Chapter 1-10 : Magic (part 1)


ーIn the morning of the second day after Mylia regained memories of her previous lifeー

Mylia got out of her bed and looked around her room.

The sunlight poured through the muddy window.

(No one here…Maybe they have woken up…?)

Mylia changed her clothes to the usual dress, went to the dining room, and had breakfast alone.

「Mother, do you know where Robin onee-sama is now?」(Mylia)

「She is working in the lavender hut now.」(Ella)

(Nice. Looks like that divorced woman is working outside the house. I should hurry to the reading room.)

「Mylia, by the way, why did you suddenly run out of the house yesterday? What happened?」(Ella)

When Mylia was about to leave the living room, her mother stopped her.

As her mother, Ella was worried that her quiet daughter was suddenly running wildly.
But apart from that, she was also worried that a weird rumor like “The seventh daughter of the Atwood family has a mental illness” would spread.

This family has suffered enough from the bad rumor about Robin’s affair, so she couldn’t afford to let another bad rumor spread.

「U, Umm…. Th, that’s…..」(Mylia)


Her mother looked at Mylia with a suspicious expression.

「That’s…. Ah! My feet!…. Yes, at that time my feet were…..umm… itchy… Really itchy…」(Mylia)

(Gyaaa! What kind of excuse is that!? I feel embarrassed with myself!)

Mylia wasn’t good at making immediate excuses.

However, her mother seemed to think that it doesn’t matter anymore after hearing Mylia’s stupid excuse.

「Oh, well… Go back to the second floor and be quiet there.」(Ella)

「U, Un…」(Mylia)

(Fiuh… I didn’t think of any consequences that could be happened at that time, but let’s be more careful from now on.)

Mylia left the living room and headed for the reading room on the second floor.

The room was about six tatami mats large (about 9m²).
There was a quite big old bookshelf and a chair inside.

It was a little dusty because the room was rarely being used.

Mylia opened the window to replace the air.
And then, she browsed the books on the bookshelf from left to right.

(Elementary Magic vol 8….. Elementary Magic vol 8…. Hmm…..Ah, there it is.)

She pulled out the book with both hands and put it on the floor.

Its pages were quite thick, probably because they were made using primitive technology, so it was too heavy to read while standing up.

(Uhh… My fingers are small. It’s hard to turn these thick pages…)

Mylia turned the pages until she found page 61 as Chloe told her.

The title of the page was『 Magic Practice -Basic- 』.

A little excited, Mylia started reading the book.



How to practice magic :

1. Relax your body and imagine blood flowing throughout your entire body.

2. If you feel your blood starting to heat up, focus your mind to control the heat. (The heat is your magical power)

3. Try to concentrate the heat (magical power) on your dominant hand.

4. Cast a spell.

5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 until you can transform your magical power into magic as if you were breathing air.



(Let’s see… Relax, feel the flow of my blood, and… “The heat is your magical power”, huh? I don’t understand what it feels like… and then cast a spell… Hmm, spell, huh…)

There were explanatory notes at the end of the page.



※ If you are practicing indoors, it’s preferable to practice【Light】.

1. Imagine a ball of light coming out of your fingertip.

2. Convert your magical power into light.

3. Emit the light outside your body.


※ If you are practicing outdoors, you should try【Fire】. A spell that everyone is familiar with.

1. Imagine a ball of fire coming out of your finger tip.

2. Convert your magical power into fire.

3. Release the fire to the outside of your body.



(Eh? Just imagining is enough? We don’t need to shout “Wingardium Leviosa!” or something like Harry Potter did? Hmm… Anyway, let’s try it. Since I’m indoors, let’s try to use【Light】.)

Mylia decided to give it a try right away.



ーSix hours laterー

(….Uhh, this is hard… I can feel the heat, or should I say the magical power, but I can’t release it outside my body. Does it mean that I have magical power but I can’t use magic? Or maybe the heat I felt is not my magical power? Hmm…)

In conclusion, Mylia couldn’t use magic.

She could feel magical power in her body, but that’s it.
She couldn’t do the next step which is convert the magical power into magic and release it out of the body.

She still didn’t understand how to do that.
She felt like she was playing a game without rules.

Because there was no lunch at the Atwood family, her mother didn’t call her, so she could stay and focus on practicing magic in the reading room.
Besides, it looked like Robin was still working, so she wanted to use this chance to practice as much as possible.

Mylia has an indomitable spirit.
To put it plainly, she is a tenacious girl who can keep on trying things until she can do it.

When she was still alive as Miria, she persistently persuaded her uncle when she wanted to live alone in an apartment because she needed him as a guarantor.
Even on rainy and windy days, Miria kept appearing before her uncle like a zombie.
In the end, her uncle gave up and was willing to sign the documents to become a guarantor.

That’s why, Mylia wouldn’t give up just because she failed to use magic once.

(Chloe onee-chan said we should try everything until we get results… Alright, let’s take a break for a moment and then try other methods.)

When Mylia looked out the window, the sun was about to set.

She then sat on the chair and started swinging her legs.

Looking at the floor, suddenly she remembered something.

(If I’m not mistaken, there was an old door in the back of the basement. When I tried to open it, Father said, “You can’t open it. It’s locked.” …..I wonder if the other key we found yesterday was that door’s key… I’m curious about what’s hidden behind that door…)

Last night, Chloe and Mylia found two keys in the lord’s study.

The only doors with a keyhole in the Atwood family’s mansion were the lord’s study and the door in the basement.
Given that, most likely the first key went to the study, and the other key was the key to the door in the basement.

(I wonder when the duplicate keys will be finished… I should ask Chloe onee-chan later. I also have to tell her about today’s magic practice’s result.)



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