Chapter 4-21 : Optimistic Eldest Daughter (part 1)


It had been three days since Mylia, Titania, and Leaf started making Tania Crystals, and they successfully made fifty of them. That was enough to cover the area in the Atwood Territory that might be damaged by the meteor.

(Phew… It’s been a while since I almost ran out of magical power… Filling up all these crystals is so tiring…)

After filling up the last Tania Crystal with magical power, Mylia put it on the table with the other Tania Crystals that had been filled up and stretched her body.

She was planning to set them up all over the Atwood Territory soon.

(Oh, right. I wonder if Chloe onee-chan has finished all the documents needed for the reclamation plans… Aa-ah, I wish Onee-chan could use magic so that I could call her with Phone Magic… I guess I will return to the royal capital and see her later.)

Even though she could do various things with magic, Mylia started to think that living in a world that had no communication devices was kind of inconvenient.

Mylia called it Phone Magic but it was basically telepathy. Because sending messages with telepathy requires magical power, it can only be used between people who can use magic.

For now, the people Mylia could speak with via Phone Magic were Titania, Leaf, and Aria.

However, Aria couldn’t use telepathy if the other party was far from her. She could only speak with Mylia via Phone Magic while Mylia was in the royal capital.

(Hmm… Maybe if I can improve my Phone Magic to a certain level, I might be able to speak with Onee-chan… Well, I can think about it later. Now, I need to set up these crystals, and… to set them up, I need to go near that mansion… Haahh…)

Mylia let out a sigh as she felt a bit depressed remembering the Atwood’s mansion.

She felt hurt in the stomach just from recalling Aaron and Robin’s faces.

(I almost forgot that that muscle-head is currently still the lord of the Atwood Territory… I wonder where the queen’s heraldic officers are now. They should arrive at Atwood Territory soon.)

Thinking about the heraldic officers that were sent by Queen Kushana to the Atwood Territory, Mylia used Clairvoyance and moved her sight toward the highway leading to the royal capital.

(Ugh… This forest is spooky and dark as always… I wonder if I can develop this land in the future…)

When her sight passed the monster territory next to the highway, Mylia thought that land would be difficult to develop.

First of all, it was a dangerous forest. She could feel the disturbing magical power oozing out from all over the forest, indicating that there were many furious monsters there.

The next problem was the tall trees. In order to develop the area in that forest, Mylia needed to clear all the trees, and it wouldn’t be easy because most of them were very tall and thick.

Even though she could use magic, clearing all the trees in that forest would take a long time.

(Now, let’s see where those heraldic officers are…)

After her sight passed the monster territory, Mylia focused on the highway, hoping she would find the officers.

(Ah, I found them!)

After searching the highway for a few minutes, she spotted a group of people riding horses.

Some of them were holding the kingdom’s flag, so they were most likely the heraldic officers that were sent by the queen.

Mylia didn’t feel the presence of any monsters around them.

Apparently, they were using a high-class magic tool that could repel monsters. It was an incense-type magic tool that had an aroma that monsters hated.

(Hoo~ They look cool! They’re still holding the flags even though there are no people other than them on that road. I wonder if the middle-aged man in the center is the leader.)

Mylia took out a donut she made from her magic bag and began eating it while observing the officers with Clairvoyance.

It had been a while since the last time she had enjoyed observing people with Clairvoyance.

(Hmm… Judging from the distance between them and the mansion, I think they will arrive tomorrow at noon. Master said she would definitely watch the exchange between that muscle-head and the officers later. She couldn’t wait to see what kind of face that muscle-head will make.)

After observing them for a while, Mylia moved her sight to the Atwood’s mansion.

(Honestly, I don’t want to do it, but I think I have to confirm that everyone in that mansion has no idea about the heraldic officers. It would be bad if that muscle-head knew about them and tried to escape. I really don’t want to see his face now but he usually goes to the forest to hunt at this time, so I think he’s not at home.)

Mylia took the last bite of her donut, cleaned her hands and mouth with Cleaning Magic, and focused her sight on the worn mansion that might collapse at any moment.

Recalling the memories of the four years she spent there since she regained the memories of her past life made Mylia want to puke. She spontaneously stuck out her tongue.

(Ugh… It’s been quite a while since I felt the heavy atmosphere of this mansion. It makes me sick…)

To change her mood, Mylia took out a wooden cup and homemade apple juice from her magic bag and took a sip of it.

While sipping the apple juice, Mylia moved her sight to the living room and saw Aaron, the man she didn’t want to see the most at the time.

(Geh!! I thought he went to the forest… Why is he not hunting today?)

Aaron was currently talking with Ella. He seemed to be in a bad mood as usual.

(I wonder why they are talking about… Microphone Magic, activate.)

Mylia used magic to eavesdrop on their conversation.

『Dear… Have you found a land where we can grow wheat…?』(Ella)

When Ella asked Aaron faint-heartedly, Aaron answered with an angry tone as usual.

『Hah! Do you think it would be so simple? In the first place, why do I have to work like a peasant!? I’m the lord of this land!』(Aaron)

『But we need money to pay our debt…』(Ella)

『It’s not our debt. It’s Robin’s! This is all that Landmine Woman’s fault!』(Aaron)


Seeing Aaron call Robin the nickname she made for her, Mylia almost spitted out her apple juice.

『Did you forget what Bonnie said? If we can grow wheat we can sell it at a good price and make a considerable amount of money.』(Ella)

『Tsk… Of course, I didn’t.』(Aaron)

『Bonnie is smart, just like Chloe. However, she was depressed because she can’t have children. Moreover, every night, you always ask her when she will get pregnant which makes her even more depressed. You know nothing about women’s feelings, but you can at least learn to choose your words more carefully.』(Ella)

『Yeah, yeah… Dammit, you’re so annoying…』(Aaron)

(Hmm…? This is weird… I’ve never seen this grumpy musclehead reply to Mother with such a subdued voice… And I’ve never seen Mother who’s always afraid of him talk so much to him… What has happened while I’ve been gone…?)



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