Chapter 3-30 : Jasmine’s Eyes (part 1)


「Thank you, Leaf! I’ll definitely come again to get some World Tree Lettuce!」(Mylia)

「No problem. I just want you to be a part of my family.」(Leaf)

「Hehe~ So we’re really family now.」(Mylia)

「Yes. My blood and my magical power as a dryad are circulating around your body, so you’re my family.」(Leaf)


Mylia concentrated her magical power in her eyes and took a look at the magical power flowing in her body, but she didn’t see any changes in particular.

She sighed in relief.

Even though a dryad’s blood and magical power were circling around her body, it seemed that there was nothing wrong with it.

「Honestly, this is a weird way to become a family, but, Leaf, I’m happy to be in your family.」(Mylia)

“Family”. When she heard that word, Chloe, who was taking care of things with Aria in the royal capital, and Jasmine, who was currently with her master, crossed her mind.

While Mylia was thinking of those two, Leaf pulled her sleeve.

「What’s wrong?」(Mylia)

「I have something to tell you.」(Leaf)

「What is it?」(Mylia)

「Since you’re stronger and better at magic than me, Mylia, you’re my older sister, and I’m your little sister.」(Leaf)

「Eh? I’m the older sister? I’m the… Onee-chan!?」(Mylia)

「Yes. Mylia onee-chan.」(Leaf)

Leaf, who was always expressionless, raised the edges of her mouth and smiled at Mylia for the first time.

Her smile reminded Mylia of her classmate who loved reading books when she was in elementary school in her previous life.

She wasn’t very close to Mylia but somehow, Mylia remembered her smile.

Leaf’s smile made Mylia’s heart skip a beat.

「Cu… cu…」(Mylia)

「Mylia onee-chan, what’s the matter?」(Leaf)

「Cute!!! The girl, who never smiles, smiled at me while calling me “Onee-chan”! This fresh experience makes me feel like there’s an electric current running through my spine!」(Mylia)

「Are you okay?」(Leaf)

「I’ve never felt better!」(Mylia)

Mylia had never been someone’s older sister before, so when she was called “Onee-chan”, she felt a bit weird but also felt good at the same time.

(So this is what it feels like when you become an Onee-chan! It feels great!)

「Well then, Mylia onee-chan, please come again someday.」(Leaf)

While Mylia was enjoying the moment she became an Onee-chan, Leaf stepped back and waved her hand.

The other dryads who gathered on the branch above them were also waving their hands.

(Uhh… This girl surely changes gear so quickly… But she’s right. It’s about time to go home. Jasmine onee-sama is waiting.)

Mylia smiled at Leaf and waved back at her.

「Un! Thanks for the dew and the lettuce! I’ll definitely come again!」(Mylia)

As she said that, she activated levitation magic.

Before Mylia left, Leaf took the half-finished wooden pendant she was working on last night and raised her hand, showing the pendant to Mylia who was floating above her.

「I will keep learning Phone Magic. When I’m able to contact you, can I come to your place?」(Leaf)

「You want to visit me? Of course, you can! I’m currently living in the dormitory of the Adrashelm Girls’ Royal Academy in the royal capital.」(Mylia)

「Got it. Andー」(Leaf)

「See you again, Leaf!」(Mylia)

「ーー(saying something).」(Leaf)

Seeing Leaf nod when she said, “Got it”, Mylia launched herself into the sky and immediately got out of the barrier.

She didn’t hear what Leaf said to her at the end.




After enjoying the rare opportunity of sleeping over at the World Tree, which no one had ever experienced, Mylia returned to Titania’s house.

She arrived at Titania’s house at 8:00 am.

She used teleportation magic three times to travel from the World Tree, and it took her less than a minute to arrive at Titania’s house.

「Master, Jasmine onee-sama, I’m back!」(Mylia)

「Welcome back~」(Titania)

Titania and Jasmine were chilling at the table in the front yard while bathing in the morning sunlight.

「Mylia, I’m glad you’re fine. I tried to stay awake yesterday, but I fell asleep before I realized it. I’m sorry. You worked hard for me but I was sleeping…」(Jasmine)

As Jasmine apologized, her cheeks turned a bit red, looking somewhat shy.

「No, no. You don’t need to mind it. You fell asleep because you felt relieved, right?」(Mylia)

While saying that, Mylia approached Jasmine and took her hand.

「Yeah… I don’t need to worry about that person here.」(Jasmine)

Jasmine made a frightened expression for a split second while saying that.

Because Titania cut Jasmine’s long bangs yesterday, Mylia could now see her face clearly.

「”That person”…? Ahh… Do you mean Alex? Did he do weird things to you while you were sleeping?」(Mylia)


「That perverted man never changes at all! Alright, I’m going to prank him now!」(Mylia)

Mylia took her hand off Jasmine’s and faced the direction of the Atwood’s mansion.

She then activated her Wasabi Magic and added a tracking function to it. Right after, an invisible tube containing wasabi appeared and flew into the sky.

「Master, please enjoy the show~」(Mylia)

「Fufu. Alright~」(Titania)

Titania immediately used Clairvoyance to see Alex at the Atwood’s mansion.

「Bulls eye! Bwahahaha~!! He’s wriggling in pain like a worm that was exposed to salt!」(Titania)

Titania was a bit sleepy but she was now totally awake thanks to Mylia’s prank show.

Mylia raised her thumb up and smirked at Titania.

「I’m glad you found that funny~」(Mylia)

「Come. Take a seat. As my thanks, I’ll pour you some tea.」(Titania)


When Mylia took a seat, Titania swirled her finger. Soon after, the teapot started floating and moving by itself, pouring tea into the empty cup in front of Mylia.

「So, can you tell me about your experience at the World Tree? The dryads didn’t do anything weird to you, did they?」(Titania)

「Ah, actually, they did! Leafー I mean, the dryad who took care of me, turned me into a half-dryad.」(Mylia)


「She stabbed her hair into my arm and injected her blood and magical power into my body.」(Mylia)

「I… don’t understand.」(Titania)

Titania took a sip of her tea and looked at Mylia curiously, waiting for further explanation.

「Take a look at my head. Hhnnngghhhー!!」(Mylia)

After Mylia squeezed her abdominal muscles for a few seconds, her ‘ahoge’ turned into a white radish sprout.

「See? I’m one of them now.」(Mylia)

「Eh…? Hold on!」(Titania)

Titania used her magical power-sensing ability to look at the magical power inside Mylia’s body.

Then, she learned that Mylia now had two types of magical power.

About 90% of the magical power in Mylia’s body was hers but the remaining 10% was the magical power of a dryad.

「So, dryads can share their magical power with humans…? I can’t believe it’s possible…」(Titania)

Titania took another sip of her tea, folded her arms, and started thinking.

Dryad magical power was special. Even if you used it up, it would immediately recover, unlike human magical power.

Mylia already had a tremendous amount of magical power from the beginning, and now she had more thanks to Leaf.



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  1. Mm…. Really hope Alex gets a more brutal end than wasabi in his nose. Hes top three on the trash scale, in my book.

    1. It’s not the wasabi itself, it’s the fear of never knowing what on earth is happening to you or when it will happen again. I guarantee he’s pulling hair out and going crazy by this point with how often she has got him with some prank or another.

  2. Praise to the World Tree!

    I feel like Leaf said something important there… she could be the spirit of the World Tree-sama.

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