Chapter 4-29 : Growing High-priced Herbs Ⅱ (part 1)


When I got to my big herb field next to my house, Michael-san and Izu-san had already started working.

Gatt-san, Michael-san’s older brother, told me that they are serious workers, and it seems to be true. They never slack off and they always pay attention when I teach them something.

There’s still a lot they need to learn but I think I can entrust my herb field to them with peace of mind.

「Good morning, Izu-san.」(Sarasa)

「Ah, Sarasa-san. Good morning. The weather is very nice today.」(Izu)

After reciprocating my greeting with a smile, Izu-san looked up at the sky.

「Yeah, it is.」(Sarasa)

Meanwhile, Michael-san, who was working a bit far away, noticed my presence and rushed over.

「Good morning, Sarasa-san.」(Michael)

「Good morning. How’s the field?」(Sarasa)

「I don’t think there’s any problem but… Would you please take a look and confirm it?」(Michael)

After saying that, Michael-san, who looked a bit uneasy, guided me to take a look at the herbs on the field.

Hmm… There’s no sign of disease and they are growing healthily. I haven’t even seen any insects yet. This is great.

「They’re in perfect condition. Michael-san, Izu-san, you guys really did a great job! Winter is just around the corner but I think we will be able to harvest them before it starts snowing as planned.」(Sarasa)

「Really!? Phew, I was a bit worried. We’re looking forward to our first harvest! Right, Izu?」(Michael)

「Right! Imagining the herbs I grow will be of use to others makes me happy!」(Izu)

Michael-san has experienced harvesting crops from helping his parents with their fields when he was young, but for Izu-san, who grew up in a town, this will be her first experience.

She looked at the herbs with a smile, looking happy that her hard work would pay off soon.

However, she then noticed something and turned her gaze to me.

「Sarasa-san, after we harvest these herbs, are we going to plant other herbs or are we going to take a break until spring?」(Izu)

「Ah, it will be winter soon after all. I think it’s a good chance for you to take a break.」(Sarasa)

Michael-san and Izu-san’s main source of income comes from this herb field, but they also receive a salary from Erin-san every month for a while until they have a stable life.

Therefore, they don’t have to force themselves to work in winter.


「Umm, actually, I’ll be happy if we can work in winter as well.」(Izu)

「Eh? Are you sure you don’t want to take a break?」(Sarasa)

「Yeah. Are there any herbs that can grow in winter?」(Izu)

「There are, but growing them will be very tough, you know?」(Sarasa)

I can buy the seeds for them but I think growing them is too difficult for Michael-san and Izu-san with their current capability.

Perhaps I should grow the seeds until they sprout and then hand Michael-san and Izu-san the seedlings. Once they take root, they won’t wither easily even in the winter as long as those two don’t neglect to take care of them every day.

But still, working in the cold air of winter is quite difficult, especially for people who have little experience working in the field like Izu-san.

「Don’t worry. We’ll do our best! Right, Michael?」(Izu)

「Y, Yeah! Of course! Sarasa-san, no matter how hard it is, as long as it’s possible to grow herbs in winter, then we’ll do it.」(Michael)

Seeing Izu-san seeking agreement from him, Michael-san immediately nodded to me a bit in panic.

「I warned you. It won’t be easy.」(Sarasa)

「We’ll try our best not to disappoint you.」(Michael)

「Umm… Can you tell me the reason why you want to work in winter? Erin-san sends you money every month, right?」(Sarasa)

「Yes, but we need more money because…」(Michael)

「Our baby will be born soon.」(Izu)

While saying that, Izu-san stroked her stomach.

Now that I look at it closely, I feel like her stomach has gotten bigger.

I see now…

「I think it will be born in late spring.」(Izu)

「Hee~ So you will soon have a baby. Congratulations, Izu-san, Michael-san! I see. That’s why you need money. But if that’s the case, then Michael-san will be working alone in winter, right? Then it will be even harder. Are you guys really sure about this?」(Sarasa)

「Michael will be working alone? No, Sarasa-san, I’m going to work as wー」(Izu)

Before Izu-san could finish her sentence, I stuck out my hand toward her and shook my head.

「No, Izu-san. I’m sorry but I can’t allow a pregnant woman to do farm work in winter.」(Sarasa)

When I said that, Izu-san looked a bit disappointed but on the other hand, Michael-san looked happy for some reason.

「Yeah, tell her, Sarasa-san! I knew you would say that! I told her I will work by myself in winter so that she can stay at home but she didn’t listen to me.」(Michael)

「Geez, Michael!」(Izu)

「Ahaha… I see…」(Sarasa)

I understand Michael-san’s feelings. He must be worried about his wife and their baby. But…

I didn’t know that Izu-san, who looked calm, could be so stubborn toward her husband.

「You didn’t want to listen to me but, Izu, you should listen to our employer.」(Michael)

「Yeah, I know…」(Izu)

So… I’m superior to her husband…?

I think Izu-san should listen to her husband too…

「Don’t worry, Izu. I’m used to working in fields. I can handle everything by myself, so you can take it easy at home. All you need to do is take care of yourself and give birth to our baby in a healthy condition later.」(Michael)

「Michael… Alright, but promise me not to overwork yourself.」(Izu)

「Yeah, I promise…」(Michael)

「Fufu. I can wait for you at home with peace of mind then.」(Izu)



The two held hands and stared at each other.

Umm… did they forget that I’m also here with them…?

I know they are happy that their baby will be born soon, but they should do this kind of thing at their home, not at their workplace.


As soon as I purposely cleared my throat with a loud noise, Michael-san and Izu-san hurriedly let go of each other’s hands and smiled awkwardly at me.

「W, Well then, there’s still a lot I need to do, and since I don’t have to teach you anything today, I’m going back to my house now. Please continue working. If you need something, I’ll be at my house.」(Sarasa)


I turned around and left the herb field.

I feel like they would have kissed if I didn’t stop them.

Hahh… It’s great that they passionately love each other but I hope they can refrain from flirting with each other in public.



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