Chapter 112 : Shopping Like An Adult


「Ojii-chan! Ojii-chanー!」(Sanmina)

After Sanmina called the village mayor out loud, the village mayor dashed and came into the room.

He looked so worried. He probably thought Melmina’s condition was getting worse.

「What’s wrong!? Is Melmina alright!?」(village mayor)

「Look! Melmina is healed!」(Sanmina)

While hugging Melmina, Sanmina looked at the village mayor with a bright smile.

「Really? But… how did she…」(village mayor)

With a doubtful face, the village mayor approached Melmina, and after he saw his great-granddaughter’s relaxed face, he collapsed his body and sat on the floor, feeling relieved.

「She is really healed… Thank God… Borno told me to let her rest for three days, but… how did she heal so quickly?」(village mayor)

Borno is probably the doctor in this village, and he wasn’t wrong.

By resting for three days or more, Melmina’s mana bowl would eventually fill with mana, and she would definitely get better.

It looks like Borno is a good doctor who knows what he’s doing.

「She healed quickly thanks to Mark’s recovery magic and potion! Magic is really amazing, isn’t it!?」(Sanmina)

Sanmina shouted like that with an excited face.

「So Ojii-chanー」(Sanmina)

「ーI know. You don’t need to tell me. Ahem! ….Everyone, please stay in our house tonight. We will gladly receive you here.」(village mayor)

The village mayor asked us with a cheerful smile.

And so we secured a place to stay tonight.




Sanmina and the village mayor are busy preparing our meals and beds now.

Honestly, I kinda feel bad for troubling them, but the village mayor insisted on giving us the best service. It looked like he was really grateful that his great-granddaughter was healed.

While waiting for them to prepare our meals, we decided to go out to the village to kill time.

After putting our horse in the stable near the village mayor’s house, Celine stretched her arms up while breathing the fresh air of the village.

「Mmmhh~~…. The air is nice here. Is it because there’s a lake nearby? I wanna see the lake. Who’s coming with me~?」(Celine)

「Me~! I want to see the lake too!」(Nicola)

「Fufu. Alright, let’s go, Nicola. See you later, Mark, Delica-chan~」(Celine)

Celine and Nicola headed to the lake while holding hands.

「I’m going to buy Tentacles. Do you want to come with me?」(Mark)

「Ughh… You know I hate Tentacles, don’t you? I want to practice sword here. I’ve been practicing every day since I started going to the dojo, so I will feel restless if I don’t practice today.」(Delica)

So she has been practicing sword every day, huh? I think I understand her feelings. I would also feel restless if I didn’t practice magic for a day.

「I see. Good luck on your sword practice then. See you later.」(Mark)


I waved to Delica and went to the Tentacles shop.


「Hello, Ojii-sanー」(Mark)

Just like the last time I came here, I called out to the old man who was processing Tentacles next to the hut.

The old man stopped moving his hands, raised his face and looked at me.

「Hello there, welcome! …Hm? You’re the boy from Fatia Town, right?」(old man)

「Yup. You remember me?」(Mark)

「Of course I remember you! So, do you want to buy Tentacles today?」(old man)

「Yes. Have the sales increased since I visited last time?」(Mark)

「Nope. As always, the meat doesn’t sell very well. The ones who usually buy it are only travelers who have weird tastes and a few merchants.」(old man)

Seriously? Tentacle dishes are really popular in our dining hall though.

Perhaps there are not many people who want to sell Tentacles meat or dishes? Well, that’s good for our dining hall actually.

「If that’s the case, the price doesn’t change, right?」(Mark)

「Yeah, it’s still five silver coins for one Tentacles, and one bronze coin for a fillet.」(old man)

「How many processed Tentacles do you have right now?」(Mark)

I asked the old man while looking at the wooden aquarium in front of the hut.

