Chapter 4-33 : Cardinal’s Granddaughter (part 2)


「Lady Mylia, it’s been a while. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.」(Cardinal Copel)

Seeing Cardinal Copen entering the room with a girl wearing rounded glasses, Mylia hurriedly swallowed her last rice cake.

「ーー*gulp*… I, It’s been a while, Cardinal Copel.」(Mylia)

Cardinal Copel, who was dressed in a white and gold priest robe, gave Mylia a friendly smile.

「Please forgive me for calling you here while you are busy. How is the development of your territory going so far?」(Cardinal Copel)

「With the help of my sisters and Aria-san from the Griffith Family, we’re making a lot of progress.」(Mylia)

(Uhh… I’m really not good at talking with elderly people…)

「Is that so? That’s wonderful! I will always pray for your success on behalf of the Church of Celis.」(Cardinal Copel)

「Ahaha… Thank you.」(Mylia)

「I would like to talk with you more, but it would be a loss for the kingdom if I took too much of your precious time, so let me go straight to business. Lady Mylia, as promised, I want to introduce my granddaughter to you.」(Cardinal Copel)

After Cardinal Copel said that, the girl next to him stepped forward.

Just like Cardinal Copel, she was also dressed in a white and gold priest robe.

She had silky-looking white hair and beautiful red eyes behind her rounded glasses.

Mylia could tell that she was a witch because she had a magic bag on her waist.

(Whoa… She’s so pretty! Her white hair looks so smooth… I wish I could stroke her hair…)

「My name is Josephine. I’m Cardinal Copel’s granddaughter. It’s an honor to meet you.」(Josephine)

The girl who called herself Josephine, gracefully bowed to Mylia as she introduced herself.

「U, Un. It’s nice to meet you too. I’m Mylia.」(Mylia)

(What a solemn and polite person…)

Seeing his granddaughter politely introduce herself to Mylia, Cardinal Copel smiled at her and stroked her head.

「Josephine is sixteen years old. She is a capable person who has received a lot of training, so you can trust her to fulfill the duties regarding the Church of Celis.」(Cardinal Copel)

Responding to what Cardinal Copel said about her, Josephine nodded silently.

「I see. You might have heard about me from Cardinal Copel. I don’t know anything about the customs of the Church of Celis, so I’d be happy if you could teach me about them. I’ll be relying on you.」(Mylia)

「It will be my pleasure. By the way, Baron Mylia, I made a design for the cathedral that will be built in your territory. Would you take a look?」(Josephine)

「Oh, really? Can you show it to me?」(Mylia)

Josephine smiled brightly.

She looked so happy when Mylia asked her to show the design she made.

However, Cardinal Copel stopped her. He glanced down at her and shook his head.

「Josephine, don’t…」(Cardinal Copel)

Josephine pouted and puffed out her cheeks. She didn’t look happy that her grandpa stopped her.

She decided to ignore Cardinal Copel and took out an incredibly large blueprint made of several sheets of paper glued together from her magic bag.

She then spread the blueprint on the floor and sat cross-legged on the floor. I could see her panties but she didn’t seem to care. She was busy flattening the blueprint on the floor.

She was now behaving like a five-year-old child who was excited to show her toy to a new friend.

(Josephine-san…? I never thought she would behave like this. Where did the cool and polite beautiful girl I just met go!?)

「Umm… Josephine… san?」(Mylia)

Mylia couldn’t help but smile wryly at Josephine.

「Ah, Lady Mylia, please take a look! First of all, this is what the cathedral will look like from the front! And this is from the back, this is from the side, and this one is the aerial view! What do you think?」(Josephine)

Josephine smiled brightly while pointing at the blueprint on the floor.

「Oh, Josephine…」(Cardinal Copel)

For some reason, Cardinal Copel put his hand on his forehead and shook his head as if saying, “Here she goes again…”

After that, Josephine kept explaining about the blueprint of the new cathedral she made herself for about two and a half hours.




「Lady Mylia, please forgive my poorly disciplined granddaughter. As you might have noticed, she loves buildings. She’s had a strong interest in buildings since she was little. I promise you she is a talented girl. She just has a weird hobby…」(Cardinal Copel)

(Weird hobby? I don’t think so! She may be a building otaku, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all. She has talent in construction, that’s for sure! We will build many buildings in the village and turn it into a town, and I think that Josephine-san is the perfect construction engineer for this project!)

「I’m sorry, Lady Mylia. I can’t stop talking when it comes to buildings and construction…」(Josephine)

「No, no. It’s alright. I’m impressed with your design, honestly.」(Mylia)

「R, Really!?」(Josephine)

Josephine, who looked a bit down for a moment, smiled brightly again.

「Of course. I still don’t have the blueprint for the cathedral, and I thought of hiring a professional engineer, but after listening to your explanation, I think I will hire you instead to be my construction engineer.」(Mylia)

「Whaaa~!! T, Thank you, Lady Mylia! I promise I won’t disappoint you!」(Josephine)

「Oh, dear…」(Cardinal Copel)

Cardinal Copel, who didn’t expect that Mylia would hire his granddaughter as an engineer, let out a big sigh.

「Josephine, I won’t stop you, but don’t forget to teach Lady Mylia about the Church of Celis, okay?」(Cardinal Copel)

「Of course. Grandpa, you don’t need to worry about that.」(Josephine)

「I have nothing to say then.」(Cardinal Copel)

Cardinal Copel replied with a smile and then stroked his granddaughter’s head again.

(They seem to get along well with each other… Somehow, they remind me of how my grandma and I interacted with each other in my previous life…)

「Anyway, I don’t know much about buildings and construction, but I do like the cathedral blueprint you made.」(Mylia)

「Lady Mylia… It’s an honor to be praised by someone as great as you! But… Umm…」(Josephine)

「Hm? What’s wrong?」(Mylia)

「I made the design without thinking about the budget, so… We might need to make some adjustments once we decide on the budget.」(Josephine)

「Budget? Fufu. You don’t need to worry about budget. I can provide you with as much money as you need.」(Mylia)

(With the money I made from selling monster materials and the regional budget I got from the queen, I still have about 90.000 gold coins, so I don’t think we will run out of money anytime soon.)

「So, we have an infinite budget…? That’s incredible!」(Josephine)

Josephine looked at Mylia in awe, imagining how much money she had.

Meanwhile, Mylia didn’t know that in the future, she would be spending all her free time scraping money together because of the blank check she gave Josephine.

「In any case, I want you to meet Chloe onee-chaー onee-sama once we arrive at the Atwood Territory. She will be the one to give you instructions.」(Mylia)


Josephine looked so excited. She couldn’t wait to work as a construction engineer in the Atwood Territory.



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  1. And then Mylia’s town become the best town due to building looks and queen wish to scout Josephine unaware of how much budget sink

    1. I doubt the wise queen would make such a mistake. She’ll probably have it investigated only to be flabbergasted at how much money Mylia put in…

  2. First of all, I love Josephine already!

    Second: yes Cardinal, your granddaughter should express her hobby and talent for the public good. That’s the point of Mylia hiring her.

    Third: the whole point of money is to be a medium of mutual exchange; that is its literal one job. It needs to circulate and change hands to retain its trust as that medium. As the chapter implies, Josephine’s construction projects will encourage this money activity (but perhaps too well to the point of interfering with Mylia’s other ideas).


    Thank you for the chapter!

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