Chapter 2-32 : The Ghost’s True Identity (part 2)


Mylia learned that the reason why Daemon created the maps was to educate the new magician soldiers.

(The questions in the crossword puzzle were all related to common knowledge as an aristocrat, and the answer is… friendship… I’m convinced now…)

『You were able to solve the mystery of the map, so I believe that you’re truly a talented magician. Now that the map has been revealed, you can now challenge yourself to find the secrets of this fort.』(Peter)

「Will there be more mysteries to solve?」(Mylia)

『I don’t know. My part is over right after you solved the mystery of the map.』(Peter)

Peter shrugged his shoulders. He was a ghost but his gestures looked like a human’s.

『Perhaps you will find out once you complete the map. Now, look at the map. It will be automatically filled with places you have been before.』(Peter)

(Ah, so it’s like the maps in adventure games? That’s kinda exciting.)

Mylia took out the Daemon’s Map and spread it.

The places where Mylia had been were on the map, but most of the map was still blank.

「Whoa, you’re right. The dormitory tower, the upside-down tower, the dining hall, the school backyards, the courtyard with flowerbeds, the classrooms, the library, and many other places I have been before are shown.」(Mylia)

『Completing the map is fun, you know? I also have a map, by the way.』(Peter)

As he said that, Peter pointed his finger at the parchment on the table with a lot of random equipment.

『Well, I spend most of my time in this place though. Oh, right. Your partner can now see the map too, so you both can explore this fortーー No. This is now a girls’ school, isn’t it? Anyway, you both can explore this school and complete the map together.』(Peter)


「Aria-san, let’s complete this map together!」(Mylia)


Mylia and Aria nodded to each other.

After that, Mylia looked at Peter with a serious face and asked.

「Peter-san, there’s something I want to ask if you don’t mind.」(Mylia)

『You can ask me anything. What is it?』(Peter)

「Actually, we are looking for a way to break the petrification curse.」(Mylia)

Listening to Mylia, Aria looked at Peter with a serious face too.

They thought that it was quite possible that Peter, who had been studying magical medicine for hundreds of years, knew something about the curse.

『Petrification curse, you say…?』(Peter)

Peter looked surprised for some reason.

「Yes. The reason we tried to solve the mystery of Daemon’s Map was to find a way to break that curse. Is there’s any magic tool that can dispel petrification curses somewhere in this school?」(Mylia)

「Actually, it’s my grandma who is suffering from the curse…」(Aria)

Aria started explaining about how her grandmother was petrified and how desperate her family was to save her grandmother.

After listening to Aria, Peter turned around.

『I see… Follow me.』(Peter)


Mylia and Aria looked at each other with wondering faces and then quietly followed Peter to the back of the room.

There was a hidden door at the innermost part of Peter’s laboratory.

After Peter casted magic on the door, the door opened with a heavy noise, and then they entered the room.


「Is that…..」(Aria)

As soon as they entered the room, Mylia and Aria were taken aback.

They were surprised by the stone statue of a young and beautiful girl that looked strangely realistic at the back of the room.

『Let me introduce her… This is my sister, Maggie…』(Peter)

Peter introduced the statue of a girl with a sad voice.

(This is Peter-san’s sister…? But he said she was poisoned by an aristocrat, right? …Wait a minute… So that means… Peter-san still can’t find a way to break the petrification curse even after spending two hundred years…?)

Mylia became anxious. She then looked at Aria.

Thinking that it was probably impossible to save her grandma, Aria’s face turned pale

However, seeing their hopeless faces, Peter smiled at them.

『Looks like you’ve got the wrong idea here. Don’t worry. I petrified my sister on purpose.』(Peter)


「What do you mean…?」(Aria)

『Don’t you know that time stops when you are petrified? I petrified my sister to stop the progression of her illness and keep her in her young age so that she doesn’t die. Meanwhile, I continue my research. It’s been more than two hundred years since then.』(Peter)

「Wait a minute… That means, you know how to break the petrification!?」(Aria)

Aria asked excitedly, and then Peter replied to her with a nod.

『Of course I know. You just have to apply a special potion to the victim’s body.』(Peter)

Peter pointed to the vial on a shelf in the back of the laboratory as he said that.

「Peter-sama, I know this is a lot to ask, but… can you please sell that potion to me?」(Aria)

『No, I’m sorry. I only have that one…』(Peter)

「I… see…」(Aria)

Aria’s sight started to become blurry from tears as she stared at the potion on the shelf. She felt frustrated because the potion that could save her grandma was right in front of her but she couldn’t have it.

『Please don’t cry. I can’t sell you that one but I know how to make it.』(Peter)

「Really!? Do you mind telling me the recipe?」(Aria)

『I don’t mind, but it won’t be free. How about you give me some materials for my research and I will tell you the recipe in exchange?』(Peter)

「Alright, fair enough. Thank you, Peter-sama.」(Aria)

Aria wiped her tears and bowed to Peter.

Mylia was happy for Aria. She also smiled and lowered her head to Peter.

(Thank God! We’re finally getting close to saving Aria-san’s grandma!)

「So, what kind of material do you want?」(Aria)

『Umm… I currently need some mithril, so can you bring a hundred grams of mithril?』(Peter)

「Mi, mithril…? Moreover… A hundred grams…」(Aria)

Aria was smiling but then her face turned pale again.

Mithril was a rare metal with high magical power conductivity. One hundred grams of mithril was worth a hundred gold coins (Equivalent to about ten million yen or a hundred thousand dollars).

Moreover, there were not many people selling mithril because it was extremely hard to find.

「That will be very hard… I don’t know how long it will take…」(Aria)

『Well, it took me more than twenty years to complete the recipe of the potion, so I think it’s cheap enough though. Don’t worry, you can take your time. I’ll always be in this room, so you can come anytiーー』(Peter)


When Peter was talking to Aria, Mylia suddenly interrupted him with a carefree voice.

「Is this enough?」(Mylia)

Mylia then took out a chunk of mithril from her magic bag and showed it to Peter.

「I have quite a lot of this. Here, you can have it.」(Mylia)

『Whoaa… Miss Mylia, you really surprise me every time.』(Peter)

「It’s a deal then!」(Mylia)


Peter was so happy. He received the chunk of mithril and started dancing in the air.

Aria was happy too, but she also felt bad about it.

「Thank you, Mylia-san, but this is too much! At least let me pay for it later!」(Aria)

「No, no. You don’t have to. We’re friends after all. Hehe…」(Mylia)

「Yes… We’re friends…」(Aria)

Aria blushed for a moment, and then looked at Mylia with a serious face.

「But I insist! I’ve been relying too much on you, so please!」(Aria)

「Ahaha… Okay then. You can pay me later.」(Mylia)

「Thank you, Mylia-san! It’s all thanks to you that I can now save my grandma.」(Aria)


The two were smiling at each other. They were so happy that they could finally complete their goal soon.

『Thank you for the mithril. Here’s the recipe. Please read it carefully.』(Peter)

Peter handed Mylia a piece of paper with the list of the materials needed to make the potion, and then the two looked into the paper together.

(Wild yam, crescent moon, magic truffle, jujube grass, magic stone, holy water… We can pretty much buy these materials from a merchant, but…)

「It looks like we have one problem…」(Aria)


They both looked at each other with troubled faces after reading the last material.

The last material written on the paper was…

Basilisk’s blood.



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