Chapter 103 : Silver Eagle Amulet


It’s been a few weeks since I helped Camilla with her bar. Nothing in particular has happened since then.

The only noticeable moment that happened was Pamella tried to avoid me when we met at Sunday School. For some reason, she always looked away with a bright red face whenever I looked her in the eyes.

Well, at least at first. On our way home from Sunday School, we were finally able to talk like usual.

A few days later at noon in our inn’s cafeteria, I saw two women, who seemed to be knowledgeable, Celine and Liza, having lunch together.

At that moment, I remembered that I had something to ask them.

I asked Mom’s permission to take a break and headed to their table.

「Hello, Celine, Liza onee-chan.」(Mark)

「Hello, Mark-kun.」(Liza)

「Ara, Mark. What’s wrong?」(Celine)

The two were sitting at the table while enjoying Dad’s special dishes.

Although they were beautiful women, there was no man who dared to hit on them.

「I have something I want both of you to see. Well, this is not something important for me, but I’m curious about it.」(Mark)

I took out the silver accessory I got from the feudal lord and put it on the table.

「Looks like it’s called “Silver Eagle Amulet”. Do you guys know anything about it?」(Mark)

「Silver Eagle Amulet…? Could it be…」(Liza)

Oh. Looks like Liza knows something about it.

「Do you know that eagles are the guardian deity of the feudal lord’s family? I think it’s something related to him.」(Liza)

Umm… That’s it?

I already know about it though…

「A few weeks ago, I worked at my friend’s shop when the feudal lord visited this town. I got this from the lord himself when he came to the shop.」(Mark)

Celine rested her elbow on the table and looked straight at my eyes.

「Hey, Mark. What have you done so that the feudal lord had an eye on you?」(Celine)

「Hmm… I just made a stone marble for him… Ah, also, he found out that it was me who made the potato salad served that night.」(Mark)

I felt like he was also interested in me because I dressed as a girl, but…

No, no. That might be just my imagination. I want to believe he’s not that kind of person.

「So you served potato salad in your friend’s shop?」(Celine)

「Yeah. The lord seemed to like it.」(Mark)

「I know that your potato salad is good, but… what do you mean by making a stone marble for him? I don’t think the feudal lord would be happy to receive such a thing.」(Celine)

「Well, to be exact, I showed him how to make a stone marble because he seemed to be curious about it. Watch this.」(Mark)

I made a stone marble with a diameter of about two centimeters and rolled it toward Celine.

「I see now… It’s not weird that he was interested in you then.」(Celine)

Celine picked the stone marble and nodded as if she was convinced.

I don’t think the feudal lord has an eye on me just because I made this small little thing though.

「Mark, watch me.」(Celine)

Celine stuck out her index finger and thumb, and created a small stone marble between them.

It wasn’t as distorted as the one that Morrison made that night, but Celine’s stone marble didn’t roll straight when she rolled it on the table.

「I’m not very good at earth magic, but to make a stone marble as round as yours is extremely hard, you know? It’s impossible to do unless you’re a genius at using earth magic. If you show that to someone, it’s the same as saying, “Look. I’m a master of earth magic!”」(Celine)

「Is that so? The children in Sunday School often played with my stone marbles but they were not surprised at all.」(Mark)

「It’s because they’re still kids. Besides, people rarely see someone using earth magic.」(Celine)

Uhh… I showed it to the feudal lord without thinking…

Looks like I had shown him something extraordinary. Moreover, I’m still a kid.

I’m getting worried now… What if I will get involved in troublesome matters in the future…

「Say, Celine… I know it’s too late, but… Do you think I should start pretending that I can’t use magic? I don’t want to get involved in weird things…」(Mark)

I said that with a serious face, but Celine laughed.

「Phu! Mark, you’re so silly. Magic is convenient, it’s a waste not to use it. Instead of hiding your magic talent, you should keep improving it so that you can be useful to others.」(Celine)

While saying that, Celine leaned her body toward me and hit my back.

