Chapter 3-16 : Rocket Engine Blueprint


「Actually, I made this last night. Would you take a look?」(Mylia)

Mylia took out a piece of paper from her magic bag and showed it to Titania.

There was a picture of a pair of high heels with many small gemstones embedded in them.

「High heels?」(Titania)

「Yup. I will turn these high heel shoes into a pair of engines that can make that woman fly. These gemstones are actually magic stones that have the functions of both GPS and magic fuel.」(Mylia)

「I see, I see.」(Titania)

「With my GPS Magic, I can make her automatically fly from the royal capital to the Atwood Territory, and I can track her at the same time.」(Mylia)

While explaining, Mylia pointed her index finger at the picture of small gemstones on the paper.

There were twenty gemstones embedded in each shoe, and each one of them functioned as a GPS and magic fuel.

Mylia got this idea from videos of rockets flying into space she watched in her previous life.

「Because it will be difficult to send that woman flying to the Atwood Territory all at once, I have decided twenty points that she will pass. First of all, the magic stone number 1 will lift her off and take her to the first point. When she arrives at the first point, the magic stone number 1 will come off, and right after, the magic stone number 2 will take her to the second point. This process will repeat automatically until she reaches the Atwood Territory. What a great invention if I say so myself!」(Mylia)

One of the most important things in magic is imagination, and Mylia had a strong imagination because she watched a lot of movies and videos in her previous life.

This time, she recalled a scene from a movie set in space when a rocket kept flying toward a faraway planet without stopping.

「Hee~ I’m impressed that you came up with such an interesting plan! But I don’t think that woman’s body will withstand the wind. Her body may fall apart.」(Titania)

「Uhh, you may be right. It would be scary if that happened… It’s against my feelings but I will cast protective magic on her before sending her flying.」(Mylia)

「Yeah, you better do that.」(Titania)

「The problem is how can I attach magic stones to her high heels… Magic stones are not usually small like in my blueprint.」(Mylia)

「You can leave the magic stones to me. I can’t miss the opportunity to take part in this interesting experiment!」(Titania)

Titania was so focused on the blueprint that she forgot about the rabbit meat on her plate.

Most elves are enthusiastic about interesting magic after all.

Mylia took a bite of her rabbit meat and pushed her plate away for the time being to make room on the table. She then took out a magic stone from her magic bag and put it on the table.

「Actually, I have many magic stones but how about this Adamantite?」(Mylia)

「Umm, isn’t it a little too big? You can use my Rainbow Tinker Wisp instead.」(Titania)

Saying that, Titania took out a smaller magic stone from her magic bag and placed it next to Mylia’s Adamantite.

Unlike Mylia’s gray Adamantite, Titania’s Rainbow Tinker Wisp was rainbow-colored and looked more like a jewel.

Titania thought that a woman like Robin would gladly wear shoes with beautiful stones like this.

「Whoaa… This is so pretty! But this kind of magic stone is valuable, right? Moreover, we need twenty of them. Can I really use that many?」(Mylia)

「Of course. They’re just stones to me anyway.」(Titania)


(Isn’t this kind of magic stone precious? I’ve been hunting so many monsters but I’ve never found such a beautiful magic stone…)

Seeing Mylia’s hesitant face, Titania smiled at her.

「Just consider it a gift from your generous master.」(Titania)

「Umm, if you say so… Thank you, Master!」(Mylia)

Mylia picked up the Rainbow Tinker Wisp and held it up to the sun. It reflected the sunlight to the surroundings in a rainbow color.

Meanwhile, Titania took out nineteen more Rainbow Tinker Wisps from her magic bag.

「I will embed them in the high heels. In the meantime, you can go to the Atwood’s mansion and take Jasmine to the royal capital.」(Titania)

「Do you think she will be alright if I carry her while flying?」(Mylia)

「Well, you can cast protective magic on her just in case.」(Titania)

「Ah, you’re right.」(Mylia)

「To be safer, I suggest you use a wooden board or something. Both of you will sit on the board, and you will cast Gravity Magic on the board then let it carry both of you to the royal capital.」(Titania)

「Oh, good idea!」(Mylia)

(It reminds me of a tale where a man flies on a flying carpet.)

