Chapter 3-26 : Magic Battle


The moment she finished the countdown, Dryad launched her magical attack without hesitation.

「Iron Branch.」(Dyrad)

Countless black tree branches came out of the big magic circle in front of her. They tangled with each other, making the shape of a giant cone, and extended at high speed toward Mylia.

「Seriously!? Does she want to kill me!?」(Mylia)

『Mylia, I can’t see the situation there but don’t worry! You have powerful Counter Magic! I don’t think any magician can break it!』(Titania)

「Alright! Neko-chan, I believe in you!」(Mylia)

Before Dryad’s tree branches could reach Mylia, a big magic circle with the shape of a cat face appeared in front of Mylia and blocked the tree branches like a shield.

The loud sound of metal objects hitting each other was heard as the black tree branches hit Mylia’s cat magic circle.

(Khh…!! I think it’s heavier than Zirnitra’s magical beam! Are all dryads this strong? Well, it doesn’t matter… Go now, Neko-chan!)

As soon as Mylia injected her magical power into the magic circle, the tree branches turned around and flew toward Dryad while changing shape into a giant cat.

「Taste your own magic!」(Mylia)

Dryad didn’t expect that her tree branches would change shape into a cat and turn against her.

She was surprised, but still, she wasn’t showing any expression at all.

She immediately stretched her hand forward, and another magic circle appeared in front of her.

「ーLeaf Shields.」(Dryad)


The giant cat pulled its arm, trying to punch Dryad, but before it could hit her, several oversized leaves appeared in front of Dryad.


The first shield successfully blocked the cat’s punch but then it broke right after.

However, the cat didn’t stop there.

Nya nya nya nya nya nya!!

Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam!!!

It continued punching the leaf shields until it destroyed the last one.


Dryad opened her sleepy-looking eyes a little wider. She was very shocked that all of her shields had been destroyed.

She immediately tried to use another spell to attack the cat but it took time for her to activate the spell because she just used her magical power to maintain the leaf shields.


She tried but unfortunately for her, she didn’t make it.

The giant cat punched her in the stomach and launched her into the air.


Mylia was lost for words when she saw Dryad soaring into the air.

After its job was done, the cat licked its hand with a satisfied expression and then disappeared into dust.

「Eh…? EEEHHHHH!? Dryad-saaann!!!」(Mylia)

When Mylia could no longer see Dryad, she went into a panic. She realized that she might hurt her badly.

「Awawawa! What should I do!? Should I fly and go look for her…!?」(Mylia)

『Mylia, what’s wrong? You should prepare for the next move!』(Titania)

「M, Master. The thing is… I’ve blown her away…」(Mylia)

『You… what…?』(Titania)

「I mean, my cat launched her into the air with an uppercut!」(Mylia)

『Really? I had a feeling that would happen…』(Titania)

「I didn’t mean it! Is she gonna be alright!?」(Mylia)

『Don’t worry. She’s a dryad. She’ll be fine.』(Titania)

Soon after Titania said that, Dryad slowly descended from above and landed right where she was standing.


Mylia immediately ran toward her. She didn’t seem to be seriously injured but Mylia was worried.

「Are you okay? I’m so sorry…」(Mylia)

「…That was a bit painful. What a weird spell.」(Dryad)

「Weird…? I wish you would say ‘cute’ instead… Anyway, I’m glad you’re fine. So… did I win this match?」(Mylia)

Dryad stared at Mylia for a few seconds and shook her head.

「No. It’s not over yet.」(Dryad)

She then stepped back about twenty meters away from Mylia and prepared to cast a spell.

「Seriously!? You still wanna do it!?」(Mylia)

「Branch Arrows.」(Dryad)

Countless arrows of branches came out of the magic circle that appeared in front of her and flew toward Mylia.

「If this is what you want, then I have no choice. Neko-chan!」(Mylia)

Just like earlier, a big magic circle with the shape of a cat face appeared in front of Mylia and blocked all the arrows.

Right after, the arrows gathered, changed shape into a big cat, and turned against Dryad.

However, this time, Dryad didn’t try to block the cat’s punch. She dodged it instead.

She then immediately attacked the cat back with a powerful spell, and successfully took it down.

Then, she then faced Mylia and tried to attack her with three different offensive spells.

However, Mylia was unhurt thanks to her cat barrier blocking all the attacks.

Unfortunately for Dryad, her spells changed shape into three giant cats and turned against her.

The sound of magical attacks being launched, the sound of Mylia’s cat barrier blocked the attacks, and the cries of giant cats echoed through the World Tree, attracting the other dryads who lived there, and before they realized it, the other dryads started gathering around the them to watch the battle.

Dryad kept taking down the cats and tried to attack Mylia again and again.

After fighting for several minutes, Mylia started to worry.

(Ughh… I wonder when this fight will end…)

「Master, does the battle usually take a long time?」(Mylia)

『This is weird. It shouldn’t take that long.』(Titania)

「Then why hasn’t she stopped attacking yet? She should have admitted her defeat when she was blown away earlier.」(Mylia)

『I have no idea… Anyway, try to keep fighting her for a little longer and see what happens.』(Titania)


After fighting for several more minutes, Dryad suddenly stopped attacking and lowered her hands.

(Oh? Did she finally give up?)

Dryad looked at Mylia and asked a question.

「That is a kind of Counter Magic, right? Why do you never use your offensive spells?」(Dryad)

「Th, that’s because…」(Mylia)

「This time, I want you to attack me first.」(Dryad)

「Eh? But…」(Mylia)

Mylia really didn’t understand what Dryad was thinking but she reminded her of Dalia, the battle maniac Royal Magician she met at the castle.

「Just do it. Give me your best offensive spell.」(Dryad)

「But it’s pretty dangerous…」(Mylia)

「No problem.」(Dryad)

「But my master forbade me to use it here…」(Mylia)

「It doesn’t matter.」(Dryad)

「But I really don’t want to hurt you!」(Mylia)

「I’m a dryad. You won’t hurt me. Leaf Shields」(Dryad)

Dryad created a lot of Leaf Shields that were much bigger and sturdier than before, ready to block Mylia’s attack.

「Do it.」(Dryad)

「Uhh… Alright… I’ve warned you. Don’t blame me if you get hurt!」(Mylia)

After saying that, Mylia began to fill her chest with her magical power, preparing herself to release a magical beam.



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  1. Welp it was nice knowing you Dryad Chan! Hope your ready to become fertilizer for your tree that is if there’s anything left after your unfortunate disintegration……

  2. After that… Their no more dryad show anymore in the world. It will became a legend that before this a species named dryad is exists.

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