Chapter 4-22 : It’s Me, Mylia (part 2)


Bonnie was holding a small plate with a candle made of animal fat on it. Thanks to it, the dark room became a bit bright.

(Ugh… So they still use that candle, huh? I still remember how bad that candle smells… Luckily, we don’t use that cheap candle in the royal capital…)

Thinking the same thing as Mylia that the candle smelled bad, Bonnie approached the window and opened it.

「Bonnie onee-sama…」(Chloe)

Bonnie’s face which was illuminated by the candle reflected clearly on the floating screen.

Being able to see her older sister’s face after more than two years of not seeing each other, Chloe couldn’t help but smile.

However, Bonnie’s face wasn’t the only one that was reflected on the screen.

Chloe could also see Alex’s face, which was illuminated by the candle, on the screen.

「…I wish I didn’t have to see that man’s face…」(Chloe)

Chloe frowned as soon as Alex’s face came into her sight.

「He looks disgusting as always.」(Mylia)


They had been sexually harassed by Alex many times when they lived in the mansion.

Remembering the horrible things Alex did to them, Mylia and Chloe moved closer to each other. Chloe then wrapped her arm around Mylia’s shoulder and pulled her tightly.

Mylia relaxed her shoulders and smiled while feeling Chloe’s warmth.

「I wonder what they are talking about…」(Chloe)

「Ah, wait a second… Microphone Magic, activate.」(Mylia)

After Mylia used her Microphone Magic, Bonnie and Alex’s voices could be heard from the floating screen.

『You know what? Father was very angry because Mother lectured him too much again today, and because of that, he grabbed my neck and punched me in the face to release his anger!』(Alex)

『I see.』(Bonnie)

Bonnie replied to Alex with a smirk.

『Tsk! Why are you laughing!? It’s all your fault! If you didn’t have the stupid idea of growing wheat, Father wouldn’t have had to work like a commoner and I wouldn’t have had to suffer from his punch!』(Alex)

Saying that, Alex glared at Bonnie and lay down on the bed.

He usually looked like a weak and foolish person in front of the other family members, but when he was alone with Bonnie, he was strangely arrogant.

(So, he usually acts arrogantly in front of Bonnie onee-sama, huh? He really pisses me off… I wish I could punch him in the face like that muscle-head usually does to him.)

『My fault? Look. We need to make money to pay Robin’s debt. If you want to blame someone, you can blame her!』(Bonnie)

Bonnie put the candle on the window sill and started combing her long black hair that looked as beautiful as Chloe’s.

While combing her hair, she glared at his husband who was lying down next to her.

『I want you to do something too. At this rate, our family will get punished because we can’t pay the debt.』(Bonnie)

『Hmph. It’s not my debt, so it’s not my problem. In the first place, if Mylia-chan didn’t send Robin home, we wouldn’t have to bear her debt. Mylia-chan will come back after she graduates, right? When that time comes, you can beg her for money. You were kind to her, so I’m sure she will listen to you.』(Alex)

『Even so, I don’t think she will use her money for this family’s sake after all the terrible things we have done to her.』(Bonnie)

『Persuading her is your job! …Aa-aah, I wonder when she will come back… Mylia-chan~』(Alex)


Mylia shivered when she saw Alex say her name and make a creepy smile.

Next to him, Bonnie frowned and looked at him with a disgusted face.

『…That girl is an excellent magician. Even if she will come back, you won’t be able to do anything to her.』(Bonnie)

『Then help me! You know that I can’t hold myself anymore! Don’t make me say the same thing for years. If you want to have a baby with me, then cooperate with me already!』(Alex)

Listening to what Alex said, Bonnie stood up, glared at Alex, and shouted.

『Don’t be ridiculous! I’d rather die than let my little sister be raped by scum like you!』(Bonnie)

『Khh…!! You’re such an impudent wife!』(Alex)

Alex got up from the bed, grabbed Bonnie’s right arm really hard, and pushed her against a wall.

The table rattled and the candle flame shook from the momentum.

『I came to this shabby mansion and married an old hag like you for the sake of this f*cking house! You should be grateful to me!』(Alex)

Alex’s face that was reflected on the screen looked like the face of someone who was possessed by an evil spirit.

Realizing that Chloe was trembling when she saw that face, Mylia grabbed Chloe’s hand and held it tightly.

