Chapter 4-21 : Optimistic Eldest Daughter (part 2)


『Hahh… You’re insensitive as usual… I haven’t forgotten how many times you called me “a useless woman who can only give birth to girls”. The priest told us many times that children are gifts from Goddess Celis, so regardless of whether they are male or female, we should raise them with care, but you never listen. Your domineering nature has cost you dearly. Most of your daughters left you because you didn’t raise them well, but at least you still have Bonnie. It’s not too late to show her some love.』(Ella)

(That’s right, Mother! You tell him! And you, meathead, you should listen to your wife!)

『Shut up! Enough with your lecture already! I’m sick of listening to it every single day! You should just shut your mouth and do whatever I say like before! Goddammit!』(Aaron)

After shouting at Ella and hitting the table, Aaron hurriedly got out of the house as if he was running away from Ella.

(Uhee… Running away from his wife like that… So lame…)

While watching Aaron leave the living room with Clairvoyance, Mylia stuck out her tongue.

『Oh, Dear… Bonnie is currently doing her best to make our territory better, but you… Hahh… I wonder when he will change…』(Ella)

Ella sighed as she looked in the direction where Aaron went.

(Bonnie onee-sama is doing her best for the sake of this territory…? That eldest daughter who always looks depressed and helpless…? Really…?)

Mylia’s interest now shifted from Ella and Aaron to the eldest daughter, Bonnie.

(Hmm, she doesn’t seem to be at home now. I wonder where Bonnie onee-sama is now… Sonar Magic, activate.)

As soon as she used Sonar Magic, she sensed Bonnie’s presence somewhere outside the house.

She then immediately moved her Clairvoyance sight there.

Bonnie was currently in a lavender field on the west side of the village.

She was not alone. She was with some people who seemed to be farmers.

It seemed that they were having a serious discussion.

(Bonnie onee-sama is talking with the villagers… I wonder what they are talking about…)

It was the first time Mylia had seen Bonnie speak in front of people.

『ーーSo, why do you think we can’t grow more vegetables?』(Bonnie)

『I think all the lavender flowers in this village are sucking up the nutrition in the soil around here, so that’s why we can’t grow vegetables.』(young farmer)

『I see. Then how about decreasing the number of lavender fields? Will it be effective?』(Bonnie)

『I’m sorry, Bonnie-sama, I don’t think it will have any effect on the condition of the soil.』(young farmer)

『Hmm… In other words, we can’t change the condition of the soil unless we do something to the soil itself, huh? I’ve read in a book about a method to increase the nutrients in the soil by mixing it with fallen leaves.』(Bonnie)

『Ah, I’ve heard about that method from my grandfather. If I’m not mistaken, it’s called compost fertilization.』(young farmer)

『Yes, that one! Have you tried it before?』(Bonnie)

『I have. However, it only made growing vegetables slightly easier. I still couldn’t grow wheat no matter how many times I tried.』(young farmer)

『I see… That means the soil in this territory is no longer fit for cultivation, it seems… Anyway, thanks for the report. Let’s try various things. As long as we keep trying, I’m sure we will eventually find the solution.』(Bonnie)

『『Understood, Bonnie-sama!』』(farmers)

Mylia only knew Bonnie as the depressed eldest daughter who always looked down and didn’t talk much, especially in front of their father.

She was surprised when she saw Bonnie talk with the villagers with confidence. In Mylia’s eyes, Bonnie looks like the brilliant and smart Chloe who she admires right now.

(Whoaa… Bonnie onee-sama looks so much like Chloe onee-chan… No, I think Chloe onee-chan was the one who learned a lot from Bonnie onee-sama in the past…)

Mylia didn’t really remember what kind of person Bonnie was before she regained her past life memories, but the memory of her seeing Bonnie teach Chloe many things popped into her head for a split second.

It happened way back before Bonnie married Alex. Mylia was very young at that time, so she didn’t remember much.

(Chloe onee-chan said that Bonnie onee-sama had changed since she married that perverted lolicon. She fell into depression and wore a gloomy face and looked like she might commit suicide at any moment… But…)

Seeing Bonnie talking with the villagers with a bold face and shining eyes, Mylia couldn’t help but smile.

(So this is her true nature… Bonnie onee-sama…)

Mylia’s impression of Bonnie had completely changed.

After seeing Bonnie’s true self, Mylia could no longer see her as a depressed woman who always looks gloomy.

『Umm… Bonnie-sama, do you know when Chloe ojou-sama and Mylia ojou-sama will return?』(old lady)

An old farmer woman timidly asked Bonnie that. She seemed to miss Chloe and Mylia.

(Ah, she is the obaa-chan who always greeted Chloe onee-chan and me with a smile while we were working at the lavender field. I’m glad she’s doing fine.)

『Honestly, I don’t know if they will come back or not… I’m sorry…』(Bonnie)

『You may have doubts, Bonnie-sama, but we believe that Chloe ojou-sama will come back with Mylia ojou-sama someday. Chloe ojou-sama taught the children to read, write, and do math at the church every week back then. The children miss her so much. They believe that she will come back with a lot of food someday…』(old lady)

『I see… I too miss them so much… I wish I could do more for them…』(Bonnie)

『I, I’m sorry, Bonnie-sama… It’s just… We have been feeling uneasy since the day Robin-sama fell from the sky, so…』(old lady)

When the old lady said that, some of the villagers who gathered there looked a bit sad.

『I understand… Of course, I’m hoping that Chloe and Mylia will come back someday. I’d be very happy if that happened. Besides, they might be able to help us save this land.』(Bonnie)

『Talking about Mylia ojou-sama, I heard that she can use magic. Is that true?』(male farmer)

『Yes, it’s true. I haven’t forgotten about what happened in the church the day Mylia left this village.』(Bonnie)

『Then, why didn’t she do something with magic while she was here?』(male farmer)

『I think she was hiding her ability because she was afraid that Father would abuse her into using it for him. Besides, magicians are quite rare in this kingdom. She might also have thought that Father would sell her to a noble or something.』(Bonnie)

『I see. Makes sense.』(male farmer)

『Anyway, I’m not sure myself, but they will probably come back after they graduate from the Royal Girls’ Academy. Until then, let’s do our best to make this village a little better so that we can welcome them with pride.』(Bonnie)

『Bonnie-sama’s right! Let’s do our best, everyone!』(young farmer)

『No matter how slim our hope is, we’ll be fine as long as we don’t give up!』(old farmer)


(These people… I see… The villagers here are not bad people… Yet, I…)

Mylia felt a bit regretful for neglecting the villagers for so long.

They looked somewhat gloomy back when Mylia lived at the mansion, so she couldn’t bring herself to like them.

However, she changed her mind after seeing them band together to try as best as they could to survive.

Mylia always hated the Atwood Territory, but at that moment, she felt that she wanted to do something for it.

(People can’t live without eating after all! I need to save these people! Seems like I have to come and talk directly with Bonnie onee-sama… Please wait for me, Bonnie onee-sama. I will come to see you soon!)

Mylia canceled her Clairvoyance and Microphone Magic and stood up from her seat.

Her heart was filled with the urge to make the Atwood Territory a better place and the feeling of wanting to see her older sister who was doing her best for other people’s sake.



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