Yeah, I think she’s right. I don’t need to be prudent more than needed.

「Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with this amulet, so you don’t have to worry about it. Just think of it as an item that might be useful for you someday.」(Celine)


Celine’s words made me feel a little relieved.

Still, I think I should learn how to protect myself properly just in case.

Liza kept quiet with her expression remained unclear while I was talking to Celine.

「Umm… Liza onee-chan? Is there something wrong?」(Mark)

I was kinda worried about her, so I asked.

Liza then answered me without changing her expression.



As I thought…

She must know something about this amulet.

「…I’m curious about the potato salad you talked about.」(Liza)

So she’s been thinking about potato salad all along!?

Hahh… That’s Liza for you…

While feeling a little disappointed, I took out a plate of potato salad from my item box.

Liza swallowed her saliva as soon as she saw the potato salad.

「Can I eat this…?」(Liza)

「Yeah, it’s yours.」(Mark)

Because the amount was small, Liza carefully scooped it with a spoon and put it in her mouth.

Ever since she ate her first okonomiyaki, it looks like she has learned not to try new food by eating it quickly.

「Mmm~! This is good!」(Liza)

While glancing at Liza, who was eating the potato salad with her eyes sparkling, I asked Celine another question.

「Does this amulet have any effect?」(Mark)

「Let’s see…」(Celine)

Celine stared at the pattern behind the amulet.

「Looks like it has the blessing of wind. It will protect you with a wind barrier when someone with malicious intent attacks you.」(Celine)

「Really? Isn’t that amazing?」(Mark)

「Well, it seems to be a high-grade amulet after all. As expected from a lord, he gave you this kind of precious thing so lightly. He must really like you~」(Celine)

Then should I carry this amulet wherever I go?

I don’t like that feudal lord, but if this is really a useful thing, it would be a waste if I don’t make use of it.

There’s a hole in the amulet that seems to be a place where a string can pass through, so I think I’ll make it a necklace later.

When I was thinking like that, my eyes met with Celine’s. She was staring at me.

「Wh, What…?」(Mark)

「…Say, Mark. I’m going to go to a very far place for a week to complete a quest. If you like, do you want to go with me? Actually, I invited Liza to eat lunch together today to talk about this.」(Celine)

「Eh? Really!?」(Mark)

「Yup. If you go with me, I don’t have to stay in an inn since you can build a room with earth magic. Also, you might learn something about adventurer work during the trip, so it’s a win-win for us. We can also take Nicola-chan along if she wants to go with us. So? What’s your answer?」(Celine)

「Of course I want to go!」(Mark)

Celine has been teaching me a lot of things, but I will definitely be able to learn even better if I go with her.

When we went to the Goblins’ forest, I’ve learned a lot from her too after all.

「Ara, you sure are excited about going outside the town, but before we goー」(Celine)

Celine looked at Mom, who was sitting at the counter, and continued talking a little louder.

「ーyou need permission from your mom~」(Celine)

After Celine said that, Mom, who seemed to figure out what Celine was trying to say, raised her hands up and made a circle symbol with her hands.

Looks like I got her permission without even asking.

「So, when will we go?」(Mark)

If it will take a week, I need to do something with the herbs I’m growing so that they stay healthy when I’m absent.

When I was thinking about my herbs, I heard a voice from behind.

「Can I… Can I go with you…?」(Delica)

I looked back and saw a maidーー No. Delica in a maid outfit standing behind me with a serious look.



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  1. The lord is still kinda sketchy to me, but at least it’s a harmless gift. Still smells like trouble down the line though.

  2. I still believe it has a tracking function. celine just took a quick and cursory look, I bet an expert looking carefully would find that extra tracking function.

  3. Damn, this people in the comments is so untrustful, reminds me of someone who doesn’t trust other man around him because the mf read to much NTR lmao

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