Chapter 99 – A Mother’s Wish


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Chapter 99 – A Mother’s Wish



In a way, he is just a human. He is a human who has been freed from the binding of his mortal body.

He was summoned with only his soul. His only weapon is his ability to grow without a limit as he managed to break that word off from himself. And after spending over a hundred years, he finally surpassed the god of war in battle.

He actually does not have anything special with him.

What he has is only one simple belief.

Even if you don’t see the limit now, if you keep on putting your effort into it, you will one day reach your goal.

He does not let words like “I don’t have the talent” shake his belief.

He does not make excuses like “The level is far too different”.

The enemy that he should defeat is just standing still waiting for him so he could just walk his way until he reaches the target.

He is just a fool who made such a crazy conclusion without the slightest care.

And because she personally witnessed his journey, the goddess known as Floria could proudly declare the following words.

Renya Eastle is without a doubt, the current generation war god.


“Well, if he could easily use that title easily then he won’t get into this kind of trouble, right~”


They are currently in the military training ground outside Rintiez Castle.

In this wide ground covered with sandy soil complete with target dolls and other training equipment, Renya and the girls are leisurely waiting for Princess Isabella to finish her warm-up.

Renya’s preparation was just summoning the divine sword [Vanslave] and wearing its sheath on his waist. He does not need any mental preparation because he is the war god who could instantly switch his battle mode instantly when the time to battle comes.

That’s why he could still have a carefree chat with Floria even on the brink of battle.


“Well, if I have to say it myself, I really don’t have the look of some revered being. From what I see in you, Floria, and there are also Alberg and Ishuteria, I think that natural-born gods have this unique basic molding that is just totally different from normal mortals. As I have this common and average look of a Japanese man, I don’t even have any unique aura that comes from my outward appearance”


Without considering their personality, the gods that Renya met in this world are basically inhumanely handsome and beautiful by default. The deviation value could already beat Renya’s outward appearance. He has long given up this point as he could not do anything about his common birth.

He could change his appearance to a better one but Renya just kept going with the style of a common young man that could be found everywhere. Those who could detect his hidden aura and guess that he is not someone simple should be great people themselves.

With that logic, it is not that far-fetched for Princess Isabella to instantly judge him as a bad person just from the rumor and the first impression she gets. Renya and the girls had almost totally given up on the case.

With her personality, it would be difficult to persuade her otherwise when her emotion is currently being worked up like this. Moreover, as the person under suspicion, his explanation would only sound like an excuse.


“But honestly, I never expected for the event of getting scorned as women’s enemy would come this late”

“It is really unfortunate that we never met someone with a similar personality like Princess Isabella before this. You don’t like Tsundere, don’t you?”

“No, we still could not say whether the princess is a tsundere or not, right? …… I don’t actually hate the type. It is just that I am simply not fated with them. Angelica was already someone else’s woman so she is not counted…… Or rather, Floria, haven’t we already discussed something similar before? If I remember correctly, that was when we were still in Eribeiris, I think”

(Eros: Angelica is the fiancee of prince Gerard in the first two arcs. It’s been a while lmao.)

“Now that you mention it, we did, didn’t we~? Eh? I just noticed this now but don’t tell me that all the princesses in the world are tsundere?”

“In my world, the proportion of princesses being tsundere is actually quite high but I don’t know about this world…… I think I will just put this as a coincidence and not think further. Or rather, if it is true that princess equals to being a tsundere then in another meaning, this world’s future is scary”

“Rintiez is governed by a queen after all. It is indeed scary if it were led by a fussy queen that would react volatilely to every official business there is”

“That is simply impossible. Anyway, let’s first stop labeling the princess as a tsundere for now. If I have to say, she is more to the strong-willed and serious type”

“There is also the tendency of fastidious nature, right? Only in matters related to the relationship between men and women though”

“Isn’t that a normal thing for a girl her age?”


In Renya’s mind, he starts having the image of a teenage girl who starts to avoid contact with her father in an extreme way. With how the surrounding boys and girls relationship starts to change when some other wildly fulfill their curiosity, it seems that she chooses the route of becoming a fastidious person in love due to her serious personality.

