Chapter 3-24 : The Wyvern Valley (part 1)


While Chloe and Aria were handling things in the royal capital, Mylia was flying toward the east, heading for the World Tree.

The scenery of trees below her moved very fast as she sped up.

After flying for a while, she used her Phone Magic to communicate with Titania.

「Master, can you hear me?」(Mylia)

『I can hear you loud and clear~』(Titania)

「Do you think we’ll be able to keep in touch until I reach the World Tree?」(Mylia)

『Of course. Your ability to control magical power has improved after all.』(Titania)

「Really? That’s great! By the way, Master, how’s Jasmine onee-sama doing?」(Mylia)

『She is sleeping in my bed now. She seems to be relieved that she was able to leave that mansion.』(Titania)

「I see. I believe it’s also because your house has a calming atmosphere. Please let her sleep for a while.」(Mylia)

『Of course. My bed is quite big. I can just sleep next to her if I’m sleepy.』(Titania)

「Thank you, Master.」(Mylia)

『No problem~』(Titania)

Not long after Mylia left, Jasmine fell asleep on the table like a robot whose battery had run out.

Thinking that she would catch a cold if she slept in the open like that, Titania carried her inside her house and put her on the bed.

『Umm, Mylia, I think you’re flying a bit off from the right direction…』(Titania)

「Eh? Wait a sec.」(Mylia)

Mylia activated her Compass Magic and checked the direction.

She realized that she was flying slightly to the left, so she turned slightly to the right to match the compass.

「Am I flying toward the right direction now?」(Mylia)

『Yup, you are~ Now try to keep flying straight into that direction.』(Titania)


(I need to keep concentrating to fly straight and it’s kinda troublesome… Hmm… Ah, I have an idea! I should give it a try.)

Mylia started manipulating her magical power while imagining her flying on autopilot mode.

She could then feel herself flying in the same direction with the same speed without needing to keep her focus on flying.

(Oohh~ I did it! I should have done this long ago.)

Now that she no longer needed to concentrate, she could enjoy the scenery while flying.

She turned over, put her hands on the back of her head and crossed her legs as if she was relaxing on a sofa.

(Ahh~ The pretty white clouds and the beautiful blue sky~ This is perfect!)

『Mylia, what are you doing? It’s dangerous flying like that! Please look ahead!』(Titania)

「Don’t worry Master. I’m flying on autopilot.」(Mylia)

『Auto… what? Hahh… There you go again. A word that I don’t understand…』(Titania)

「Ahaha, I’m sorry. It’s autopilot. Simply put, I’m flying in the designated direction without needing to keep paying attention. Moreover, I’ve cast a protective spell on myself three times stronger than usual, so I won’t get hurt even if I hit something.」(Mylia)



『And you hit a Dabola right after saying that…』(Titania)

Mylia, who was flying at high speed while enjoying the scenery of the blue sky, hit an unlucky Dabola who was flying in the opposite direction.


The Dabola then fell and crashed into the forest.

Mylia stuck out her hand, turned her face slightly toward where the Dabola fell, and then shouted.

「Noo! Yakitori-chaaaー I mean, Dabola-chaaann! …N, Not my fault…」(Mylia)

She then put her hand back on the back of her head.

『Oh, well… By the way, when you come back, can you teach me how to use… autopilot, was it?』(Titania)

「Of course~」(Mylia)

These two carefree people really need a person with the role of “straight man”…

『You’re lucky you only encountered a Dabola, but when you reach the Wyvern Valley, you will confront millions of bird-type monsters called Chain Birds.』(Titania)

「Chain Birds? What kind of bird are they?」(Mylia)

Mylia turned over, flying with her back facing upward, and listened to Titania seriously.

『They are black and a bit bigger than Dabolas. They have big, wide wings. They will attack intruders who enter their territory with magic attacks.』(Titania)

「Are they stronger than Dabolas?」(Mylia)

『They are far stronger than Dabolas, and what makes them dangerous is that they usually attack their prey in groups. Moreover, each group has at least five hundred Chain Birds. 』(Titania)

「Five hundred in each group…」(Mylia)

Mylia was thinking of hunting them at first but then she thought that fighting five hundred giant birds would take a lot of time.

She wanted to fix Jasmine’s eyes as soon as possible.

(In order to pass them, I need to fly at a super high speed. Guess I have no choice but to use that spell…)

「Master, I’m going to use my Jet Rocket Magic and try to fly over the Wyvern Valley as quickly as possible!」(Mylia)

『Certainly it would be better if you can avoid fighting against those birds, but are you sure? You said that spell almost killed you once because you couldn’t control it.』(Titania)

「I think I’ll be fine with the autopilot function but I’ll add an automatic shutdown function as well just in case. Ah, an automatic shutdown is a function that will automatically stop me from flying if I’m about to crash onto the ground.」(Mylia)

『I see. I think that’s a good idea. Also, I advise you to strengthen your defensive spell to block those birds’ magical attacks.』(Titania)


As they talked with each other, the scenery changed from a dense forest to a rugged rocky area.

(Hoo~ I feel like I have seen this kind of scenery in a magazine about nature in my previous life…)

When Mylia was still living in the Atwood’s mansion, she once explored the east side of the Atwood territory but let alone reaching the Wyvern Valley, she had never reached this rocky area.

(The ecosystem here must be quite different from the ecosystem in the forest. I wonder what kind of creatures live in this kind of place… I hope I’ll find some cow-like creatures~)

While hoping so, Mylia activated her Sonar Magic and started searching the area.

(Hmm, let’s see… Lizard-like creatures… Goat-like creatures… Pig-like creatures… Umm… Looks like there are no cow-like creatures here…)

Some creatures seemed to be edible but Mylia was hoping for cow-like creatures.

(I wonder if there are no cows in this world… I couldn’t even find any butcher shop that sells beef in big cities like Hamanulle and the royal capital…)

After Mylia kept looking for cow-like creatures for about an hour, Titania warned her.

『Mylia, be ready. You almost reach the Wyvern Valley.』(Titania)

「Roger that!」(Mylia)



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