Chapter 3-24 : The Wyvern Valley (part 2)


『Mylia, be ready, You’ve almost reached the Wyvern Valley. You better raise your altitude.』(Titania)

「Roger that!」(Mylia)

As instructed, Mylia flew a bit higher.

『Can you see the valley now?』(Titania)

「Yes… It’s pitch black down there.」(Mylia)

『It’s so deep that the sunlight can’t even reach half its depth. Normal humans can never cross this valley.』(Titania)

「So you mean I’m not normal…?」(Mylia)

『Of courー… I mean… You’re a normal girl with an abnormal amount of magical power.』(Titania)

「Can you even call that “normal”?」(Mylia)

『No matter whether you’re normal or not, you’re still my cute little student~』(Titania)

(She dodged my question… Well, I’m aware I’m not an ordinary girl. Twelve years old girls in this world can’t beat elder dragons nor waste their time looking for beef…)

「If you say so… Anyway, Master, I’m going to use my Jet Rocket Magic now.」(Mylia)

『Be careful, okay?』(Titania)

「Okay~ I’ll stop right after crossing this valley.」(Mylia)

『Can you maintain your Phone Magic while using that spell?』(Titania)

「I’ll try.」(Mylia)

After replying to Titania, Mylia cast a protective spell three times stronger than usual on her entire body, and began to concentrate her magical power on the soles of her feet while imagining that she was a rocket.

(I’m a rocket… I’m flying straight at the speed of sound…)


As a huge amount of magical power started gathering on Mylia’s feet, the sound of an engine starting up was heard.

Several small blue magic circles appeared and formed a line near the soles of her feet, and they turned brighter as Mylia gathered her magical power.

(Now it’s time to activate my Autopilot Magic and strike a pose!)

Mylia activated her Autopilot magic again so that she didn’t have to control where she flew and stretched her arms forward, taking a pose like a superhero.

『Umm, Mylia…? I think you’re using too much magical power…』(Titania)

Seeing how much magical power gathered on Mylia’s feet through clairvoyance, Titania began to worry.

「Is that so? Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.」(Mylia)

『Okay, then… Ah, Mylia, watch out! A flock of Chain Birds is coming your way!』(Titania)

「Wh, Where!?」(Mylia)

『They’re coming from the depth of the valley!』(Titania)

The screams of birds were heard from the deep, dark valley.

Mylia looked in the direction where the screams came and saw a huge black sphere come out of the valley and flew toward Mylia, blocking her way.

(What is that huge thing!? Is that a flock of those giant birds!?)

As Mylia thought, that sphere was actually hundreds of Chain Birds that were flying organizedly, forming a giant black sphere.

「Master, I saw them! I’m going to pass through them with my Jet Rocket Magic!」(Mylia)

『Alright, go, Mylia!』(Titania)

「Mylia… launch in… three… two…」(Mylia)




The sound of a rocket tearing through the air was heard as Mylia launched herself.

Her body was shaking hard. If she didn’t cast her protective spell on herself, her body would have torn apart.

The flock of Chain Birds that were blocking Mylia’s way was several hundred meters away from Mylia, but she was able to pass through it in just one second.

She hit several tens of Chain Birds and destroy their bodies as she passed through the center of the flock before they could even release their magical beams.

(Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyyyyyyyy!!!! I’m going too fast!!)

She got scared from flying too fast and unconsciously bent her body down a little. Because of that, she was flying down toward the valley.

She noticed that right away as the scenery of the blue sky suddenly changed into the pitch-dark valley.

(Eh!? Am I flying downward!? No way! Is my Autopilot Magic not working!?)

『Myli… What are you… ing!? Control your… gical power!』(Titania)

Mylia, who totally lost control of her magical power, couldn’t hear Titania well because the sound of the wind was too loud.

However, she tried her best to take control of her magical power while bending her body upward.

「I’m trying! Hnghhh!!」(Mylia)

『Wha… id yo… say?』(Titania)

(Calm down! I need to calm down! I can’t go deeper into the valley!)

Mylia took a deep breath and recalled the first time she flew with magic. She relaxed her entire body while feeling her magical power, and then imagined a pair of wings on her back to try to get a sense of balance.

