Chapter 101 : Teasing Pamella


The next morning, I woke up in a dome-house-like building that I made on the second floor of the bathhouse.

Because people kept coming into the bathhouse, I ended up building the bedroom on the second floor.

Last night, I sat on the bench I made in front of the bathhouse and acted like a public bath keeper.

I explained and guided the hostess onee-sans, who came one after another, to the bathhouse.

I could have ignored them and gone to bed, but for some reason, I just wanted to do that after seeing their happy faces.

The onee-sans really enjoyed the bath. The potion bath not only relieved their fatigue but was also good for their skin.

Not only did I explain and guide the onee-sans to the bathhouse, but I also went into the bathhouse, which was full of naked women, to reheat and add more water sometimes.

Nicola should be the one who did that, but with telepathy, she said, “They don’t mind you seeing their naked bodies, so I don’t think you have to worry about that. Also, think of it as training. It might be a problem for me in the future if you chicken out and can’t take a bath with women, so you should take this opportunity to get used to it.”

After she told me that while making a gesture as if saying, “this wimp Onii-chan”, I couldn’t help but do what she said to show her that I’m not a wimp.

And after going into the bathhouse many times to reheat the water, I felt like the feeling of guilt slowly disappeared from me.

It was like when I lost the feeling of repulsion after killing many goblins.

Looks like I’m good at adapting.

By the way, Nicola slept at Camilla’s house.

Well, I knew that she wouldn’t miss that opportunity.


While recalling the long night yesterday, I put my futon in my item box.

I looked at the window. Looks like it’s early in the morning.

Even though I was really tired yesterday, I woke up at the same time as usual.

After I finished cleaning up my futon, I heard someone calling me from outside.

「Mark-kunー Are you awakeー?」(Pamella)

When I looked outside the window, I saw Pamella looking up at me.

「Good morning, Pamella. You got up early even though you slept pretty late last night.」(Mark)

Last night, I told her not to worry about me and just go to sleep, but she chose to stay up late with me.

She looked excited for some reason when we sat on the bench together last night.

Well, children long for staying up late, so I knew how she felt.

「Un. I always wake up early.」(Pamella)

Looks like she’s a morning person just like me.

I went out of the dome house, went down the stairs that were attached to the wall, and stretched my body lightly after reaching the ground.

「Let’s eat breakfast before you go home.」(Pamella)

「Okay. By the way, is Nicola still sleeping?」(Mark)

「Yeah. I think she is still sleeping in my mom’s room.」(Pamella)

I knew it. She’s sleeping with Camilla.

「Should I wake her up?」(Pamella)

「Nah, you don’t have to.」(Mark)

I have a feeling she would do something weird to Camilla if she woke up before Camilla.

Better let her sleep longer.

If she still hasn’t woken up until we finish breakfast, I can just buy her food from a food stall on the way home.

「I will make breakfast. Let’s go to the store’s kitchen.」(Pamella)

「Ah, before that, I have to get rid of the bathhouse.」(Mark)

I went into the bathhouse, put the bathwater in my item box, disassembled the bathhouse into sand and put it in my item box as well.

It took me several minutes to make, but it only took me a couple of seconds to put it away.

Pamella watched me putting away the bathhouse with an amazed face, but then she regained her cool and guided me into the store.

The inside of the store was pitch black and quiet.

After Pamella activated the light magic tool that was attached to the wall, the store became bright.

「Please sit over there and wait for a moment.」(Pamella)

While saying that, Pamella pointed at the sofa where she and I ate hamburger sandwiches when we first met.

After waiting for a while, Pamella came out of the kitchen with orange juice, white bread, bacon and fried egg.

It was a mundane breakfast menu, but honestly, I prefer this kind of menu than a fancy one for breakfast.

「Thank you, Pamella.」(Mark)

Pamella sat next to me, and the two of us started eating side by side.

After a moment, suddenly Pamella stopped eating and looked at me with an awkward face.

「Umm, Mark-kun… Can you forget about what happened in the bath last night…? I forced myself too much to stay in the bath after Nicola-chan told me that I could be cuter if I took a potion bath…」(Pamella)

Now that she mentioned it, I just realized that her skin looked better than before.

Pamella was a shut-in, so her skin was kinda pale, but it looks healthier now.

「Hm? I don’t know what you want me to forget~」(Mark)

I tilted my head and smiled mischievously at Pamella.

「Is it about when you almost sunk in the bath? Or when you screamed with a strange voice when I put my hands in your armpits? Or when you got dizzy and couldn’t get up unless I held your hands? Or is it about when you couldn’t wipe your body by yourself so I did it for you?」(Mark)


Pamella’s face gradually turned red as I mentioned her embarrassing moments last night one after another.

She then looked at me with teary eyes and pouting mouth.

「Mark-kun, you always kind to me, but why are you teasing me today!?」(Pamella)

「Ahaha! I’m sorry. You look so cute, it makes me want to tease you.」(Mark)


When I smiled at her while saying that, Pamella made a reaction as if she wasn’t sure if she should be angry or shy.

She was hitting my chest while groaning in embarrassment.

「Stupid Mark-kun…!」(Pamella)



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