Chapter 113 : Celebration


When I returned from the Tentacles shop, I saw Delica swinging around the sword she borrowed from her dad in front of the village mayor’s house.

「Ha! Hyaa!」(Delica)

Sweat splattered from her face every time she swiftly swung the old sword in her hand. She looked really focused on her practice.

The first time I saw Delica swing a sword was when Gill oji-san was teaching the children in the Wolf Team swordsmanship. It’s been quite a while, and now she can swing a sword way better.
I think it’s because she has a clear goal and has learned a lot from the dojo in our town.

Because I didn’t want to disturb her, I decided to continue watching over her for a while.


After a few minutes of swinging her sword, Delica noticed me and then called out to me.

「Mark, welcome back.」(Delica)

「It’s been a while since the last time I saw you practicing the sword. Your sword skill has greatly improved. I’m impressed.」(Mark)

「Thank you! You also do your best in practicing magic every day, don’t you?」(Delica)

「Yeah, but I don’t think I do it as hard as you do.」(Mark)

While looking at me with half-opened eyes, Delica put her sword in the scabbard.

「What are you talking about? I look like I’m practicing really hard because I’m sweating. I think how hard I practice a sword is the same as how hard you practice magic.」(Delica)

Now that she mentioned it, I wouldn’t be able to do various things with magic if I didn’t practice hard.

I never thought that practicing magic was a troublesome or a painful thing to do, so maybe that’s why I didn’t think I practiced hard enough.

「Hmm… Maybe you’re right. Now I feel like I’ve been doing my best in practicing magic.」(Mark)

「Haha, Mark, you’re so weird.」(Delica)

While grinning at me, Delica took a towel and wiped her sweaty face.




Now it’s time for dinner.

The village mayor; his son, Santana; Santana’s wife; Sanmina; Sanmina’s husband, Kai; their child, Melmina; and the four of us were surrounding the big dining table in the dining room.

After we sat down on our chairs, Kai nervously approached me and Celine and bowed to us.

「Mark-kun, Celine-san, thank you for taking care of Melmina.」(Kai)

「I just made her mana bowl recover a little faster, so don’t worry about it.」(Mark)

「Still, thank you very much.」(Kai)

Saying that, Kai bowed again.

We just happened to be here and helped his daughter recover a little faster, so I don’t think he needs to bow formally like that.

When I and Celine looked at each other with awkward faces, Sanmina approached her husband.

「Don’t worry, don’t worry! I’ve conveyed a lot of gratitude earlier. Tomorrow you can finally concentrate on your work without any worries, right?」(Sanmina)

「Yeah, you’re right.」(Kai)

「Un, un! Now let’s eat together!」(Sanmina)

Sanmina pulled Kai’s hand and made him sit on his chair.

It looked like Kai hadn’t been able to concentrate on his job because he was worried about Melmina.

Alright, now let’s see what we got here.

I looked at the table and saw many Tentacles dishes were lined up on it.

By the way, Delica didn’t ask for her own dishes this time, so the dishes on the table were mostly made of Tentacles meat. Perhaps she wanted to overcome her fear of Tentacles in order to get stronger.

After listening to the village mayor’s short speech, we finally started eating.

The most eye-catching dish for me this time was the Tentacles bouillabaisse. The smell of simmered Tentacles meat, fish, and shellfish with tomato sauce stimulated my appetite.

I need to ask for the recipe later, write it down and tell Dad when I return home!

「Mark onii-chan, this one is good too!」(Melmina)

When I was thinking about the bouillabaisse, Melmina, who was sitting next to me, offered a slice of Tentacles marinade on her small plate.

I stabbed it with my fork and brought it into my mouth.

Dad sometimes makes marinade in our dining hall, but this one was a little sweeter and had a gentle taste in my mouth.

「Un. This is good!」(Mark)

After I gave a simple and straightforward impression, Melmina smiled happily at me.

「Mark onii-chan saved my life, so I will be your wife in the future!」(Melmina)

Be my wife, huh? Well, that’s cute coming from a little child.

Sanmina was grinning at us. It looked like she was the one who taught Melmina this kind of thing.

『Hyu~ Hyuu~ Lolicon onii-chan~』(Nicola)

『Oh, shut up.』(Mark)

As I expected, Nicola teased me with telepathy.

