Chapter 115 : Squid Squid Festival


Kanー! Kanー! Kanー! Kanー! Kanー!

As they lit the torches that had been set near each group, I used light magic to make a ball of light and let it float above my head.

Just like the others, I gazed at the surface of the lake, ready for the battle.

After a while, the surface of the lake began shaking violently, and thenー


ーa Tentacle jumped out of the lake and rotated its body in the air while raising a strange voice.

Looks like the first Tentacle was aiming for me. Its body length was about 2 meters, so it was larger than me.

Facing a Tentacle like this feels totally different from when I watched Monster Fishing from afar on my last visit.

I was about to step away, but because I’m already quite far from the lake, I don’t think that Tentacle will attack me immediately… Maybe…

I decided not to think too much about it and just attack the Tentacle before it landed.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After I shot nine stone bullets at it, its body, which was still rotating in the air, was scattered. Its lower body parts fell to the ground while the upper body popped into chunks and fell into the lake.

「Gaahh! What have I done!」(Mark)

While watching the Tentacle’s lower body part twitching on the ground, I regretted what I did.

I was a little scared, so I inadvertently shot it with all my might.

I’ve completely destroyed its upper half body, that means I’ve just wasted half of its value as food… Ahh, I feel bad now…

Alright, I need to calm myself down first.

I put my hand on my chest and took a deep breath.

While I was doing that, the surrounding fishermen started to make a fuss.

They were looking at me with amazed faces.

Uwah… They must be disappointed that I blew off the Tentacle into pieces…

「I-I’m sorry! I inadvertently put too much power in my bullets. I’ll be careful next time!」(Mark)

「O, Ou…」(fisherman)

One of the men in the closest group, which was Delica’s group, replied to me. I bowed down to him and gazed at the surface of the lake again.

Alright, I need to focus this time. Otherwise, I won’t be able to grasp the timing when they come out of the lake.

After a few seconds, the surface of the lake began to shake again, then a Tentacle jumped out and flew toward me again.

This time, I was able to calm down. I waited until it landed, aimed for the moment when it became defenseless and attacked its weak spot with a stone bullet in a single shot.

Without making a noise, my stone bullet pierced through the Tentacle’s head, right between its eyes. The Tentacle then fell to the ground and immediately stopped moving.

Nice! I successfully killed a Tentacle without destroying its body this time!

My accuracy wasn’t bad at all, making me want to praise myself.

Suddenly, another Tentacle jumped out of the lake and flew toward me again as if they didn’t want to give me a chance to enjoy my victory.

Oi, oi. Are you kidding me?

I calmed myself down and killed the Tentacle just like the previous one.

I feel like they are only coming after me for some reason. What is happening…?

When I was wondering, the boss fisherman called out to me.

「Hey, Boy! Your light ball is too bright! They’re all coming for you! Give us some Tentacles too, will ya!?」(the boss)

Ah, I see! My light ball is too bright compared to their torches, so that’s why…

「Understood! I’m sorry for that!」(Mark)

After I reduced the amount of light of my light ball, the Tentacles started coming for the other groups.

「Here we go, guys!」
「They’re coming!」
「We can’t lose to that boy!」
「Kill them all!」

While letting out a war cry, the fishermen surrounded the Tentacles and started attacking.

I saw Delica among the fishermen. She was attacking a Tentacle while screaming like the other fishermen.

Uhh, her face looks kinda scary… Woops, I need to focus on my own battle.

I took my eyes off Delica and focused on the lake surface.

This time, the surface shook more violently than before, and then two Tentacles jumped out at the same time.

It’s possible to shoot two stone bullets at the same time, but aiming for two targets in different directions will be very hard to do. Looks like I have no choice but to kill them one at a time.

I shot one of the Tentacles in the head just like before and immediately aimed for the other one.



While making a strange voice, the other Tentacle started crawling on the ground and approaching me at a high speed.

「Whoaa! Hold on, hold on!!!」(Mark)

It’s still far away from me but it kinda terrifies me!

Delica is fighting the Tentacles at a close range right now even though she hates Tentacles. She must be really eager to get stronger. I respect her bravery but I don’t think I can imitate her. After all, I’m not a melee fighter!

That’s right. I can’t fight at close range, so I need to stop its movements!

In order to stop the Tentacle that was approaching me, I made a rather big stone bullet, turned it into a small spear and shot it.

「Lance Bullet!」(Mark)

The small spear pierced the Tentacle’s lower body and pinned it to the ground.

Alright, now that it has stopped moving, I can easily aim for its head!

「Stone Bullet!」(Mark)

I shot a stone bullet at its head and killed it.

Right after, I immediately looked at the lake surface. I couldn’t let my guard down after all.

No one is collecting the Tentacles I’ve killed because I have no team, so the scenery around me looks horrible. I have an Item Box, but it’s too dangerous to go closer to the lake now just to collect the corpses.

I decided to collect them after this Monster Fishing finishes and glanced at Delica’s group.

It looks like the Tentacle they are currently fighting is way tougher than usual. It’s still moving, trying to strike back even though it has been stabbed by spears many times.

Suddenly, that Tentacle extended one of its legs towards Delica.

*/ 触手 means “tentacles” but I translated it as “legs” because “Tentacle’s tentacles” sounds weird in English (‘-’


Delica and the fishermen in her group didn’t expect the attack and couldn’t react in time.

However, before its leg reached Delica’s body, Delica’s chest glowed and the Tentacle’s leg was deflected by a strong gust.

「Eh? Could it be…!」(Delica)

Apparently, the Eagle Amulet I lent to Delica before the Monster Fishing started worked.

Awesome! It really works!

I guess I have to thank that weird feudal lord for this.

Now I don’t need to worry about Delica as long as she has that amulet.

I returned my gaze to the lake and focused on my own battle.




We kept fighting the Tentacles for a while, and suddenly, the Tentacles stopped coming out from the lake.

The fishermen used this opportunity to collect the corpses, but even after they finished collecting, there were still no Tentacles came out.

Is it over…?

After a few minutes of waiting while hearing the “Kanー Kanー” sound from the wooden clappers, the surface of the lake started shaking.

However, it was shaking more violently than ever as if there was an earthquake in the lake.

「Oi… This is…」
「Don’t tell me…」
「It hasn’t shown up lately, but there’s no doubt that this is…」(fishermen)

Eh? What’s going on?

When I was wondering, the boss suddenly shouted in a very loud voice.

「Prepare yourself, folksー!The lord of the lake is comingー!!!」(the boss)



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