Chapter 111 : Mana Fever


While being stared at by me and Sanmina, Celine crossed her arms and started explaining.

「Mana fever is… How should I put it… The mana inside this child’s mana bowl keep decreasing and almost empty. It’s like when you boil water in a pot for a long time, it will evaporate, turning into steam. This can affect this child’s physical condition. The reason why her mana keeps decreasing is of course because she has been consuming a lot of mana.」(Celine)

「You mean, it’s because Melmina used magic too often?」(Mark)

「Exactly. Sanmina-san, do you have any idea about it?」(Celine)

「Umm… Ah! It’s probably because she used her Item Box almost every day…」(Sanmina)

「Ara, this child has Item Box? If she used it oftenly, perhaps that’s the cause.」(Celine)


I was a little surprised by this new information.

I never knew that using Item Box required mana.

『Hey, Nicola, is that true? I never feel like my mana is being consumed every time I use my Item Box though.』(Mark)

『Your Item Box is totally different from general Item Boxes in this world, you know? Yours is a Gift from my boss after all. Normally, you can’t increase your Item Box’s capacity and appraise things with it. Also, normal Item Boxes consume the users’ mana according to the size and amount of items stored.』(Nicola)

『I see…』(Mark)

That old man God said he wouldn’t give me cheat-like powers, but he gave me an extraordinary thing…

Actually, there’s still something bugging me after listening to Celine’s explanation.

『Say, Nicola… Is it okay if I continue my magic practice by consuming a lot of mana everyday? I won’t catch a mana fever like Melmina, right?』(Mark)

『The nature of everyone’s mana bowl is different. Celine said mana is like water and mana bowl is like a pot, right? Then Melmina’s mana bowl is like a small, thin pot that burns easily and can boil water really fast, but your mana bowl is like a huge, thick pot that doesn’t burn easily and boils water really slowly, also, your mana bowl will stretch like a disgusting substance depending on how much mana you have.』(Nicola)

『Like a disgusting substance, huh…?』(Mark)

I don’t feel any compliments at all from Nicola’s explanation, but In other words my mana bowl is way better than most people’s mana bowls, right?

『Of course Melmina can expand her mana bowl by practicing magic just like what you usually do, but the amount of mana used and her mana recovery speed is very unbalance. Her mana recovery speed is very slow and cannot catch up with how fast she consumes her mana, and it burdens her body a lot.』(Nicola)

I see. It seems that you have to be careful while practicing magic so you don’t consume too much mana.

I remember when I just started practicing magic, my head felt dizzy after consuming too much mana.

While Nicola and I were talking with telepathy, Celine and Sanmina continued talking with each other.

「If that’s the case, Melmina will get better if she doesn’t use mana for a while, right?」(Sanmina)

「Yes, but she will recover faster if you replenish her mana.」(Celine)

「Replenish her mana? But how?」(Sanmina)

「Simply make her drink or eat something that contains mana.」(Celine)

After she said that, Celine looked at me.

Something that contains mana, huh…? Ah, I got it!

Potions hardly work against illness, but because the cause of Melmina’s fever was lack of mana, perhaps it would work.

I nodded to Celine, took out a D-grade potion from my item box and presented it to Sanmina.

「Sanmina onee-chan, give this to Melmina and see if it works.」(Mark)

「Is this a potion? Okay, I’ll give it to her.」(Sanmina)

Sanmina took the potion from my hand, put the mouth of the bottle on Melmina’s lip and gently made her drink it.

「Melmina, you can drink slowly… Yes, just like that. Good girl, good girl~」(Sanmina)

Melmina’s throat moved rhythmically. Looks like she drank it properly.

『Onii-chan, perhaps you should also cast recovery magic on her just in case.』(Nicola)

Ah, that’s right! If the cause is lack of mana, casting recovery magic will definitely give a positive effect!

I approached the bed and put my hand on Melmina’s back.

「Mark, what are you doing?」(Sanmina)

「I’m going to cast recovery magic on her. Normally, it won’t work against illness, but Melmina’s fever is different.」(Mark)

While hoping that it would work, I activated recovery magic.

Sanmina was surprised when a dim light appeared between Melmina’s back and my hand. While still helping Melmina to drink the potion, Sanmina watched me healing her daughter with her eyes wide open.

Come to think of it, this is the first time I show her my recovery magic.

After Melmina drank all the potion, I stopped casting recovery magic.

Melmina then exhaled with a slightly confused face, and looked at her mother.

「…Mama, I don’t feel tired anymore…」(Melmina)

「Eh? Really!?」(Sanmina)

Sanmina put her hand on Melmina’s forehead to confirm.

「Whoaa…! The fever is going down! Uwoooー Melminaー!」(Sanmina)

Immediately, Sanmina hugged her daughter in joy.

Melmina recovered quickly probably because the cause was lack of mana. Once she had enough mana in her mana bowl, she would instantly recover.

While watching over the mother and daughter who were hugging each other, I smiled, feeling relieved to see the usual Sanmina who was energetic and a bit noisy.

After hugging her daughter for a while, Sanmina released her and looked back at me and Celine.

「Celine-san, Mark, thank you! I was really worried after knowing that it wasn’t a normal fever, but I’m glad the fever is gone now! Thank you!」(Sanmina)

She thanked us with a dazzling smile.

Un, un. Sanmina I know always smiles like this.

「Fufu. You’re welcome.」(Celine)

「From now on, I will be careful not to let her use her Item Box too much! Oh yeah, Mark, I will pay for the potion. How much was it?」(Sanmina)

「I made it myself, so don’t worry about it.」(Mark)

「No, no, no. I feel bad if I don’t pay for it.」(Sanmina)

「Are you sure…? The market price for a D-grade potion is about seven gold coins, you know?」(Mark)


After I told her the price, Sanmina was frozen with a surprised face for a moment.

She then bowed to me by bending her hips 90 degrees.

Wow. That’s one beautiful bowing form.

「Mark, how about we treat you and your friends for dinner? You guys may stay at our house as well!」(Sanmina)

I knew it. Seven gold coins is not a small amount of money after all.

「Ara, thank you so much. We will be in your care then~ Right, Mark~?」(Celine)


Well, I’m not in need of money and sincerely just wanted to help them. Besides, we originally intended to stay here anyway.

Ahh, I can’t wait to eat Tentacles dishes here~



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