Chapter 1-26 : Knights On White Horses (part 2)


「Ch, Chloe…? Pardon me, my lady, but is there a problem with my daughter…?」(Ella)

Ella’s face turned pale when she said that.

She was worried because of the prejudice that there would be some bad news when knights from the royal capital came to the countryside.

「Hm? So she didn’t tell you?」(Amnesia)

Saying that, Amnesia looked at Ella, Mylia, and the mansion behind them.

She then nodded as if she understood something.

「…I see now… Lady Atwood, Miss Chloe has registered to take the test to enter the Adrashelm Kingdom Royal Girls’ Academy through formal procedures at the church. She will take the test today and we will announce the result right after she finishes the test.」(Amnesia)

「Girs’… Academy…? A test…??」(Ella)

Ella was confused.

She had no idea what the female knight was talking about.

However, Mylia knew everything.

She endured not to smile so that she could maintain her absent-minded expression.

(The examiner is finally here! Chloe onee-chan has been waiting for this day for two years!)

Mylia felt like running to where Chloe was right now and telling her this good news.

However, she had learned from her previous failure.

She had to keep acting as an absent-minded girl.

「There could be some reason why she didn’t tell you. Do you know where she is now?」(Amnesia)

When Amnesia asked with a harsher tone, Ella pointed to a warehouse in the backyard.

「She is in the lavender warehouse. She must be getting ready to go pick lavender right now…」(Ella)

「Understood. Where can we tie our horses?」(Amnesia)

「P, Please follow me…」(Ella)

Amnesia and the other two female knights followed Ella and tied their horses’ lead ropes to a fence.

After that, they headed to the lavender warehouse.

When Amnesia entered the warehouse, she saw two girls and two women cleaning the large warehouse.

They were Chloe, Penelope, Bonnie, and Robin.

Everyone turned their gaze to the entrance when the three female knights came in.

「Which one of you is Miss Chloe?」(Amnesia)

When Amnesia asked that, Chloe immediately realized the situation.

She stopped working and approached the knights calmly.

Chloe, who turned twelve this spring, had become even more beautiful than last year.

She had become taller, and her deep purple eyes showed that she is a girl with high intelligence.

Her chest had grown bigger and sometimes made it difficult to breathe.

However, innocence still remained in her neat appearance.

(Chloe onee-chan really is beautiful… When she walks in the royal capital, I’m sure 90 out of 100 people will look at her!)

Mylia was proud of her sister’s beauty.

When Chloe was close enough to Amnesia, she lowered her head.

「It’s me, my lady.」(Chloe)

「…So you’re Miss Chloe? Please raise your head. Hmm… now I see why the priest recommended you… Very well. Let’s go to the church. Can you guide us there?」(Amnesia)


Chloe bowed to Amnesia once.

When they were about to leave the lavender hut, Robin shouted from behind.

「Please wait! What’s the meaning of this!?」(Robin)

(This woman… Can’t you just be quiet for once!?)

Robin’s face looked even more grumpy than last year.

Her eyebrows had raised, and she always distorted her mouth whenever she laughed.

「Excuse me. You are…?」(Amnesia)

Amnesia turned around and looked at Robin without changing her expression.

「I’m Robin de la Atwood, the second daughter of the Atwood Family. What are you going to do with that girl?」(Robin)

「Miss Chloe will take the test to enter the Royal Girls’ Academy. Even though you’re her family, I won’t let you get in her way.」(Amnesia)

Robin, Bonnie, and Penelope were shocked.

「Royal Girls’ Academy, you say…? What the heck is that!? I’ve never heard of that!」(Robin)

After she shouted like that, Robin glared at Chloe.

This woman was like a mass of arrogance.

She hated the fact that Chloe had been planning something without her knowledge.

Looking at Robin’s spiteful face, Amnesia glared at Robin with her beautiful blue eyes.

「It’s been ten years since Her Majesty was crowned and established the Royal Girls’ Academy with the goal of creating a place where talented women can improve their skills and advance into aristocratic society. I might sound rude, but do you really have no idea about this which should be common knowledge?」(Amnesia)

「…Unfortunately, it’s hard to get information in this remote territory! It’s the royal capital’s fault for not advertising it more widely!」(Robin)

「Is that your excuse? How did Miss Chloe find out about the school, then?」(Amnesia)


Robin was stuck for words.

「Like hell I know!ーー Chloe!」(Robin)

She then glared at Chloe again.

「Why didn’t you tell me!?」(Robin)

「If I told you, you would try to get in my way.」(Chloe)

「You… You little…..!」(Robin)

「If you’re curious about the school, why don’t you take the test too, Onee-sama? But it will cost you two hundred bronze coins.」(Chloe)

「Two hundred!? Where did you get that kind of money!?」(Robin)

「I helped the priest with the Sunday School by teaching the children from the village how to read and write for four years.」(Chloe)

「Wha… Why did you never tell me about that!?」(Robin)

「If I told you, you would take my money.」(Chloe)


With the female knights on her side, Chloe now had the courage to talk back to Robin.

Robin’s face turned red. She was getting very angry.

「If it’s only two hundred bronze coins, I can pay for it! So let me take the test too!」(Robin)



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