“But still~, wasn’t it just over-reacting to worry about her mother’s well-being just when you paid her a visit? If she is a prince instead then he may perhaps be a ‘mothercon’ but seeing from her reaction just now, she was really worried that a playboy would sink his poisonous fang into her beloved mother, right?”

(Eros: mother complex. Someone with Oedipus complex in Japanese terms. Simply, they love their mother more than they should be)

“Then rather than calling it being fastidious…… isn’t it more to have a strong distrust towards males?”

“Ah, I see. There’s also that possibility~. Or rather that is perhaps the correct one”


When Renya and the girls are spending their time chatting leisurely, a woman comes out from the midst of the knight walking towards them.

Looking at the newcomer, she is actually queen Alexia herself. While having two royal guards escorting her, she walks directly towards Renya and then lowers her head in an apologetic manner.


“Renya-dono, I am terribly sorry for having you accompany my daughter’s willfulness”

“Your highness, even if it is a trouble involving your family, it is not very wise to lower your head in front of your subjects”

“Then it is even more important for me to personally ask forgiveness from you who got involved in this trouble despite being an innocent party. That is my responsibility as both a mother and a queen”

Following their queen, the two royal guards are also lowering their heads, asking for forgiveness to Renya, the honored guest from afar that is implicated with troubles.

Renya tried to be mindful in his words so the royalty won’t lose their dignity because of this trouble but queen Alexia’s conduct is not like someone who is about to lose it. It seems that Renya is still belittling her ability in governing her own kingdom. He begins to reevaluate his evaluation of her.


“I imagine that it would be a good thing to cool Isabella’s hot headed-ness down. Renya-dono, you don’t have to hold yourself back. Please teach my daughter how worthless her arrogance is when faced against the wide world out there”

“I would still limit my own level to match that of a [mortal] but…… I have no intention of looking her down. I see that she is someone who owns power unbefitting her age, right?”

“Different from her older sister, her Miko characteristic is more focused on turning Ishuteria-sama’s divine power into her own physical strength. Her talent is the fast growth of her personal strength. On the other hand, her older sister directly inherited her characteristics from me. Ever since Isabella realizes that, she has been focusing her effort on excelling herself in the art of fighting and decided to be the kingdom’s protector”


In Rintiez, the ability to accept the oracle from Ishuteria becomes the first criteria for becoming the queen. On this point, Alexia’s two daughters are both capable of accepting oracles through their dream but in regard to the content vividity, the 1st princess is superior by far.

For that reason, the older sister is chosen to succeed the throne and she should refine her skill as a Miko. She is currently being trained in Ishuteria’s holy precinct temple located in the forest to the north of the capital city.

The two sisters had clearly known who will inherit the throne in the future and as Isabella is not someone obsessed with the throne and does not have any interest in holding power, she decided that she would train herself in the direction that her older sister can’t do so they could support the kingdom together.


“Even when she is just 16, the girl has become the kingdom’s strongest knight. Not to mention one on one matches, she is even undefeated in one on many matches. Be it bandit groups that lay waste on the surrounding territory or the magic beast horde coming from the surrounding wasteland are no match for her. Even as a girl, she does not fear blood. In order to protect our subjects, she takes the sword and shield to stand at the front. Honestly, she is the daughter that I am proud of. It’s just that……”

“She is being a bit too fastidious…… Or rather, she seems to have a tendency of hating males in general”

“As I also know what caused it, I can’t really reprimand her too hard about it……”


What Alexia tells him after that is something that Renya had more or less guessed before.

In the past, Isabella was close with one of the maids that worked in the castle regardless of her status. But that maid had left the castle a few years ago after she fell in love with a male wanderer that visited the castle for a certain reason.

Of course, there was no problem happening at the time the maid was leaving. The maid had finished all the procedures for quitting the royal maid work and even finding someone else to take after her without any flaw. But there’s a reason why Isabella could not send her friend out with a smile.

Indeed the man is someone with gentle bearing. He does not act arrogantly and no woman would feel displeasure from interacting with him. He seems to be someone with high skill as the rumor about his achievement even reached the ears of people in the castle in the period when he stayed. Add that to his gentle appearance, it is indeed hard for a girl to resist his charm.

But Isabella could not help but feel suspicious. That man party members were all women. Why would he accept an ordinary maid who worked in a castle into his party? Isabella just could not remove her suspicion that the man would only make her maid friend as just a plaything. But it’s just that not all women in the man’s party are considered as fighters that would fight in the frontline so she hesitated in voicing it out.