「Umm… Mylia, I should have asked earlier but why do I feel like there’s something different about you today…?」(Titania)

「Eh? What do you mean?」(Mylia)

Titania suddenly asked that. Perhaps she noticed that something had changed in Mylia.

She focused her magical power in her eyes and stared at Mylia.

「Hmm… Eh…? Eeeehhhh!?」(Titania)

「Wh, what? What’s wrong with me!?」(Mylia)

「Mylia… Your magical power has increased…」(Titania)

Titania looked at Mylia in surprise.

「The amount of magical power you have has been ridiculously high from the beginning, but I’m pretty sure that it has increased by about 30%.」(Titania)

「Re, Really!?」(Mylia)

「Yeah. What happened to you?」(Titania)

「I have no idea…」(Mylia)

「Don’t you feel different from usual?」(Titania)

「Not really… Aa! Now that you mentioned it, when I used teleportation magic to get here, I felt like my magical power wasn’t being consumed as much as usual.」(Mylia)

「I see. Yeah, that’s probably because the amount of your magical power has increased.」(Titania)

(I thought it was because I got better at controlling my magical power… I don’t know if I should be happy about this.)

Titania stared at the magical power swirling around Mylia’s body. She was happy that her disciple got stronger but at the same time, she was also worried.

She felt overwhelmed by the amount of Mylia’s magical power which was equivalent to the amount of magical power of ten dragons.

「I hope this child won’t distort space and time eventually…」(Titania)

Titania muttered to herself while staring at Mylia with a worried face.

「I don’t know what happened to me but having more magical power is not a bad thing, right? Right~?」(Mylia)

「Y, Yeah. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Don’t worry, I’m sure everything is gonna be alright!」(Titania)

Seeing Mylia’s happy face, Titania decided to stop worrying too much about it.

However, she did think that Mylia might be able to drop a meteorite and turn the surrounding area into a huge crater with that amount of magical power.

「Mylia, I’ve told you this many times but promise me not to use magic for bad things. Use it to help people instead.」(Titania)

「Of course! I promise!」(Mylia)

「Fufu. I’m glad that you’re a good girl.」(Titania)

While thanking the great World Tree, Titania patted Mylia’s head.

After that, they continued eating their lunch while talking about their plan.

After they finished their lunch, Mylia took out a pair of high heels from her magic bag and handed them to Titania.

「These are Robin’s shoes. Master, I’m counting on you.」(Mylia)

「Leave it to me~ But… That woman really has big feet, doesn’t she?」(Titania)

「Yeah. Big and stinky feet… By the way, I cast my GPS Magic on her when we confronted her at the party so that I could track her, and yesterday, I sneaked into the inn where she’s staying and borrowed them.」(Mylia)

「Borrowed? She bought these shoes with your money, right? They’re yours then.」(Titania)

「Ah, you’re right. I should have said “took them back” instead.」(Mylia)

The two then giggled while looking at each other.

「Alright then, I’m going to the mansion now.」(Mylia)

「Okay~ Good luck~」(Titania)

Mylia waved her hand to Titania and flew toward the Atwood’s mansion.

(Entering through the front door is definitely not a good idea. I should sneak carefully from the back… Jasmine onee-sama, I’m coming for you!)



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    1. sure feels like it. Must be the fact she ate a legendary dragon’s meat. Seems to me like she has the predator or belzebut skill like Rimuru.

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  1. “However, she did think that Mylia might be able to drop a meteorite and turn the surrounding area into a huge crater with that amount of magical power.:

    SHIT! Titania should not have said that, that has flag written all over it. I think there is now a good possibility that a situation will occur where Mylia needs to pretty much nuke her opponent.

    1. Excuse me, should not have THOUGHT that. I only just now realized a split second after i post the comment that “she should not have said that” is probably slightly incorrect seeing as how it is described as a thought.

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