Chapter 118 : Wind Magic Coating


I used earth magic to create an earthen disc that was one size larger than a vinyl record and covered it with my mana, and then I carefully turned my mana into a wind that spins at high speed.

After I confirmed that the earthen disc began to glow in green, indicating that it was completely covered with my wind magic, I threw it at the lord of the lake who had destroyed the barricade I made and was trying to move forward.

Thanks to my wind magic, the disc flew at a very high speed, and thenー


It cut off a couple of the lord’s tentacles along with a pleasant cutting sound and flew toward the dark night sky.


The lord screamed very loudly. Looks like the damage was big.

This is great! Why didn’t I come up with this sooner!? Alright, I need to keep going!

I created two more earthen discs, covered them with wind magic and threw them at the lord.

One disc cut off the tentacle that the lord stuck forward, then it flew a little off and fell into the lake.

The other disc managed to cut off a tentacle and stabbed into the area near the lord’s right eye.


The great Lord of Secard Lake, who had lost more than half of its tentacles, screamed pitifully like a loser and stopped rushing over here.

Alright, this is my chance to kill it for good!

I made an oversized lance bullet with a length of one meter and covered it with wind magic.

「Lance Bullet!」

The wind covered lance bullet flew toward the lord’s defenseless forehead.

The lord noticed it and tried to protect its forehead with its remaining tentacles, but it was too late…


My wind covered lance bullet pierced deep into its forehead.

Without screaming, the lord slowly lowered its tentacles to the ground and completely stopped moving.

….Is it dead…? Did I kill it…?

In order to check its condition, I slowly approached the lord one step at a time, but suddenlyー

ーIts big eyeball glared at me, and at the same time, the lord spit out a large amount of black liquid toward me.


「What theー!?」

Is that ink!? No, that’s probably a poisonous substance or something!

I tried to retreat but it was too late.

I won’t make it! This is bad!

But when I thought I was done for, the Eagle Amulet on my chest glowed, then a transparent dome made of wind appeared and protected me from the lord’s black liquid.

The black liquid then spilled on the ground around me and evaporated along with “Psshhhh” sound.

Uwahh… So it really is poisonous… That was close. I’m glad Delica returned this amulet to me…

While unconsciously holding the amulet on my chest, I looked at the exhausted lord. After spitting out the poisonous liquid, the lord slowly collapsed backward into the lake, causing the water surface to ripple violently.

Its body was floating on the lake, but there was no sign of it moving.

Is it dead now? Is it really dead now…?


Seeing the lord collapse, the fishermen started cheering.

Did I kill it this time…? Really?

Just in case, I hit it with another wind covered lance bullet.




The cheering fishermen became quiet, waiting for the lord’s reaction.

However, even though my lance bullet pierced deep into its body, the lord didn’t show any signs of movements.

It seems like I did kill it this time.

「「….U, UWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOー!!!」」(fishermen)

After a moment of silence, the fishermen cheered again.

I feel sorry that they had to start over the cheering because of me…

Anyway, I won, right? This is my first time killing such a big monster!

Now that I feel relieved, I feel like my power is leaving my body. I sat down on the ground and enjoyed the sense of fulfillment that I was able to defeat a big and tough monster.

When I was enjoying my victory, Nicola’s voice suddenly echoed in my head, disturbing my blissful time.

『In the end, you kept attacking from a position where the enemy’s attacks can’t reach you, huh? That’s what cowards usually do, but good job, Onii-chan!』(Nicola)

『Oh, shut up. It’s called “strategy”.』(Mark)

『Anyway, you should have leveled up after defeating such a strong monster. Do you feel something different with your body?』(Nicola)

『Hmm….. Ah, now that you mentioned it, I feel something has changed…』(Mark)

It felt weird but I could tell that the amount of my mana has increased, also, my field of vision looked a little clearer than before.

Does this mean I’ve gained the power from the lord’s soul?

「Mark, I knew you could do it.」(Celine)

When I was trying to feel the power of lord’s soul in my body, Celine approached me and gently stroked my head.

「You’re lucky that it was a stupid monster. I thought it would be more difficult for you.」(Celine)

「This one was quite difficult though…」(Mark)

「Oh, right. If this monster is this big, I’m sure its magic stone is pretty big too.」(Celine)

Celine approached the lake and jumped onto the top of the lord’s corpse.

After she chanted something, her magic wand in her hand began to glow. She then effortlessly cut open the lord’s torso with her magic wand and put her hand into it.

After a while of rummaging the lord’s stomach, Celine pulled out her hand. She was holding something like a big blue jewel in her hand.

She then turned to the boss and called out to him.

「Boss-san, is it okay if Mark keeps this?」(Celine)

「Magic stone, huh? Of course. We have no right to keep it. It’s the boy’s.」(the boss)

The boss nodded to Celine with a satisfied face and a cheerful smile.

Celine then jumped off the lord’s corpse and handed the magic stone to me.

「Here. It’s yours.」(Celine)

「Thank you.」(Mark)

So this is The Lord of Secard Lake’s magic stone, huh?

Magic stones are stones containing mana that are used for making magic tools. The ones from weak monsters such as goblins and kobolds mostly have no value, so people don’t usually keep magic stones from weak monsters, but this one is different.

I’ve seen a magic stone before from a broken magic tool, but that was as small as my fingertip. However, this one is about the size of an adult’s fist and it has a very clear and beautiful blue color.

I don’t know how much it’s worth exactly, but I’m pretty sure this is quite expensive.

Should I sell it? I don’t know how to use a magic stone after all.

When I was wondering about what I should do with the magic stone, suddenly tiredness began to assault my body. Looks like all the tension began to disappear from my body.

I feel really sleepy right now…

I put the magic stone in my item box, leaned against Celine’s body and closed my eyes.

「Celine, I leave the rest to you…」(Mark)

「Fufu. Okay, good night~」(Celine)

I fell asleep as soon as I felt Celine’s warm and soft body…



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