Even more so, her maid friend just looked so happy when the man invited her to follow him. She just looks so determined to support the man from the shadows with all her might. Isabella found it even harder to tell her about her own suspicion. All she could do was to see her back when she followed the man to leave.

That was something from two years ago. When Renya realized that the maid was a friend of the same age as Isabella, it means that she was just 14 when she made a big decision that could change her life forever. But then again, thinking about the common sense of this world, it does not seem to be that weird.

And then last year, when Isabella was on her way back from the expedition to Tosuminia, she once again met with that maid friend of hers when she visited one of the villages on her way.

The friend did not talk much. All she told Isabella is that after a series of twists and turns, she ended up settling down in this village. On the friend’s side was a man that could not be considered handsome but he is good mannered nonetheless. At least, her friend’s smile that is pointed toward this new man is genuine and it relieved Isabella from her worry. Alexia then finishes her story.


“That girl really regretted not confronting her friend in the past. She feels that she does not have the right to ask about the detail of what happened to her because all she did was to keep the suspicion to herself and let the friend leave”

“Well, no matter what the truth was, one just can’t help thinking to a certain conclusion based on that story……”

“That’s right. That girl would most likely think that the wanderer before was just toying with her friend’s heart and leaving her when he gets bored. Because even I could not think of another scenario besides that……”

“I agree. There is definitely something happening between the friend and that wanderer. The most likely scenario are either the wanderer one-sidedly dump her or the friend become disillusioned from witnessing the wanderer infidelity and leave herself”

“There is nothing more complex in this world than the relationship between a man and a woman. But it seems that the image of an unfaithful man is also someone self-centered has been strongly ingrained in my daughter’s mind. That’s why…… she thinks that someone like Renya-dono who brings multiple women with you despite just being a wanderer is the worst kind of man. But it is a good thing that she could still interact normally with other more ‘normal’ men”

“…… Now that I know the full story, this duel feels even more worth my while……”


He wants to show Isabella that he has the money and the ability to make a living. And he could even easily find a stable job if he feels like it.

Whether Isabella would think that it is only natural for a man like him to earn all that would be up to her.

But still, to change her opinion about him that he is not the same as that man who changes the fate of her friend, just simply winning the duel does not seem to be enough to move her heart. Renya touches his own head feeling troubled with that.

Guessing the dilemma that Renya had in his mind, the queen continues to talk to him with an even more serious expression.


“Therefore, I know that I am asking for the impossible for you, Renya-dono, but I wish that you don’t simply win this duel with my daughter. I wish that you also show her a victory that could smash apart the negativity in her heart and save her”

“Not just an ordinary win but also a victory with a meaning, eh?”


That word even feels heavy for the war god.

No matter what it forms, this could also be counted as a war. And as long as it is a war, he has to win it no matter what. A victory that was only achieved through brute force would not be counted as a win by the queen.

That is the wish of someone who is not only a monarch of a kingdom but also a mother’s wish for the sake of her daughter.

For Renya, who is aware that he is weak and different from the other gods, the wishes of mortals are something incredibly heavy to carry.

But —- it doesn’t mean that he would give up carrying such a burden right off the bat because it is heavy.

It is because he is still inexperienced as a god and also wishes to live a life that is not that far different from the mortals that he is willing to carry the burden.


“I can’t guarantee that I could fulfill your wish. After all, I am just a god who rules over war, I only know how to wield my own power to defeat my enemies. But still —- Queen Alexia, I would gladly listen to your wish to relieve your worry over your daughter. I am still a newly born juvenile god but I don’t have any intention to become someone heartless and ignore such a pure wish. I don’t know how the result would turn out in the end but I will try my best“

“…… Thank you very much”


At last, dividing the sea of knights apart, the princess who is now wearing a full set of silver armor appears in the middle of the training ground.

Renya turns his gaze towards the appearing figure and walks forth.

Towards a new war that seeks a different kind of victory!



Author’s Note:

It’s been a while since I’ve written Renya-kun in serious mode continuously.

He looks twice as handsome when he is serious… There’s no way that I would write such a cheesy description (evil laugh).




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