Chapter 116 : The Lord Of The Lake


「Khh…! This is not good! Everyone, back off!」(the boss)

After hearing the boss’ shout, all the fishermen hurriedly moved away from the shore.

I also backed several meters away. Now my light ball was far away in front of me.

The moon projected on the surface of the lake undulated greatly as the water shook, and then a head of a giant Tentacle appeared from the lake and broke the reflection of the moon.

At that moment, I could hear the conversation between Delica and Kai who were in the group next to me.

「Wh, What is that…?」(Delica)

「That’s the giant Tentacle who was the Lord of Lake Secard. It sometimes appears and interferes with Monster Fishing.」(Kai)

So that’s this lake’s lord, huh? Its size was incomparable with the Tentacles I’ve seen so far.

Normal Tentacles have a body length of 1 – 2 meters, but this one is most likely 5 meters… No, I think it’s even longer.

It can be said that it has enough dignity to be called the lord of the lake.


As it screamed, it raised one of its long and huge tentacles, and swung it down toward the torches.


Several torches were crushed by the huge tentacle and several others were blown away. However, it didn’t stop there. It then swung its tentacle horizontally and swiped the remaining torches.

As a result, most areas around the lake were instantly covered in darkness, leaving only one area with light.

That one area was the edge of the shore, which was my area.

The lord of the lake attacked my light ball with its tentacle many times, trying to put out the light, but it couldn’t do it since my light ball was intangible. Therefore, only my surroundings were still bright.

I was several meters away from my light ball, but I could feel a gust of wind every time the lord swung its huge tentacle. I could also feel a strong vibration when it hit the ground.

If that huge tentacle hits me even once, let alone having one or two broken bones, I will definitely die instantly.

「Boy, you need to turn off your light magic! That monster usually just swings its big tentacles around and never gets out of the lake. Turn off your light and run away!」(the boss)

Apparently, it won’t come out of the lake unlike normal Tentacles.

That’s good. I can easily withdraw then.

I can just collect the Tentacles that I have defeated tomorrow.

When I took a breath and tried to turn off my light magic, suddenly Celine, who had been watching from far away, shouted to the boss.

「Heeey! Boss-saaan! Is that monster the god that is worshiped in this village?」(Celine)

「Hahh!? There’s no way it’s a god! It’s just an annoying monster that interferes with Monster Fishing. Nobody appreciates its presence!」(the boss)

The boss shouted back to Celine with an irritated tone. It seemed like he was really annoyed with the lord’s presence.

「Ara, is that so? Then no one will complain if it’s killed, right?」(Celine)

「Aa, that’s right! You’re a C-rank adventurer, aren’t you? Do you want to kill it? Then please do!」(the boss)

「Fufu, not me~」(Celine)

Uhh… I suddenly have a bad feeling somehow…

I took my eyes off the lord and slowly turned my gaze to Celine.

When my eyes met with Celine’s, Celine grinned and shouted at me.

「Mark~! He says it’s okay to kill it~! Good luck~!」(Celine)

She waved at me as she shouted with a face as if she was having fun.

Nicola, who was standing next to her, made a hand salute gesture while smiling at me.

Those two… Can’t they see how big the lord is!? If I make a slight mistake, I will definitely be killed!


When I was thinking what I should do, Delica rushed toward me.

Ahh, Delica, you’re the only one who understands my feelings. You’re truly my boss!

Alright, let’s withdraw with her to a safe place!

「Mark, you can do it! Good luck!」(Delica)

Eehhh…? Even Delica wants me to fight that monster, huh…?

Delica took off the Eagle Amulet from her neck, handed it to me and ran to the safe place where Celine and Nicola were without giving me a chance to speak even a word.

Ahh… I feel lonely all of a sudden…

Before I realized, all the fishermen also withdrew to a safe place, leaving me behind.

Now I’m the only one who’s standing on the shore, facing the lord of the lake.

So this is gonna be a duel between me and the lord, huh? Well, I don’t think the fishermen can do anything to help, so it’s better if they retreat.

The lord now is still attacking my light ball, but he is using several tentacles now.

I wonder when this guy will get tired of doing it…

Hold on… Isn’t this a good chance to attack it?

Even though I’m in the body of an eight-year-old boy, I’m still a man. I’ll be lying if I say I don’t want to live up to people’s expectations.

Now that I have no choice but to fight that monster, I should fight it as best I can.

If something bad will happen I’m sureー

『ーCeline will do something to help me.』(Nicola)

『Oi, don’t interrupt my narration with telepathy all of a sudden!』(Mark)

Hahh… I want her to stop reading my thoughts.

Anyway, I’m going to attack it from a distance and see what happens.



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