join!』(Nicola)

『You will be an adult too when she becomes an adult! Do you wanna keep groping people’s breasts even when you grow up!?』(Mark)

Talking with these two really gives me a headache…

「Hahh… Your daughter is still very young. I think it’s too early to talk about her marriage.」(Mark)

「Well, that’s true, butーーー」(Sanmina)

Sanmina continued talking, but I decided to ignore her and enjoy the scenery until we arrived at the Tentacles hut.

Everytime I went to this place, the old man was normally in the middle of processing Tentacles meat, but this time was different. He was standing in front of the hut while resting his hands on his waist as if he had been waiting for us.

「Yo, Boy! I was busy processing Tentacles meat last night so I couldn’t talk with you, but congratulations! You’re really an extraordinary child. I’ve processed the lord meat for you. It’s over there.」(old man)

Saying that, the old man pointed to several aquariums nearby.

There were rather big chunks of white meat floating in the aquariums. They looked totally different from ordinary Tentacles meat.

「Thank you. I’ll collect them right away.」(Mark)

I approached the aquarium and put the lord meat in my Item Box.

Right after, the old man went into the hut and brought a cart with ordinary Tentacles meat.

「And this is the meat from twenty Tentacles you ordered yesterday. I thought you guys wouldn’t get enough Tentacles because the lord appeared, but luckily, they were more than enough.」(old man)

「Thank you, Oji-san. Here’s the money.」(Mark)

I took out ten gold coins and handed them to the old man.

「Thank you, but are you sure you want to pay for it? I heard that you defeated half of these Tentacles.」(old man)

Actually, last night, the village mayor told me to take the Tentacles meat for free as the villagers’ gratitude for defeating the lord of the lake, but I declined.

「Yes, I don’t mind. I got most of the lord meat. I will feel bad if I don’t pay, so please receive it.」(Mark)

「Alright then. Thank you, Boy. You’re very mature for a child.」(old man)

As he said that, the old man put the gold coins in his pocket. He looked very happy.

When I put the Tentacles meat in my Item Box, the old man looked at me curiously.

「By the way, how many items can fit in your Item Box? I heard Melmina got sick because she overused her Item Box, but you seem to be okay after using it many times.」(old man)

「Aa, that’s right! Melmina imitated you after seeing you use your Item Box. That’s why she got sick. You should take responsibility and marry her in the future!」(Sanmina)

「Oh, come on, give me a break… Anyway, I never get sick from it probably because I practice magic every day.」(Mark)

「I see. So that’s why you’re very strong even though you’re still a child.」(old man)

The old man said that with a face as if he was enlightened.

He seemed to be worried about me, but unlike other Item Boxes, my Item Box was a gift from God. It doesn’t consume my mana when I use it.

The problem is the capacity. However, I feel like it can still fit tons of things for now, and even if it’s full, I can just take out the unnecessary things like bathwater and things I made with earth magic.

「Mark, your business is over, right? Shall we go now?」(Celine)

Celine, who has been watching us, called out to me from the carriage.

We’re going to part with Sanmina here and leave the village.

「Will you guys stop by when you return from your adventure?」(Sanmina)

「Hmm, honestly, I don’t know. It depends on the situation.」(Celine)

「I see… But please come if you can!」(Sanmina)

「Fufu. Alright. Thank you for having us here.」(Celine)

As Celine said that I got on the carriage and looked at Sanmina.

「Well then, Sanmina onee-chan, see you later!」(Mark)

「See you, Onee-chan!」(Nicola)

「We’ll come again!」(Delica)

After we said our farewell, Delica, who was sitting on the driver’s seat, pulled the horse reins, and then our carriage started moving slowly.

「Be careful on your journey!」(Sanmina)

「Boy, I will prepare Tentacles meat for you if you come to visit again!」(old man)

「Un! Thank you, Oji-san!」(Mark)

As long as I need Tentacles meat, I will surely come again.

No, even if I could no longer get any Tentacles meat here, I might come again just to visit these kind people and enjoy this village’s nature.

As our carriage moved faster, Nicola and I kept waving our hands at the two until we could no longer see them.



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  1. It seems that I’m reaĺly disgusted to Sanmina’s character. This woman is married and has a daughter. But she is trying to seduce an 8 year old boy to take bath with her?! This is absolute CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE! I don’t understand why author always included such ridiculous logic. Seriously child sexual abuse is a BIG CRIME!

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