Chapter 3-45 : Falling Second Daughter (part 1)


At the same time as Robin started to lose altitude, Aaron, the lord of the Atwood Family, was returning from hunting with his son-in-law, Alex, and two young male villagers.

He was in a bad mood because they only got one rabbit from hunting all day.


Looking at the rabbit carried by one of the villagers who was accompanying as a luggage carrier, Aaron clicked his tongue.

The villager could only bow his head. The aura of anger he felt from Aaron scared him even though it wasn’t his fault that their hunt went badly.

Feeling irritated, Aaron kept leading the way through the village, heading toward his mansion.

When they were about to arrive at the mansion, Alex, who was walking behind Aaron, noticed something in the sky.

「Fa, Father… There’s something in the sky.」(Alex)


Without even trying to hide his annoyed expression, Aaron looked up at the sky.

He saw a red object coming toward his mansion from the direction of the royal capital.

「What the hell is that? Some kind of bird-type monster?」(Aaron)

He couldn’t see it clearly but he heard a “kyaa kyaa” sound from that thing, so he thought that it was a bird-type monster.

Aaron held his bow and took an arrow from the quiver on his back.

Alex and the two villagers also did the same.

「On my mark.」(Aaron)

Aaron was planning to shoot the mysterious object. He was waiting for it to get closer to get an easy shot.

However, he noticed that something was not right when he got a clearer view as the object got closer and closer.

「Hold on… That’s not a bird… And it’s heading toward my house!」(Aaron)

Realizing that the thing was falling toward his mansion, Aaron lowered his bow and dashed, crossing the lavender fields.

He kept an eye on the mysterious object while running.

「Is that… a person!?」(Aaron)

Aaron finally realized that the mysterious red thing was actually not a bird-type monster but a human being.

He increased his speed, running as fast as he could toward the mansion, still confused.

Alex and the two villagers couldn’t keep up with him but he didn’t care. All he could think about was finding out what that mysterious object truly was.

As soon as he got to the front yard of his mansion, he prepared his bow and took aim at the mysterious object.

He knew that it was human but he thought that they might be a dangerous person.

However, before he released his arrow, he noticed that the object that gradually looked bigger as it got closer was actually someone he knew.

「A woman in a red dress…? Hold on! That’sーー」(Aaron)


The “kyaa kyaa” sound that Aaron thought was the sound of a bird-type monster was actually the sound of Robin’s screaming.


The anomaly he witnessed made Aaron really confused. He thought that there was no way Robin could fly in the sky.

He kept holding his bow and arrow, ready to shoot in case it was a dangerous monster who was pretending to be Robin.

「Hahh hahh… I, Is that really Robin-san!?」(Alex)

Alex, who finally caught up with Aaron, looked at Robin while breathing heavily.


Robin noticed Aaron in the front yard and asked for help.

However, Aaron was still holding his bow, aiming his arrow at Robin. He still wasn’t sure if it was really his daughter or not so he didn’t let his guard down.

On the other hand, Alex lowered his bow. He was so confused and didn’t know what he should do. He could only look back and forth between Aaron and Robin.

Meanwhile, the two villagers were only standing nearby while looking up at Robin who was about to crash into a big tree in the middle of the lavender fields.


Right after she screamed, she hit the tree real hard and knocked it down.

However, because the speed of Mylia’s Jet Rocket Magic was too fast, she didn’t stop there.

After knocking down the tree, Robin kept going and crashed into a hut where villagers stored harvested lavender and dragged along the ground for about a hundred meters before she completely stopped lying face down.

The cloud of dust raised up and the trail on the ground that Robin left looked as if it had been gouged up with a bulldozer or something.

The high heels came off Robin’s feet after they finished their job.

「Oi, are you okay!?」(Aaron)

Aaron ran toward Robin while still holding his bow and arrow.

When he was close enough, he was surprised that Robin was still alive after that horrible crash.

Actually, Robin survived thanks to Mylia’s protection spell she cast on Robin before she launched her into the air.

「Are you… Robin?」(Aaron)

Aaron asked while aiming his bow at Robin.


「Answer me! Are you Robin!?」(Aaron)


Aaron asked for the second time but Robin still didn’t answer.

「She looks a lot like Robin but… Is she really Robin…?」(Aaron)

Aaron carefully grabbed Robin’s right leg, pulled it, and turned her over.

Now that Robin was lying on her back, Aaron could see her face.

Robin’s eyes were all white and her face looked pale. It seemed that she fainted when she crashed.

「…Oi, do you know what happened to her?」(Aaron)

Aaron turned his gaze to Alex who followed him and asked.

「I have no idea… But, Father, that letter may tell us something.」(Alex)

Alex pointed at the letter attached to Robin’s forehead.

Aaron then put away his bow and arrow, took the letter, and spread it.

「…Tsk. I can’t read. Read it for me.」(Aaron)

Saying that, Aaron threw the letter on the ground.

Despite being a feudal lord, Aaron couldn’t read. He could write his name but that was the best he could do.

Alex picked up the letter and read it out loud.

「”Dear Aaron de la Atwood, lord of the Atwood Family and ruler of the Atwood Territory. Your second daughter, Robin de la Atwood, has caused trouble in the royal capital, so we decided to send her back to your house. Originally, it would have cost you about three hundred gold coins since we used a huge amount of magical power and precious magic stones to send her, but the kind baron whose heart is wider than the blue sky said that you didn’t have to pay for it. Be grateful.”」(Alex)

Aaron glanced at Robin and wondered.

「Huh!? Be grateful, they said!? I never asked them to send back this useless daughter of mine! Who the hell is this ‘kind baron’!?」(Aaron)



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  1. Hah! Under normal circumstances I’d consider this chapter a waste and demand we go back to the lovely bonding between 3 adorable sisters but in all honesty Robin’s such a Bish that I’m actually looking forward to her reaction when she realizes she’s stuck in the one place that she did literally everything she could possibly do to get away from! So I’m actually looking forward to part 2 and I hope there’s a second part to that letter for that scumbag father so he can know who sent it and hopefully have a stroke out of shear anger and frustration!

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