Chapter 123 : Delica’s Order


While eating the delicious fried lord meat, the villagers were excitedly asking me questions.

Many of them were curious about how I defeated the lord of the lake, so I told them that I kept attacking it with arrows and discs made of soil that I strengthened with wind magic.

They also asked me about how I felt when I fought that giant monster, and I answered honestly that I was quite scared. After all, that monster was so terrifying and it could have killed me with its giant tentacle in one swing.

Some people didn’t believe that I had defeated the lord at first, but then they finally believed it because there were so many witnesses. Well, I don’t really care if they believe it or not though.

After becoming a storyteller for a while, the number of people around me finally began to decrease. I was tired from talking too much, so I decided to take a break on a bench at the edge of the square.

When I was enjoying my fried lord meat while looking at the moon, I spotted Delica sitting on a bench a bit far away. She seemed to also notice me, so I raised my hand. She then jumped off her bench and ran toward me.

「Ahh, I can finally talk with you. Mark, congratulations on defeating the lord of the lake! You’re so amazing today!」(Delica)

「Thanks. You too. You were afraid of Tentacles but you looked so brave when fighting them.」(Mark)

「Ahaha… Is that so? Honestly, I was dead scared, you know? Knowing that I put myself in a place where I might get badly injured, my heart didn’t stop racing… Melmina said that your legs were shaking all the time, but I believe mine were too. Haha…」(Delica)

Ughh… So Melmina told everyone that when I was sleeping, huh…?

「Still, you looked so cool when you stabbed your spear into the Tentacles. I can’t even imagine myself fighting Tentacles with a spear at a close range like you did.」(Mark)

“You’re so cool!” is not something to say to a girl, but Delica is different. After all, she is the leader of the Wolf Team.

After I complimented her, Delica looked down with a bashful face.

「Hehe, thank you. But I would have been injured if you didn’t lend me your amulet… After this battle, I have realized that fighting monsters is a matter of life and death… I can now understand why my mom doesn’t want me to become an adventurer or a soldier…」(Delica)

「I see… I’ve been wondering, why do you want to be an adventurer or a soldier?」(Mark)

「Ah, I never told you about it, huh? Well, the reason is nothing special, really. But I’ll tell you anywayーー」(Delica)

And then, Delica started talking about why she has such a dream.

Delica’s dad, Gauche oji-san, was actually a D-rank adventurer a long time ago.

Although he was an adventurer, his job was mainly protecting the safety of people like escorting merchants or guarding special events in towns.

After marrying Delica’s mom, Gauche oji-san retired as an adventurer and took over Delica’s mom’s family business which was a building materials store.

Before he married Delica’s mom, he actually promised Delica’s mom’s parents that he would never hold a sword again so as not to worry Delica’s mom.

Delica was born a while after they were married. Seeing his lovely daughter, Gauche ojii-san wanted to tell something interesting, so he started telling Delica his story when he was an adventurer, and every time Delica listened to Gauche oji-san’s story, she gradually began to yearn for the job of protecting people.

Delica once said that she formed the Wolf Team because she wanted her brother, Yuuri, to play outside, but other than that, it was also because she wanted to protect the safety of people in Fatia.

「I see… Then, that sword was…」(Mark)

I pointed to the sword hanging on Delica’s waist.

「Yes, this was my dad’s when he was an adventurer.」(Delica)

I see. Now it’s clear why Gauce oji-san, who is supposed to be a carpenter, has a sword.

「By the way, Mark, where did you get that amulet?」(Delica)

This time, Delica pointed to the amulet on my chest.

「Ah, I got this from the feudal lord.」(Mark)

「Feudal lord!? The person who came with hundreds of knights and soldiers the other day!?」(Delica)

「Yep. I met him at Pamella’s mom’s bar. It looked like he was interested in me after I showed him my earth magic.」(Mark)

Delica, who was looking at me with her eyes and mouth wide open, let out a sigh.

「Hahh… I know you’re amazing but, seeshh… You’re really full of surprise. You met the most important person in this region, and on top of that, you defeated the lord of the lake and became this village’s hero…」(Delica)

After saying that, Delica lowered her eyebrows and stared at her own feet.

「After you showed me such a big difference in power between you and me, I wonder if my efforts so far were even meaningful…」(Delica)

「Delica, that’sー」(Mark)

「ーBut I know that you also put a lot of effort into your magic practice every single day. Don’t worry, I know that feeling discouraged by others’ talent won’t do any good.」(Delica)

She was talking to me but I felt like she just said that to herself.

「Therefore, I will continue to do what I can as best as I can. But honestly… I’m a bit worried… So, Mark, I have an order for you!」(Delica)

Oh, it’s been a while since the last time Delica gave an order.

「Yes, what it is, Boss?」(Mark)

「Mark, I want you to always support me! Honestly, I feel a bit pathetic for relying on a younger boy, but you are no ordinary boy. You are a great, talented boy. I feel like I will be able to keep trying my hardest if you encourage me when I’m feeling down!」(Delica)

Seeing Delica giving a cute order with a serious look, I inadvertently smiled.

「Of course. You know, I will always support you even without you giving me that order. I will help you as best as I can, so let’s do our best together!」(Mark)

Listening to my reply, Delica smiled in relief.

「Fufu. I knew you would say that! You’re very kind after all. That’s why I like you.」(Delica)

「Un, thank you.」(Mark)

「A, Aa! J-Just to clarify, I like you as a person, okay!?」(Delica)

Delica suddenly stood up and said that with a blushing face.

「Haha! I know, don’t worry.」(Mark)

「UuUuu~~~~! …..W-Well, then… I’ll see you later!」(Delica)

After saying that, Delica suddenly ran through the village square, heading for the village mayor’s house.

We’re going to sleep at the same place anyway, so we could have just returned together.

It looked like she was very shy. What a cute girl.

While looking at Delica’s ponytail that was swaying as she ran, I started thinking.

Actually, I was a bit worried when Delica volunteered to join the monster fishing. She seemed like she was thinking too much about something at that time. But now I’m no longer worried after listening to her.

I do think chasing a dream without anyone supporting you is very hard.

In Delica’s case, her mom was opposing her dream, and her dad, who was supposed to be her greatest ally, couldn’t do much to support her. That’s why she wanted an ally to support her dream.

After I could no longer see Delica, I continued eating the fried lord meat that had become cold while looking at the beautiful moon.

Not long after I started eating, I heard a familiar voice calling me.

「Aa! Mark-kun, there you are! Finally you’re alone. I didn’t have a chance to talk to you when those people were surrounding you!」(Sanmina)

Sanmina walked over here as soon as she spotted me.

I just remember that I haven’t talked with her since I killed the lord.

She loves magic more than anyone in this village, so I have a feeling she will keep asking me questions until my throat burns….



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