Chapter 3-28 : Spending The Night At The World Tree (part 2)


While Mylia and Leaf were talking about magic, the sun had set before they realized it.

It was night but it was as bright as day thanks to the countless small light balls floating in the air around the World Tree like fireflies. It seemed that the dryads created them with light magic as their light source at night.

Because Leaf’s house didn’t have a roof, Mylia was able to see the surroundings.

The large leaves and the branches of the World Tree that were illuminated by the light looked astonishing.

(Whoa… What a beautiful view… This is so incredible! Ah, the other dryads are walking around with something in their hands… Are they holding food for dinner?)

Mylia was so excited. She felt like she was in the middle of a trip in a fantasy world.

She never went on a trip in her previous life because her good-for-nothing father never took her outside. She didn’t have friends to go on a trip with either. The only person who cared about her was her grandma, but she couldn’t leave the hospital.

Mylia was glad that she didn’t turn Leaf down and decided to stay the night there.

(I hope I can take Master, Chloe onee-chan, and Aria-san here someday… Of course, I hope I can take Jasmine onee-sama too. Her eyes will soon be fixed. I wonder what kind of face she would make if she saw this wonderful view.)

Thinking that she now had family and friends who could go on a trip with her, Mylia broke into a smile.

「Mylia, why are you smiling all of a sudden?」(Leaf)

Leaf stopped moving her hands and looked at Mylia.

She was currently carving a piece of wood to make a pendant because Mylia told her that she would need a pendant to use Phone Magic.

「Hehe. It’s nothing. I’m just having fun right now.」(Mylia)

「I see. I’m having fun too.」(Leaf)

「Are you…?」(Mylia)

「Of course.」(Leaf)

「I can’t tell since I can’t read your expression at all, but I’m glad you’re having fun too.」(Mylia)

After talking with Leaf for several hours, Mylia felt that she had gotten closer to her. Still, she couldn’t read her expression. However, she always spoke honestly with her.

Dryads hated lies but they admired sincerity. Leaf most likely liked Mylia because Mylia was an honest person.

「Mylia, I’m glad you came here. Thank you for coming.」(Leaf)

「Umm… I should be the one thanking you but… You’re welcome! Hehe~」(Mylia)

While being stared at by Leaf with clear eyes, Mylia scratched her cheek with her index finger and smiled shyly.

「This pendant-making is taking longer than I expected. Let’s have dinner for now.」(Leaf)

Leaf stopped working and stood up all of a sudden.

Mylia twitched her nose when she heard the word “dinner”.

「Now that you mentioned it, it’s time for dinner! I’m quite hungry right now.」(Mylia)

「Please wait a moment.」(Leaf)

Leaf put the half-finished wooden pendant in her magic bag and flew away, leaving Mylia behind in the house.

She then returned after a few minutes with two wooden plates filled with fruits of various colors.

「Whoaa! They look so fresh and delicious! Do dryads usually eat fruits?」(Mylia)

「Yes. We eat vegetables and fruits.」(Leaf)

Leaf put the plates on the table, took out several pieces of leaves of the World Tree from her magic bag, and handed one to Mylia.

「You wrap the fruits with these leaves and then eat them. Like this.」(Leaf)

While saying that, Leaf took a grape-like fruit, cut one of the leaves into a small piece, and wrapped the fruit with it.

She then put it into her mouth and looked at Mylia.

(I see. It’s like a lettuce wrap sandwich but you use fruit instead of meat. Interesting!)

Just like Leaf did, Mylia took a grape-like fruit and wrapped it in a piece of leaf of the World Tree, and ate it.

The crunchy texture of the leaf and the sweet taste of the fruit spread in her mouth as soon as she started chewing.


The sweetness of both the leaf and the fruit melted and blended together, giving a pleasant feeling when it passed through Mylia’s throat.

Because she was too focused on tasting it, Mylia swallowed it before she realized it. She was a bit surprised that the leaf and the fruit suddenly disappeared from her mouth.

(Its deliciousness made me swallow it without thinking. How terrifying…)

Mylia then kept eating without resting, and before she realized it, her plate was empty.

(Ahh~ I ate all the fruits on my plate… I’m kinda full now but I want some more. Perhaps I should ask Leaf.)

However, before Mylia could ask herー

「Let’s sleep.」(Leaf)

Right after she finished eating, Leaf stood up and threw herself onto one of the two beds she made this afternoon by piling the dead leaves of the World Tree.

「Eh? Isn’t it too soon to sleep?」(Mylia)

(Leaf somehow reminds me of a movie without a preview where the main part of the story suddenly starts at the beginning…)

Mylia sometimes went to a movie theater all by herself in her previous life. She recalled a certain movie while looking at Leaf who was lying down on her bed / pile of dead leaves.

She beckoned Mylia with her small white hand that came out of the pile of leaves, telling Mylia to sleep on the other pile of leaves next to hers.

「Alright, but let me change into my pajamas first.」(Mylia)

Mylia cleaned her teeth with magic, took out her pajamas from her magic bag, and changed clothes.

(Fufu. It feels like having a sleepover at a friend’s house~ I never had this kind of experience in my previous life.)

「Umm, Leaf, do you have a blanket?」(Mylia)

Leaf thought for a second and lifted a few leaves on the upper part of the pile with gravity magic.

「You can lay down. I will put them on you.」(Leaf)

「Ah, alright!」(Mylia)

Mylia laid down on the pile of leaves while wondering how comfortable it was to sleep on.

(Whoa… They are dead leaves but they’re not dry at all. It’s like sleeping on a soft memory foam mattress. It’s surprisingly comfortable to sleep on!)

Seeing Mylia lying down, Leaf swirled her finger. The floating dead leaves above Mylia then slowly descended and covered Mylia’s body.

(They’re light but they surprisingly feel nice and warm as a blanket. The leaves of the World Tree are awesome! Not only are they edible, but they can also be used as a bed! But somehow I feel a little bit of magical power from these leaves.)

Although it wasn’t much, the leaves of the World Tree seemed to contain magical power. It could help the magical power in your body circulate better while you were sleeping.

「Let’s sleep.」(Leaf)

「Un. Good night.」(Mylia)


「Leaf, thank you for today. The battle was intense but I had fun today thanks to you. I promise I will come again someday. Do you have anything you’d like me to bring on my next visit?」(Mylia)



Mylia turned her face to Leaf.

(She… She’s asleep already… That was fast!)

Mylia learned that dryads could sleep really fast. They also sleep early.

Somehow, it reminded her of Titania.

(Oh, well. I’ll ask her again tomorrow.)

While thinking so, Mylia looked up at the countless light balls that were floating around and illuminating the leaves and the branches of the World Tree.

(Beautiful… So this is what it’s like to sleep in a world of fairies…)

After a while of gazing at the gorgeous view above her while lying down, Mylia started to feel drowsy.

She then closed her eyes and immediately fell asleep.



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  1. “Dryads hated lies but they admired sincerity. Leaf most likely liked Mylia because Mylia was an honest person.”

    Sounds like the Dryads would be the perfect allies against Robin.

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