「There are ten, but five of them haven’t been processed yet. I’m in the middle of processing them now.」(old man)

「I see. Alright then, I will buy them all.」(Mark)

「You mean ten of them? Seriously?」(old man)

The old man opened his eyes wide.

「Of course. You know, Tentacles dishes are popular in my parents’ dining hall. Besides, they won’t rot in my Item Box, so there’s no problem if I buy a lot of them, right? But, wait a minute… 」(Mark)

I have 15 gold coins now so I can buy 30 Tentacles.

Since I don’t visit this village that often, I guess I’ll buy as many Tentacles as I can now.

「Actually, I can buy twenty more Tentacles. I’m going to spend a night in the village mayor’s house and leave tomorrow, so can you prepare all of them before tomorrow morning?」(Mark)

「Hohooー! So you want to buy thirty Tentacles in total? Alright, you can leave it to me! For now, let me prepare the first ten Tentacles for you. Please wait for a moment!」(old man)

After he said that, the old man continued working. He grabbed the large dismantling knife and started slicing the Tentacles.

「Hngg…!」(old man)

However, he looked like he was struggling a little. Perhaps there were some parts of the Tentacles that were particularly hard to cut.

「…Hahhh…. I think I’m too old for this now… Sometimes, there are parts that are difficult to cut like this.」(old man)

While saying that, the old man put the knife on the cutting road and started rotating his shoulders, but when he was about to grab the knife again, I stopped him.

「Ah, hold on. You want to cut this part, right? Let me do it for you.」(Mark)

I took out a kitchen knife from my Item Box and applied wind magic on its blade. I gently put the blade on the part that was hard to cut and slowly moved my hand, and then the Tentacles cut in half beautifully.

The old man watched me with an amazed face while I was doing that.

「Whoaa…. That’s so impressive! Did you use magic?」(old man)

「Yeah, I used wind magic.」(Mark)

「That’s awesome! Magic is really convenient. Not only do you have an Item Box, but you can also use magic. I bet your future will be bright! …Oh, right! Would you marry my granddaughter? Well, she is a thirty years old divorcee though.」(old man)

「No thanks…」(Mark)

「Gaahahaha! I’m joking, you know!」(old man)

The old man kept working while laughing.

He threw the processed Tentacles to a wooden aquarium and went to the hut to pick up the next Tentacles to process.

While watching the old man working, I told him something in my mind.

「By the way, as I told you before, Tentacles dishes are so popular in our dining hall, but because of that, some people started to imitate our menus and sell them.」(Mark)

「Ah, now that you mentioned it, sometimes merchants from Fatia Town come to buy Tentacles. So it’s because of your dining hall, huh? Well, most of the merchants who came ended up not buying any Tentacles meat after they saw what it looked like.」(old man)

「Ahaha… Not many people are comfortable with Tentacles’ appearance after all.」(Mark)

Honestly, I kinda forgot about the fact that Tentacles had disgusting looks because I haven’t seen any living Tentacles for quite a while.

「Hah! Those people just have no guts! Still, even though they don’t buy any Tentacles, many merchants are starting to visit this village. That alone is a big step forward in my opinion. I hope someday there will be merchants who have the guts to buy a lot of Tentacles just like you. I can raise the price if the number of people who buy Tentacles increases.」(old man)

「Hmm… Looks like I have to buy your Tentacles meat more oftenly while it’s still cheap.」(Mark)

「Gahaha! You’re such a clever little boy!」(old man)

After a while of chatting with the old man, he finally finished processing my Tentacles meat.

He put the processed Tentacles on a wooden cart and handed it to me, then I put all the meat in my Item Box.

By the time I finished my business here, the sky was dyed in dusk color.

Looks like this is the perfect time to return to the village mayor’s house. They have probably finished preparing our meals.

「Well then, I’m going back to the mayor’s house. Thank you, Ojii-san.」(Mark)

「Ou! Be careful on your way back.」(old man)

I thanked the old man and headed to the village mayor’s house.



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