Chapter 3-44 : Enjoying The Show With Clairvoyance


(Woohoo! Mankind’s first Landmine Woman Rocket has been successfully launched!)

Mylia cheered in her head while seeing Robin soar into the sky.

She felt relieved when the person she hated was gone from her sight.

As Robin left the royal capital, the flowers that were tilted from the gust when Robin launched returned to their original posture.

The rose that Chris threw in front of Robin fell down slowly to where it had been a while ago as if it were a remnant of her.

Meanwhile, in the northern forest of the Atwood Territory, Titania was chilling in her front yard, sitting at the table while eating nuts and having tea.

「Ohh~ She has finally been launched~!」(Titania)

Using Clairvoyance, she was watching Robin who was flying at high speed while screaming with a terrible face.

「You did it, Mylia! Bravo~!」(Titania)

She dropped a few small nuts from her hands as she applauded but she didn’t seem to care.

While eating the rest of the nuts in her hand, she shifted her sight from Robin’s face to the high heels.

Robin was traveling at high speed so focusing on her with Clairvoyance was actually very hard, but Titania didn’t struggle at all since she was used to using Clairvoyance.

「Hm, hmm… The magic stones are working just fine. She is flying in the right direction, meaning that Mylia’s GPS magic is working properly as well. I think she will reach the Atwood Territory without any problem.」(Titania)

She was happy that the magic stones she embedded into the high heels were working as planned.

On the other hand, Robin fainted after screaming for a while due to the shock of traveling at an extreme speed at a high altitude. She looked freaky with her eyes rolled back and her mouth wide open.

「Ara, she passed out… She’s missing the chance to see the beautiful sight of the landscape from the sky. What a waste.」(Titania)

While muttering carefreely, Titania took a small berry from the wooden plate on the table and threw it into her mouth.

After watching Robin for a while longer, Titania went to her bedroom.

From her magic bag, she took out a bottle of red wine, a few skewers of grilled Dabola meat, some berries, and leaves of the World Tree she got from Mylia. She put them on the bedside table and lay down on the bed while eating.

She then started watching Robin again with Clairvoyance.

「Oh? The first magic stone fell off.」(Titania)

The magic stones embedded in the high heels contained Mylia’s magical power. They served as fuel and they would fall off one after another when they ran out of magical power as they reached certain points set by Mylia’s GPS Magic.

「Nice. The next magic stone activated immediately without a time lag. Keep going, keep going~!」(Titania)

The magic stone that ran out of magical power turned gray and fell off. Right after, another magic stone shone, indicating that it activated and was supplying the high heels a.k.a rocket engine with magical power.

「This is interesting. Mylia sure is a smart girl with brilliant ideas. I wonder what her next invention will be~」(Titania)

Elves have a deep interest in magic. Titania was no exception.

She was delighted to see spells and tools Mylia invented that no other elves had seen before.

She hummed in joy as she raised her upper body and took a sip of her wine.

「Ahh~ I wonder if the next magic stone switchover will go well. I’m so excited~」(Titania)

Titania could be impatient sometimes, but she could wait patiently when she watched how spells worked, especially weird spells Mylia invented.

It took more than ten minutes for each magic stone in the high heels to use up all the magical power it had, but Titania enjoyed every second of the ‘show’.




About five hours had passed, and Titania was still watching Robin.

She took a nap for a few minutes several times and ate almost all the food on the table and drank eighty percent of the wine in the bottle while watching Robin.

「I think she will reach this territory soon.」(Titania)

Robin was currently flying above the forest which was a monster territory. People should pass this place if they want to go to the Atwood Territory from the royal capital.

Titania got up from her bed and went outside the house.


She then stretched her body and yawned big.

The sun had set, the sky had turned blue-purple, and the night was about to engulf the forest.

The clean air of the forest and the sweet scent of night spica flowers started to tickle Titania’s nostrils.

She used Cleansing Magic to wash her face and mouth to clear her mind.

She then took out a wooden water bottle from her magic bag and gulped all the water at once.

「Puhaa! Drinking a lot of water after drinking wine and taking a nap feels really good!」(Titania)

If Mylia were to see Titania’s gesture, she would say, “What are you, a drunk old man in a tavern?” for sure.

Meanwhile, Robin started to lose her altitude.

「Oh, that is the last magic stone. The angle and the direction in which she is flying still haven’t changed. It’s going well so far!」(Titania)

She clenched her fist in excitement like a spectator of a sports match or something.

She adjusted her field of view so that she could see Robin’s entire body that was tilting slightly downward.

At the same time, Robin, who had lost consciousness, finally woke up.

「Hmm…? Where amー KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!I’m falling! I’M FALLING!!!」(Robin)

As soon as she realized her situation, she started screaming again.

「Bwahahahaha!! She found herself falling from the sky as soon as she woke up! How funny!」(Titania)

Titania laughed so hard that she started kicking the stump in front of her.

「Ahh~ I have to thank Mylia for this funny show when she comes to visit!」(Titania)

She stopped kicking the stump and continued watching Robin who started to fall toward the village filled with lavender fields as the last magic stone ran out of magical power.



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