『It… It hurts… Let… go of me…!』(Bonnie)

Alex gripped Bonnie’s arm quite hard. It almost cracked her bones.

Unable to bear the pain, Bonnie let go of the wooden comb she was holding in her hand.

「That jerk!!」(Chloe)

「Dammit! …Don’t worry, Onee-chan. I will heal her arm later.」(Mylia)

「Please do…」(Chloe)

Mylia and Chloe wanted to help Bonnie so badly, but they couldn’t because no one should know that they were at the Atwood’s mansion.

Alex roughly let go of Bonnie’s arm after gripping it for a few seconds.

『…Tsk. What a disobedient woman.』(Alex)

Losing interest in Bonnie, Alex returned to the bed, turned his back toward Bonnie, and pulled the blanket over himself.

He didn’t seem to want to argue any longer with Bonnie.

Bonnie picked up the comb from the floor and gently rubbed her red, swollen arm.

She then looked outside through the window and muttered to herself.

『…I’m glad they both left before this monster could leave incurable scars on them… Chloe… Mylia… I hope you’re both living well in the royal capital…』(Bonnie)

Mylia and Chloe could see a teardrop run down Bonnie’s cheek as she continued combing her hair with trembling hands.

「Mylia… I can’t bear it anymore… Let’s talk to her.」(Chloe)

Chloe gritted her teeth and held Mylia’s shoulder tighter.


Mylia nodded to Chloe. She then moved the magical energy that she released for catching Bonnie and Alex’s voices into Bonnie’s ear and switched the function from input to output.

Now, the magical energy in Bonnie’s ear no longer worked as the microphone, but the speaker.

After that, Mylia adjusted the volume output so that her voice didn’t hurt Bonnie’s ear.

「Bonnie onee-sama… Bonnie onee-sama… Can you hear me?」(Mylia)

After Mylia called her name, Bonnie stopped combing her hair and looked around the room.

She looked confused and a bit frightened as if hearing a ghost’s voice.

「Don’t be afraid. It’s me, Mylia.」(Mylia)

The moment she heard Mylia’s name, Bonnie opened her eyes wide and looked outside, wondering if she would find her little sister there.

However, she couldn’t find her because it was pitch black outside, and Mylia and Chloe were floating about a hundred meters above the mansion

「I’m using magic to speak to you so other people can’t hear my voice. If you can hear me loud and clear, please put the comb on the table.」(Mylia)

Just as Mylia told, Bonnie put the wooden comb on the table and looked outside again.

(That’s Bonnie onee-sama for you! She can grasp the situation really quickly.)

「Bonnie onee-sama, I want to talk with you. After you confirm that Alex is sleeping, please come to the lavender hut in the backyard. Please nod if you understand.」(Mylia)

Bonnie nodded deeply and glanced at Alex, waiting for him to completely fall asleep.



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  1. Mylia needs to invent the sex offender registry for this world if there is not an equivalent already, and Alex would be the first disgrace to end up on it.

    1. she needs to tie that fucker up and give his ass as present to a dragon, so he can die split in 2, if you get what I mean lol.

      1. Is that a joke about how in Asian mythology (Chinese mythology in particular), there are a bunch of stories of dudes (old dudes mostly in the legends) getting raped by dragons? Because if so, I salute a fellow obscure mythology lover.

  2. >He usually looked like a weak and foolish person in front of the other family members, but when he was alone with Robin, he was strangely arrogant.

    I think it should be “alone with Bonnie” here

    1. Bonnie: My dear little sisters I can’t take it anymore, take me with you like you did with Jasmin. I want to leave this house.
      Myria: we want it, but be patient a little longer because I will soon be the new lord of Atwood instead of father.
      the queen has sent emissaries, they will arrive soon. At that time I will do everything so that you can realize your dream, develop the culture of wheat.
      Bonnie: How do you know I’m looking for a way to make our life better here?
      Chloé: Myria is extraordinary, she can do anything with her magic. One word from you and she’ll send that step brother and father away from here how she did it with Robin.
      Myria: he he… (she scratches her head with her usual smile.
      Bonnie: Is that true? Myria, the new lord? I can’t believe it.

      1. It’s not stepbrother. That would mean that Aaron somehow got a 2nd wife or something. *shivers* It’s brother-in-law.

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