Chapter 4-10 : Teleporting With a Radish Sprout On Her Head (part 2)


After teleporting seven times from the royal capital, Mylia, Chloe, and Leaf reached the Atwood Territory.

To be exact, they were floating about a hundred meters above the Atwood’s mansion.

By the way, Leaf didn’t know where the Atwood Territory was but she was able to keep up with Mylia by tracking Mylia’s magical power.

「Onee-chan, look. It’s the mansion…」(Mylia)

「It looks so small from here…」(Chloe)

The big, worn-out mansion looked like a small house from the sky. The small lavender hut in the backyard was also visible.

Mylia and Chloe were staring at the mansion as they smelled the faint scent of lavender wafting in the wind.

Mylia frowned as she thought that Robin might currently be in that mansion.

「Mylia onee-chan, I feel something ‘evil’ in that house.」(Leaf)

Leaf, who was floating next to Mylia and Chloe, stared at the mansion with blank eyes.

Her nose was slightly wrinkled for some reason.

「Something evil…?」(Mylia)

(Does she mean those ‘bad guys’? Certainly, they’re hateful people, but I didn’t expect that they’re so bad that even Leaf can tell from here…)

Since Robin was forced home by Mylia a while ago, her heart had been filled with anger and hate. She was so mad that she felt like destroying everything in sight.

「Don’t worry, Leaf, we won’t approach that mansion.」(Mylia)

「I see. Should I destroy it?」(Leaf)

Saying that, Leaf raised her hand, ready to destroy the mansion with her magic.

「N, No, no, no! You don’t have to!」(Mylia)

「That’s too bad… I wanted to try the Explosion Magic you taught me.」(Leaf)

As soon as Mylia stopped her, Leaf lowered her hand.

Leaf was fascinated by Mylia’s Explosion Magic when Mylia pulverized the boulders at the practical training a while ago, so she asked Mylia to teach her the spell.

Although Leaf’s Explosion Magic wasn’t as powerful as Mylia’s, she would likely be able to blow the Atwood’s mansion away in one shot.

Seeing Leaf lowering her hand, Mylia and Chloe let out a sigh of relief.

「L, Leaf, I think you should try it on a boulder or something first…」(Mylia)


「Anyway, let’s go to my master’s house. Follow me!」(Mylia)


Leaf looked down at the Atwood’s mansion with slightly disappointed eyes for a second and then followed Mylia heading toward the northern forest.




When they arrived at Titania’s house in the northern forest of the Atwood Territory, Mylia let go of Chloe and took a deep breath.

「Mmm~ Aahh~ I really love the forest smell around here.」(Mylia)

「Fufu. Somehow I can understand. The smell is so calming.」(Chloe)


Imitating Mylia, Chloe took a deep breath too and looked around, feeling nostalgic about the place.

「It’s been a while since the last time I came here…」(Chloe)

The last time Chloe visited Titania was two and a half years ago after she passed the entrance exam to the school.

Back then, she came to ask Titania to take care of her precious little sister.

After breathing the fresh air for a few seconds, Mylia went into the front yard of Titania’s house and approached the beautiful elf who had been waiting for their arrival while sitting on a stump and sunbathing in the morning sunlight with a sleepy face.

「Master, I came to visit!」(Mylia)

「Welcome, Mylia. *yawn* Fwaaahhhh~….」(Titania)

Titania’s dress was messy. It seemed that she had just woken up.

「Had you been waiting for us?」(Mylia)

「Yeah… I woke up when I sensed your tremendous amount of magical power approaching. You should have told me with your Phone Magic first if you want to come.」(Titania)

「Ahaha… I’m sorry. I was so excited to try teleporting with Onee-chan, so I forgot to tell you.」(Mylia)

「Hee~ So you came with Teleportation Magic while bringing Chloe along, huh?」(Titania)


「That’s impressive!」(Titania)

As she complimented Mylia, Titania glanced at Chloe.

Noticing Titania’s gaze, Chloe approached Titania and greeted her with a smile.

「Titania-sama, it’s been a long time.」(Chloe)

「Long time no see, Chloe. How’s your life in the royal capital?」(Titania)

「I’ve been enjoying it so far, especially after Mylia enrolled in the school.」(Chloe)

「I see. Actually, I know everything. I’ve been watching you guys with Clairvoyance after all.」(Titania)

「Is that so? Umm, thank you for watching after us, I guess?」(Chloe)

「You’re welcome~」(Titania)

After talking with Chloe, Titania moved her gaze toward Leaf who was standing next to Mylia.

Leaf then looked at Titania with her usual expressionless face.

(Umm… Master told me that she won a battle against a dryad when she went to the World Tree more than a hundred years ago… Since there are many dryads living in the World Tree, I don’t think the dryad she fought was Leaf, but… I wonder what she thinks about Leaf…)

Mylia swallowed her saliva as she watched the two legendary races glaring at each other.



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