Chapter 110 : Revisiting Secard Village


While making a rattling noise along the way, our carriage continued running through the grassland.

Even though the scenery here looked so peaceful, bandits might come like last time, so I couldn’t let my guard down.

But, since there was nothing to do, I decided to have a talk with Delica who was driving our carriage.

「Say, Delica.」(Mark)

「What’s wrong?」(Delica)

Without looking back, Delica replied to me.

Her twintails swayed side to side as the carriage shook.

「Is that a real sword?」(Mark)

「Yeah, I won’t be able to defeat monsters with a wooden sword, so I borrowed the real one from my dad.」(Delica)

While answering, Delica put her hand on the one-handed sword on her waist.

The wooden scabbard that wrapped the sword had many scratches, showing that the sword had been used so many times.

I didn’t know that Gauche oji-san had this kind of sword. I thought he was a macho who always used an axe or hammer as his weapon.

「I might not get a chance to use this sword since you and Celine-san will be the ones who fight most of the time, but I’d like to defeat at least one goblin.」(Delica)

「I see. Don’t worry, I’ll create a chance for you. Let’s do our best!」(Mark)


I couldn’t see her face from here, but I felt like Delica was smiling excitedly.

I believe goblins sometimes appear on the way to Secard Village. I would let Delica kill it if we encountered one.




However, things didn’t go as expected.

We arrived at Secard Village at noon without encountering any monsters at all along the way.

「Fwaah~…. Good morning…」(Celine)

As soon as we entered the village, Celine woke up.

「Celine, we’ve arrived at Secard Village. We’re going to stay here tonight, right?」(Mark)

「Yeah, that’s our plan… By the way, you’re familiar with the village mayor’s family, right?」(Celine)

「Yup. They told me to visit them anytime, so maybe we should go to say hello to them first.」(Mark)

「You’re right. They will probably let us stay overnight in their house.」(Celine)

She has a lot of money so she could stay in an inn as long as she wanted, but she is very calculating sometimes. Well, that’s Celine for you.

Delica, who heard our conversation, drove our carriage toward the village mayor’s house.

Immediately after we arrived at the village mayor’s house, I got off the carriage and knocked on the door.

Soon after, the door opened and the village mayor appeared from inside.

「Hello, Village Mayor-san!」(Mark)

「Ohh! The children from Fatia Town! It’s been a while. And… This sexy woman is…」(village mayor)

「I’m Celine, an adventurer from Fatia Town. I’m the guardian of these children this time. Nice to meet you.」(Celine)

Celine bowed to the village mayor while introducing herself.

「I see, I see. Nice to meet you, Celine-san.」(village mayor)

「Actually, we are heading to the west to complete a quest from the guild, but we decided to stop by this village today to have a rest. I heard Mark was indebted to you for taking care of him last time, so we came to say hello.」(Celine)

「So you guys are on an adventure this time, huh? I see. There’s nothing to see in this village, but I hope you enjoy your time here. And actually, It was us who were indebted to Mark. I’d like to have you stay in my house and have dinner, but… I think it’s kinda difficult now…」(village mayor)

The village mayor lowered his white eyebrows, looking troubled.

「Is there something wrong?」(Celine)

「…Yes. My great-granddaughter, Melmina, has a fever right now. It’s nothing serious, but I’m worried about her.」(village mayor)

Melmina is the only person I know who has an item box like me.

She was awakened to her Gift right before we left the village during our last visit.

Although it’s just a fever, I’m a little worried.

「Village Mayor-san, can I see her? I can’t cure illness with my recovery magic, but I brought a lot of snacks that Melmina might like.」(Mark)

Recovery magic cannot cure illness and diseases, it can only cure injuries. I think it’s because illness and diseases are way more complicated than injuries.

There are cases where potions can cure a hangover, but that’s probably the result of a good combination between herbs and light magic in the potions.

「Ohh! That would make Melmina happy! Sanmina is feeding her in her room right now. Sanmina’s mom is now working at the lake in place of Sanmina so that Sanmina can take care of her daughter. Please come in.」(village mayor)

The village mayor let us in and took us to Melmina’s room.

After the village mayor opened the door, I saw Sanmina sitting on a chair, feeding porridge-like food to Melmina who was sitting on the bed.

Because Sanmina was really young, they looked like sisters instead of a parent and child.

「Hm? Ah! You guys, it’s been a while! Oh? There’s a new face, I see. Nice to meet you, I’m Sanmina.」(Sanmina)

「I’m Celine, nice to meet you.」(Celine)

「Hello, Sanmina onee-chan. How is Melmina doing?」(Mark)

While being fed by Sanmina, Melmina looked at me vaguely with a red face.

「Well, as you can see. I think she will get better after a while, so you don’t need to worry too much about her.」(Sanmina)

While saying that Sanmina stroked her daughter’s head gently.

She is not as energetic as when we met last time. She loves magic, but she didn’t look excited at all when she saw Celine who obviously looked like a witch.

Well, I think it’s natural. Her daughter is sick after all.

「Umm… May I see your daughter closely?」(Celine)

「Hm? Yes, go ahead.」(Sanmina)

After getting Sanmina’s permission, Celine approached Melmina.

She bent down and touched Melmina’s forehead and nape. She then put her hand on Melmina’s chest.

「…Don’t tell me, this is… Perhaps this child has a “mana fever”.」(Celine)

「Mana fever…? What kind of fever is that?」(Sanmina)

With a confused face, Sanmina looked at me.

Even though she looks at me like that, I don’t know what it is either. But… I hope it is not something serious…



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