Chapter 114 : Boobs Cleavage Can Be Used As A Storage


「Joining Monster Fishing, huh? But I can’t use a spear.」(Mark)

「Who told you to use a spear? You’re a magician so use your magic. Village Mayor-san, we can use magic in Monster Fishing, right?」(Celine)

「Well, as long as you can kill the Tentacles… but normally, people who don’t use spears won’t be on a team because they might mess up the formation… Will Mark be okay on his own?」(village mayor)

「Don’t worry, Ojii-chan! Mark once defeated a Tentacle before! He used magic to shoot down a Tentacle who was aiming for Kai with a stone bullet from a long distance!」(Sanmina) (see chapter 57)

After Sanmina convinced the village mayor like that, the village mayor looked at me with his eyes wide open.

「So you once killed a Tentacle? Awesome! There shouldn’t be any problem for you then!」(village mayor)

It looks like it’s okay if I use magic.

Alright, guess I’ll do it then. After all, my purpose of this journey is to train myself.

Thus, I decided to participate in Monster Fishing tonight.




After dinner, Sanmina handed Delica a spear.

It was about three meters long, just like the spears used by the fishermen in the Monster Fishing I saw the last time I visited this village.

Delica seemed to want to use her sword, but compared to a spear, the attack range of a sword was too short for fighting Tentacles. Besides, if she used a sword, she would be the closest person to the Tentacles and it might endanger herself and the people in her team since she might mess up the formation.

Thankfully, Delica understood and didn’t mind using a spear.

By the way, in addition to the leather shoes and cloak that Grandpa gave me, I was also wearing a leather breastplate.

According to Grandpa, he made the breastplate by emphasizing its flexibility for ease of movement, so I couldn’t depend too much on it to defend myself. But, it’s better than not equipping any protection, right?

After the preparation was completed, we headed to the lake.

The ones who were going to participate in the hunt were me, Delica and Kai, but Celine, Nicola, Sanmina and Melmina also came along to watch us.

Kai looked somewhat enthusiastic, perhaps it was because his wife would be watching him tonight.

After we went out of the woods, we saw many fishermen had already gathered near the lake.

As usual, they were half-naked. Most of them looked proud to show off their trained bodies.

Nicola frowned, making a disgusted face when she saw those half-naked men.

『Ughee…. So Delica will join those dudes, huh…? I would rather eat Mama’s weird food than join those dudes. If I were Delica, I would definitely stay away from them… But even though she is a girl, somehow I can easily imagine her soaked in sweat while fighting Tentacles with those men. Say, Onii-chan, do you think Delica’s sweaty appearance is attractive?』(Nicola)

What the heck is she talking about? Does she think I have that kind of weird fetish?

I ignored Nicola’s poisonous telepathy and walked toward the group of half-naked men with Delica and Kai.

Kai then introduced me and Delica to the other fishermen.

「These two will be joining Monster Fishing tonight. The village mayor already gave them permission.」(Kai)

After listening to Kai, a middle-aged man with a big body who seemed to be the boss stared at me and Delica.

「I don’t have any objection if they have the village mayor’s permission, but they’re still children. Will they be okay?」(the boss)

From his expression, I knew that he didn’t make light of us, he seemed to be worried about us instead.

It looks like he is a good person.

「Nice to meet you, I’m Delica! I promise I won’t drag everyone downー No, I promise I’ll be useful!」(Delica)

Delica lowered her head as she introduced herself, and then I hurriedly did the same.

「I’m Mark. I use magic, so I’ll be doing it alone somewhere so as not to get in others’ way.」(Mark)

「Wait, what? Do you want to fight Tentacles alone!? That’s too reckless!」(the boss)

When the boss was surprised, the surrounding men began to make a fuss.

「That’s too dangerous for a kid.」
「Looks like he doesn’t know what it’s like to fight Tentacles.」
「He’s smaller than my child but he has guts!」
「But, isn’t it better if we stop him?」(fishermen)

It looks like most of the men disagreed if I fight alone.

Well, I think that’s natural. After all, I’m just an eight years old kid.

When I was thinking about what to say to the men, Celine stepped forward.

「Um, guys, please calm down. He is alright. He might look so young but he is very strong. I’m a C rank adventurer, I’ll take the responsibility if anything happens to this boy.」(Celine)

「You’re a C rank adventurer!?」(the boss)

Celine nodded to the boss and took out her guild card from her cleavage.

The men’s gaze was nailed to Celine’s chest for a moment, but then they hurriedly turned their eyes to the guild card.

「She’s really a C rank adventurer…」
「This is my first time seeing a C rank adventurer.」
「I’ve never seen a guild card before.」(fishermen)

With amazed faces, the men started exchanging words with each other.

Above C rank is B rank and A rank, right? But as always, it looks like C rank is amazing enough for people in this territory.

The boss crossed his arms and looked at me still with a worried face.

「…Are you sure you want to do it alone?」(the boss)

「Un. Don’t worry about me.」(Mark)

「Alright then… Boy, you standby at the edge over there. Delica, was it? You come with me.」(the boss)

Then Delica started walking, following the men.

Oh, right! There’s something I want to give to her.

「Delica, wait!」(Mark)

Delica, who was walking with a slightly nervous look, stopped and turned around.

「What’s wrong?」(Delica)

「I’ll lend you this.」(Mark)

I took off the Silver Eagle Amulet hanging on my neck and handed it to Delica.

「This amulet will protect you.」(Mark)

「Really? Thank you!」(Delica)

「Well, maybe… I don’t know. I’ve never seen it activated, so I’m not sure if it will be useful or not.」(Mark)

「Huhh…? You’re not sure? Fufu! You’re weird as usual, but thank you, Mark.」(Delica)

While giggling a little Delica put the amulet on her neck and hurriedly chased after the men.




「Alright, let’s do this! Be ready folks!」(the boss)

Groups of several people were formed side by side along the bank slightly away from the lake, and each group had a long torch that had been set behind them.

I was alone on the edge of the bank.

By the way, they didn’t set a torch for me because I told them that I could use light magic.

In the group next to me, there were Delica and Kai staring at the surface of the lake with intense looks while holding their spears. Looks like they’re ready for the battle.

Since Delica was close to me, I could rush to her immediately if something bad were about to happen to her.

However, there was the possibility that I might struggle in my battle and couldn’t save her…

I hope Celine, who was observing us from a distance, would do something when Delica was in danger.

While our surroundings were illuminated only by the moonlight, the torches were lit one after another, and thenー

Kanー Kanー Kanー Kanー!

ーthe clapping sounds of the wooden clappers began to be heard.

Alright, the Tentacles festival has begun!



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