After she got control of her magical power, she reactivated her Autopilot magic. Soon after, she started flying upward.

「F, Finally…!」(Mylia)

『…lia, are you… kay?』(Titania)

Now that she had calmed down, she made a windshield near her head with magic to block the wind so that she could hear Titania’s voice clearly.

「I’m fine. That was close!」(Mylia)

『Geez! You almost killed yourself again with that spell!』(Titania)

「Ahaha… This time I’ve cast a protective spell on myself, so I won’t die. Don’t worry~」(Mylia)

『Right… Still, I’m glad you’re fine. I shouldn’t say this but you look funny when bending your body, trying to fly upward. You looked like a cucumber. Fufu!』(Titania)

「How can you laugh like that? I was desperate at that time, you know!?」(Mylia)

『Fufu, I know, I’m sorry.』(Titania)

「Ah, that’s right. Master, I’m going to keep flying like this until I reach the World Tree. It’s faster this way.」(Mylia)

『Are you really, really suuure?』(Titania)

「Don’t worry, I’m getting used to this.」(Mylia)

『Hahh… Alright then.』(Titania)

Mylia passed the Wyvern Valley and kept going toward the World Tree while flying using her Jet Rocket Magic.

It only took Mylia a couple of minutes until she reached the barrier protecting the World Tree.

『Mylia, you better slow down. You’ve almost reached the barrier.』(Titania)

「Okay~ …Hm?」(Mylia)

『What’s wrong?』(Titania)

「I, I can’t stop!」(Mylia)

『There she goes again… Did you lose control of your magical power?』(Titania)

「I didn’t! …Aa! It must be because of the autopilot mode! It keeps using my magical power automatically!」(Mylia)

『Then turn it off!』(Titania)

「I’m trying!」(Mylia)

Mylia hurriedly deactivated her Autopilot Magic and Jet Rocket Magic.

As the blue magic circles near her feet were gone, her speed started slowing down.

『Aah, you will hit the barrier! Oh, well. Just keep going!』(Titania)

「Where should I land?」(Mylia)

『You see those three cone-like trees? Go in that direction. A human with a high amount of magical power like you should be able to pass through the barrier… Probably.』(Titania)

「P, Probably?」(Mylia)

『Believe in yourself!』(Titania)

「…Alright. I’m going in! Parachute Magic, activate!」(Mylia)

Mylia hurriedly made an invisible parachute with her magic and slowly descended.



『Mylia go a bit to the right! To the right, Mylia!』(Titania)

「This thing is hard to control!」(Mylia)

Because it was a little windy, Mylia couldn’t control her parachute well.


Mylia thought that she was going to crash into the barrier but she passed through and fell to the ground.



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  1. In this world soon, if people ever experienced/witnessed phenomenon like flying meteor, nuke explosion, huge crater, giant tornado/hurricane, lightning strikes in the middle of clear day, snow appeared in the summer time, flame pillars from somebody’s kitchen/yard, tsunami on the small river, cat sprits, gigantic cat, flying people, annoyingly screaming flying people, rocket launcher, railgun, onsen, telephone, cow tree, walking skeleton, wandering elf, flashlight in the middle of night, BBQ smells inside the monster forest, sudden disappereance of valuable minerals on certain area, all of legendary dragons vanished, lower sighting of monsters, new kind of delicous cuisines and drinks, new cooking methods, “huh i remember there was a huge mountain in these area yesterday”, “Wait do we have such huge lake in this area before? Also, is that a giant dragon head?”, why Queen along with duke family in somebody’s yard watching a young girl roasting a rare monster meat, etc..
    Just call those phenomenon as
    “That’s Mylia”
    and I’m sure everyone just like
    “That’s sounds about right”

  2. I find it hilarious how Mylia was pretending to be more air-headed than she actually was when she was stuck in the Atwood family, but she is still air-headed to a lesser degree in reality.

    1. It’s not that she’s airheaded. She’s actually very smart and imaginative. It’s just that creating new magics and spells has a tendency to have things go a bit wonky at first.

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