Chapter 3-27 : Magic Battle Results


Dryad was ready to block Mylia’s attack with several big Leaf Shields in front of her.

Meanwhile, a lot of dryads gathered around them to watch the fight. They all looked like little girls with expressionless faces.

(Their gazes are bugging me but I should focus on the fight… Perhaps I should hang up my Phone Magic too so I can concentrate.)

「Master, I’m sorry, I’m gonna hang up my Phone Magic for now.」(Mylia)

『Are you sure?』(Titania)

「Yes. I want to concentrate. I will call you again later.」(Mylia)

『Alright. Good luck~』(Titania)

After hanging up her Phone Magic, Mylia started gathering her magical power on her chest.


As the engine-like sound was heard, Mylia’s chest began to glow.

She then imagined the magical power flowing toward the palms of her hands.

The surrounding dryads were all looking at Mylia. Because they were all expressionless, no one could tell if they were excited or scared of Mylia’s enormous magical power.

Dryad added a few more Leaf Shields just in case. She knew that it would be a powerful spell after feeling Mylia’s magical power.

(Filling rate… 80%… 90%… 100%!)

「I’m ready to shoot but let me ask you one more time. Are you really sure about this?」(Mylia)


Mylia warned her once again but her determination didn’t waver.

「…Alright. I’ll try not to damage the World Tree.」(Mylia)

(I’ll try not to hurt her as well… She’s probably just testing me, so she may give me a pass if I destroy all of her shields.)

Mylia stretched her right arm forward, ready to shoot.

「Here I come! Magical Ray!!」(Mylia)


The yellowish blue beam that came out of Mylia’s hand penetrated all of Dryad’s Leaf Shields and scratched Dryad’s cheek a little bit as it passed her.

Mylia then immediately changed the beam’s trajectory right before it hit the trunk of the World Tree.

The beam traveled toward the Wyvern Valley and happened to hit a flock of Chain Birds several kilometers away without anyone knowing.

(…I did it! I manage to avoid destroying the World Tree and hurting that girl!)

Mylia took a deep breath.

Controlling magical power to change the course of a magical beam needed a lot of concentration, especially for Mylia who wasn’t that good at controlling magical power.

As the Leaf Shields shattered and fell apart, the surrounding dryads started making noises.

As for Dryad, she froze in shock while still stretching her hands forward with her eyes wide open.

It was the first time Mylia had seen her surprised face.

「Dryad-san, are you alright…? Ah, there’s a bruise on your cheek. Let me heal you.」(Mylia)

Mylia ran to Dryad and immediately healed her cheek.

「A girl shouldn’t have a wound on her face.」(Mylia)

Saying that, Mylia smiled at Dryad.

Dryad then lowered her arms and stared at Mylia.

「…Your spell….」(Dryad)


「Your spell was amazing… It was so powerful…」(Dryad)

「I told you. So… Is it over? Or… Do you still wanna fight…?」(Mylia)

Dryad shook her head.

「No. The fight is over.」(Dryad)


Now that the fight was over, they stared at each other in silence for a while.

However, unlike before, Dryad’s eyes looked a bit sparkling. She didn’t show it on her face but she seemed to be moved by Mylia’s kindness.

(Uhh… This awkward silence again… Can you please say something?)

Mylia, who had no friends in her previous life, had a hard time finding the right words to break the ice in this kind of situation. It was probably because the other party was an expressionless person.

「Umm… Dryad-san? Is there something wrong with my face…?」(Mylia)

「…Follow me.」(Dryad)

Without answering Mylia’s question, Dryad turned around and started walking toward the center of the world tree.

Mylia then immediately followed after her.

For some reason, the other dryads who were watching their fight started following them from behind.

「Dryad-san… can you say something…? Are you… mad at me…?」(Mylia)

When Mylia asked so, Dryad stopped, turned around, and looked Mylia in the eye.


「…I haven’t told you my real name, have I? My name is not Dryad. It’s Leaf.」(Leaf)


「Just call me Leaf. You don’t need to call me with an honorific.」(Leaf)

「A, Alright… Leaf.」(Mylia)


Leaf nodded and continued walking.

She then stopped in front of a house near the trunk of the World Tree.

The house looked a bit old but the outer wall looked smooth even though it was made of wood. It was a simple house that had no door and roof.

「You can come in.」(Leaf)


When both Leaf and Mylia entered the house, the other dryads were waiting outside. Because the house had no door, they still could see the situation inside.

Inside the house, there were many leaves growing from the floor which was originally a branch of the World Tree.

「Whoa… This house looks like a kitchen garden.」(Mylia)

「Do you think the leaves of the World Tree look delicious?」(Leaf)

「That question again? Umm…」(Mylia)

Now that she could see the leaves of the World Tree closely, she was able to answer the question.

(Hm? These leaves…! I didn’t realize it because I didn’t see them closely but they look a lot like lettuce! No, they probably really are lettuce!)

The leaves of the World Tree were similar to lettuce, but of course, they were definitely not lettuce.

(I bet they will taste good with grilled meat! I remember eating grilled meat wrapped in lettuce in Jojoen with my grandma in my previous life.)

「So, what do you think?」(Leaf)

「Un! They look delicious! But I won’t know how they taste unless I try one.」(Mylia)


Leaf plucked one and handed it to Mylia.

「You can try it.」(Leaf)

「Can I!?」(Mylia)

Leaf nodded. Mylia then immediately took a bite of the World Tree leaf in her hands.

(Mmm! This lettuce is unexpectedly very good!)

As soon as Mylia started chewing, the refreshing sweetness of the leaf spread in her mouth.

The texture and the sensation when it traveled down her throat were excellent.

Normally, when you eat vegetables, they’re a bit hard to swallow, so you have to really work at it when you swallow them. However, the leaves of the World Tree will melt when you swallow them, leaving a refreshing sensation in your throat.

Mylia had never tasted vegetables like this before. She was so excited that she began to chew quickly like a hamster.

After she finished eating, she put her hands on Leaf’s shoulders and smiled at her.

「Leaf! This World Tree lettuce tastes amazing! I’ve never eaten a vegetable this delicious!」(Mylia)

「I’m glad you like it.」(Leaf)

Leaf was expressionless as always but somehow, Mylia could tell that she was smiling inside.



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  1. You know, it just occurred to me. The Dryads are all female right? I wonder how they reproduce. Either they have plant-like asexual reproduction… Or they have magic that can allow two women to make a baby of their own. If it is the latter, the yuri part of this novel just got even stronger.

    1. Aren’t they born at the same time that the tree they represent is born or has achieved a certain age? I think I read something like that in a mystical creatures guide book when I was a kid (not sure though)

      1. Yes, but not all depictions of a mythical being are the same in every work of fiction. Until something is stated here about how Dryads reproduce, we can not be sure about how it works in this particular depiction.

  2. Thanks for the chapter.
    Sorry to tell you, but the Yuri tag was removed on NU, so I don’t think there will be Yuri, just normal friendship.

  3. Come on guys, stop bringing sexual innuendos into this. This is a story of pure hearted girls on an adventure of love and friendship. Shelf your dirty minds when you read this, you’ll have a better time reading.

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