「Melmina-chan, you’re exaggerating. I’m not saving your life, so you can marry the person you like when you grow up.」(Mark)

「Um? But I like Mark onii-chan.」(Melmina)

Melmina innocently replied to me.

Umm… What should I say at a time like this…?

When I was wondering, Kai looked at us with a pale face.

「Me, Melmina… I think that kind of thing is too early for you.」(Kai)

「Your daddy’s right! It’s still too early for you!」(Santana)

Sanmina’s father, Santana, stood up as he shouted like that. He looked desperate somehow.

「Geez, what are you guys talking about? Kai, don’t you remember when we were about the same age as Melmina you said, “I’m going to marry Sanmina-chan in the future!” with a bright red face?」(Sanmina)

「Gwaaaaー! Please don’t bring up such an old story!」(Kai)

「Ehh~ But I was happy at that time, you know?」(Sanmina)

「Re, Really…? Ahaha…」(Kai)

Kai started fidgeting bashfully like a girl in love. He really hasn’t changed at all ever since the last time I visited this village.

Watching his daughter flirting with her husband, Santana sat on his chair and forcibly changed the subject.

「Ahem! By the way, I heard there will be Monster Fishing tonight.」(Santana)

「I heard about that too. Apparently there was someone who wanted to buy Tentacles in large quantities.」(village mayor)

So there will be Monster Fishing after this?

Could it be…

「I think that was me. I bought ten Tentacles today and I told the old man in the Tentacles shop to prepare twenty more tomorrow.」(Mark)

「Ohh, I see. I’m happy if this village gets extra income. If Tentacles meat becomes popular in other towns, this village’s income will increase even more.」(village mayor)

The village mayor smiled complacently as he put his fingers on his chin.

「That means, Kai, are you going to the lake after this?」(village mayor)

「Yes. To catch twenty Tentacles, we need a lot of fishermen, so I’m going to help too.」(Kai)

After Kai said that, Delica, who had managed to eat a few mouthfuls of Tentacles dishes, spoke out.

「Vi, Village Mayor-san, I have a little request!」(Delica)

「Hm? What is it, Ojou-chan?」(village mayor)

「Please let me join the Monster Fishing tonight!」(Delica)

「…What do you mean? Aren’t you afraid of Tentacles?」(village mayor)

The village mayor raised his eyebrows. It looked like he didn’t expect Delica would say something like that.

Well, I didn’t expect it either.

「Yes, but… I want to get stronger!」(Delica)

When Delica said that out loud, the village mayor made an impressed face.

「Hohoho! I never thought that you were this brave. Very well. After all, Secard Village is a village that values strength above all. However, there’s a high chance that you will get hurt, so please be careful.」(village mayor)


Seeing Delica replying energetically, the village mayor nodded in satisfaction.

「Good, good. Sanmina, we have spare spears, right? Please lend her one.」(village mayor)

「I don’t mind but… Delica-chan, do you seriously want to join Monster Fishing? Let alone girls, even adult women rarely do that, you know? I once joined Monster Fishing a couple of years ago, and I almost got seriously injured that time. Fortunately, Kai came to save me~ He was usually a coward, but he was so brave that time~ Ahh~」(Sanmina)

Ignoring Sanmina who started telling her love story, I looked at Delica.

「Delica, are you really sure? I think tonight’s Monster Fishing will be more intense than usual…」(Mark)

「Un, don’t worry, Mark.」(Delica)

Delica replied with a face as if she was forcing herself.

Ahh, I’m really worried now…

When I was wondering what I should do, Celine came up with an idea.

「Mark, if you’re worried, why don’t you join too? It will also be a good magic practice, right?」(Celine)

That’s true, but…

Does she want me to join those macho fishermen?

Well, Delica will join, so it won’t be weird if I join too.

It may be fun, so… guess I’ll join then.



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  1. The ages are creepy by modern standards. But at least their relationship as a family is solid… I guess? If the husband and wife were 4 years older, it’d significantly less uncomfortable to think about.

    1. Ah, to clarify, I mean “if we’re assuming the lifespan is similar to medieval era life expectancy.” I’d like to think that the world having magic would increase the overall life expectancy, but considering there’s monsters and it seems like it’s a gamble who gets magic and how rare it is… I honestly don’t know how long people are supposed to live.

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