Chapter 102 : Gratitude


Pamella kept hitting my chest, and when I was thinking of stopping her, the back door of the store opened.

「Good morniー Ara ara~ Am I bothering you two? I’m sorry~ Fufu.」(Camilla)

The one who came in from the back door was Camilla, and Nicola who was clinging to Camilla’s waist.

As soon as Pamella saw them, she stopped hitting me and rushed to the kitchen to make breakfast for them. Of course, with her face bright red. What a cute girl.

After seeing Pamella go into the kitchen, I turned to Camilla and greeted her.

「Good morning, Camilla-san. You woke up early. I heard from Pamella that you don’t usually wake up in the morning.」(Mark)

「That’s true, but I slept really well last night. Perhaps it’s thanks to the bath you made.」(Camilla)

Hoo… I know my potion bath is amazing!

「Besides, I can’t just sleep without seeing you off after you helped yesterday. Thanks to Mark-chan and Nicola-chan, the soldiers can enjoy their night to the fullest. Thank you, both of you.」(Camilla)

As she said that, Camilla smiled at me while stroking Nicola’s head.

Her smile was so stunning and overflowed with the feeling of gratitude.

Just looking at her smile made me think that my hard work helping her wasn’t for nothing.

What a beautiful smile. As expected from a professional hostess.

「Well, if it wasn’t for Gill oji-san, I wouldn’t have helped you, so please give him a service sometimes.」(Mark)

「Fufu. Your little sister is still spoiled, but unlike her, you’re very mature for your age.」(Camilla)

While saying that, Camilla stroked Nicola’s head again.

Nicola then made a blissful face while still hugging Camilla’s waist.

『Ahh~ a professional hostess is really on a different level than ordinary women… Yosh, I’ve decided. When I grow up, I will go to this store to drink with beautiful hostesses everyday! Of course, with Onii-chan’s money.』(Nicola)

『Huh!? Do you think I will give you money for that!? Hell no!』(Mark)

I couldn’t help but feel uneasy about my future…


After a while, Pamella brought breakfast for Nicola and Camilla from the kitchen, and then the four of us sat at the same table, chatting while enjoying breakfast.

「By the way, Mark-chan, why was Pamella hitting your chest earlier?」(Camilla)


「Nothing! Nothing happened!」(Pamella)

「Hee~ So you have a secret with Mark-chan that you can’t tell your mom, huh~?」(Camilla)


Camilla laughed at her own daughter whose face turned bright red.

This mother and daughter really are close to each other.


After a while, the fun meal in a peaceful mood was finished.

Now it’s about time to go home.

「Well then, we’re going home now.」(Mark)

「Un. See you again, Mark-kun, Nicola-chan.」(Pamella)

While Pamella was waving at us, Nicola and I got up from the sofa and headed toward the entrance door.

But before we reached the door, Camilla brought her face close to Pamella’s and whispered something.


Pamella then stood up in surprise with her face turned red.

I turned around, wondering what happened.

「What’s wrong?」(Mark)

「U, Umm…」(Pamella)

「Pamella, you can do it!」(Camilla)


After Camilla gently pushed Pamella’s back, Pamella made a determined face.

She looked like a shy girl who had chosen to be a class representative or something.

While walking slowly toward me, Pamella looked me straight in the eye.

Her face often turned red, but I felt like her face was redder than usual this time.


「Mo, Mom said that I should show my gratitude, so…」(Pamella)

After saying that with a shivering voice, Pamella put her hands on my shoulders, brought her face closer to mine, and pushed her lips against my cheek.



She then covered her red face with her hands, quickly ran toward the back door and left.

I was taken aback and could only see Pamella off with an amazed face.


Camilla grinned at me.

「I’ve never thought I would see Mark-chan’s rare face today.」(Camilla)

Does my face look weird?

I don’t know ‘cause I can’t look at my own face, but at least this is not a bad feeling.

I can still feel Pamella’s lips on my cheek and smell her residual scent.

I touched the side of my cheek that was kissed by Pamella and turned to Camilla.

「Umm… Can you convey my thanks for the kiss to her later? Well then, I’m going now.」(Mark)

「Okay, be careful on your way home~ You can come visit us anytime~」(Camilla)

While being sent off by Camilla, who was still grinning, Nicola and I left the store.

『I’m looking forward to Camilla-mama to be our mother-in-law~』(Nicola)

『Huh? What are you talking about? You said the same thing to Gauche oji-san when you set me up with Delica. As I said many times before, that kind of thing is still too early for me.』(Mark)

『Hahh… You’re such a chicken, Onii-chan.』(Nicola)

I ignored Nicola’s telepathic message and looked at the surrounding area.

There were a lot of stores and restaurants around here, but it was quiet now because it was still early in the morning.

Unlike the stores around here, usually, our inn was already busy even though it was still early.

I should be helping my dad prepare breakfast for the guests and clean the front of the store by now.

『Let’s hurry so we can help Mom and Dad as soon as we get home.』(Mark)

『Eeeehh…. but I wanna sleep as soon as I get home. I worked really hard last night, so I’m sure Mom and Dad will forgive me for not helping them today~』(Nicola)

Uhh, I forgot that this girl is made of sloth…

I sighed and walked faster toward home.



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  1. As things go by, Mark will gain an status where it would be allowed for him to have both Gauche and Camilla as in-laws.

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