January 2022

Seventh Daughter 2-33

  Chapter 2-33 : Planning The Attack   When Mylia and Aria went out of the underground maze, the sky had started to get brighter. (Clock Magic, activate… It’s already 4 am, huh…?) After confirming the time in her mind, Mylia looked at Aria who was standing in a corner of the flowerbed. 「Peter-san said …

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Angel Little Sister 131

  Chapter 131 : Pajamas   Even though their stomachs are still bloated, Nicola and Delica felt a bit better after drinking the potions. Delica started swinging her sword, practicing swordsmanship, as soon as she recovered. Apparently, E-grade potions are effective against overeating. I’ve actually never heard that it will work for overeating, probably because …

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